Bond University

ABN: 88010694121
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Also known as: Bond University Ltd, BOND UNIVERSITY CASHIERS

9 contracts, total value $936,639.17
Consultancies: 3 contracts, 33.33%
Procurement methods: limited 9 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Education and Training Services 3 $102,990.01
Research programs 3 $668,776.16
Business administration services 1 $52,800.00
Management advisory services 1 $24,073.00
Strategic planning consultation services 1 $88,000.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Veterans' Affairs 1 $584,770.16
Australian Federal Police 2 $112,073.00
Australian Research Council 2 $84,006.00
Department of Social Services 1 $80,000.00
Clean Energy Regulator 1 $52,800.00
Department of Defence 2 $22,990.01


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3464311 ARP1706 Measuring Occupational Exposures to Osteoarthritis in the Lower Limb in Australian Defence Force Job Categories $584,770.16Department of Veterans' Affairs 2017-10-06 BOND UNIVERSITY LIMITED
3457770 Provision of strategic planning consultation services $88,000.00Australian Federal Police 2017-06-19 Bond University Limited
3165872 Staff development $80,000.00Department of Social Services 2015-08-23 Bond University
577921-A1 ARC College Member $60,390.00Australian Research Council 2012-01-01 Bond University
3474070 Data Analysis $52,800.00Clean Energy Regulator 2017-11-23 Bond University Ltd
557022 Review and evaluate of AFP Physical Testing and Training Programs $24,073.00Australian Federal Police 2012-05-30 Bond University Limited
2920382 ERA Member $23,616.00Australian Research Council 2015-02-12 Bond University
3493548 Development of Training Program for ADF Personnel $12,905.01Department of Defence 2018-03-26 BOND UNIVERSITY LIMITED
2001692 Student Tuition Fees $10,085.00Department of Defence 2014-01-01 BOND UNIVERSITY CASHIERS