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18 contracts, total value $786,333.60
Procurement methods: Open 2 contracts, 11.11%, Prequalified 7 contracts, 38.89%, limited 9 contracts, 50.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Promotional merchandise 8 $600,449.92
Marketing and distribution 2 $64,383.88
Printing accessories 2 $24,282.50
Developmental and professional teaching aids and materials and accessories and supplies 2 $29,345.28
Promotional or advertising printing 1 $13,090.00
Business administration services 1 $15,614.50
Luggage and handbags and packs and cases 1 $26,007.52
Advertising 1 $13,160.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Bureau of Statistics 10 $663,148.82
Australian Aged Care Quality Agency 3 $42,435.28
Department of Defence 1 $30,976.00
National Blood Authority 2 $24,282.50
Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman 1 $13,160.00
Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations 1 $12,331.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
447648 Gifts and equipment to be used in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children. $244,156.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011-10-13 Execugifts
376425-A1 Promotional items for the use in The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children $180,000.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007-04-11 Execugifts
286697 Wristbands & pedometre $72,336.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2010-01-07 Execugifts
249444 fridge magnets $52,052.88Australian Bureau of Statistics 2009-10-23 Execugifts
414756 Branded USB Flash Drives with Preloaded Data $30,976.00Department of Defence 2011-06-01 EXECUGIFTS PTY LTD
249434 Fridge magnets - shopping lists, pens, cooler bags $26,007.52Australian Bureau of Statistics 2009-10-12 Execugifts
249495 Mouse Mats - Full Colour 3mm Rubber Sponge Mouse Mats $23,601.60Australian Bureau of Statistics 2009-07-01 Execugifts
249494 Fridge Magnets - Shopping Lists for Growing Up in Australia Survey $19,768.32Australian Bureau of Statistics 2009-07-01 Execugifts
286705 Custom indent pen with digital clock $16,280.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2010-02-26 Execugifts
447628 GENERAL EXPENSES ON GIFT $15,614.50Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011-09-27 Execugifts
2795122 Better Practice conference satchels for NSW, Vic, Tas, Qld, SA, NT and WA $14,726.24Australian Aged Care Quality Agency 2014-12-12 Execugifts
3406571 Better Practice BPNSW17, BPVIC17, BPQLD17, BPSA17,BPNT17 and BPWA17 - satchels and lanyards. $14,619.04Australian Aged Care Quality Agency 2017-02-22 Execugifts
286696 Dynamo torches $13,332.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2010-01-07 Execugifts
335839-A1 FWO branded pens. $13,160.00Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman 2010-09-01 Execugifts
3318873 Better Practice 2016 - NSW,VIC,TAS,SA and WA-Better Pactice satchels. $13,090.00Australian Aged Care Quality Agency 2016-05-05 Execugifts
71057 IF08 - Promo Bags - Execugifts $12,331.00Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations 2008-02-01 EXECUGIFTS
3011382 Promotional Items $12,182.50National Blood Authority 2015-04-15 Execugifts
3217582 Promotional Items $12,100.00National Blood Authority 2015-06-18 Execugifts