Symmetree Pty Ltd

ABN: 89098881817
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Also known as: SYMMETREE PTY LTD

8 contracts, total value $205,421.72
Procurement methods: limited 8 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 6 $180,242.50
Computer Equipment and Accessories 1 $12,872.20
Software maintenance and support 1 $12,307.02


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Medicare Australia 1 $79,992.00
Australian Taxation Office 3 $60,797.02
Australian Federal Police 3 $51,760.50
Department of Defence 1 $12,872.20


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
408297 Code Baby Software Purchase Licences and maintenance $79,992.00Medicare Australia 2011-06-29 Symmetree Pty Ltd
199556-A1 Production studio software license plus 12 month maintenance $36,779.40Australian Taxation Office 2009-07-01 Symmetree Pty Ltd
222658 software $26,769.60Australian Federal Police 2009-06-19 SYMMETREE PTY LTD
273832 Software Licences, Support & Upgrades $13,312.20Australian Federal Police 2010-03-26 SYMMETREE PTY LTD
190125 SOFTWARE $12,872.20Department of Defence 2009-05-22 SYMMETREE PTY LTD
978831 Support and Maintenance for CodeBaby Production Studio $12,307.02Australian Taxation Office 2012-10-26 Symmetree Pty Ltd

New licence and support

$11,710.60Australian Taxation Office 2014-04-26 Symmetree Pty Ltd
122532 Software License-Single user $11,678.70Australian Federal Police 2008-06-23 SYMMETREE PTY LTD