ABN: 91097108266
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Also known as: Taunbill Holdings Australia P/L

8 contracts, total value $514,493.10
Procurement methods: limited 8 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Laboratory and scientific equipment 3 $218,130.00
Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment 2 $165,493.90
Doors and windows and glass 1 $79,028.40
Light weapons and ammunition 1 $11,975.70
Measuring and observing and testing instruments 1 $39,865.10


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Defence Materiel Organisation 4 $215,691.30
Department of Defence 3 $151,121.30
Australian Federal Police 1 $147,680.50


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3404635 Supply of laboratory equipment $147,680.50Australian Federal Police 2017-02-15 Taunbill Holdings Australia P/L
230088 Ballistic Test System $135,133.90Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-09-17 TAUNBILL HOLDINGS AUSTRALIA
3471123 Ballistic glass for JPEU Splinter Proofs/ Protection Modules $79,028.40Department of Defence 2017-11-14 TAUNBILL HOLDINGS AUSTRALIA
1216932 Dopplper Radar Upgrade $60,117.20Department of Defence 2013-02-20 TAUNBILL HOLDINGS AUSTRALIA
167970 Rate of fire recorder, IRIS chrono $39,865.10Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-03-10 TAUNBILL HOLDINGS AUSTRALIA
208834 Reburbishment of velocity screens $30,360.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-17 TAUNBILL HOLDINGS AUSTRALIA
3327042 Sabre Mount Training $11,975.70Department of Defence 2015-12-11 TAUNBILL HOLDINGS AUSTRALIA
369179 Support Frame $10,332.30Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-02-18 TAUNBILL HOLDINGS AUSTRALIA