Community Services

ABN: 87503966787
Similar to: BAPTIST COMMUNITY SERVICES (ABN: 18410025243), D & R COMMUNITY SERVICES PTY LTD (ABN: 19115332057), Multilink Community Services (ABN: 21728003819), MCIVOR HEALTH & COMMUNITY SERVICES INC (ABN: 22808993283), ACT COMMUNITY SERVICES (ABN: 26471407289), Otway Health and Community Services (ABN: 30426290469), Roseberry Community Services Limited (ABN: 31731832103), Suncare Community Services (ABN: 36301121574), Department Of Families Housing Community Services And Indigenous Affairs (ABN: 36342015855), Access Community Services Limited (ABN: 36943601074), Eastern Region Employment And Community Services Inc (ABN: 38683687877), Wesley Community Services Ltd (ABN: 42164655145), IMPACT COMMUNITY SERVICES (ABN: 42950261731), ACCESS COMMUNITY SERVICES LIMITED (ABN: 45149783639), The Baptist Union of Queensland - Community Services Group (ABN: 46909844617), Country North Community Services Inc. (ABN: 49585815708), Mercy Community Services SEQ LTD (ABN: 51166477318), Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health and Community Services Ltd (ABN: 52618179061), MERCY COMMUNITY SERVICES (ABN: 52955403008), St Vincent de Paul Aged Care & Community Services (ABN: 53094807280), COMMUNITY SERVICES #1 INCORPORATED (ABN: 53806922954), SMYL COMMUNITY SERVICES (ABN: 53843734425), Westside Community Services Limited (ABN: 61077773016), Aged & Community Services Australia (ABN: 65070261871), Australian Community Services Employers Association Queensland Union of Employers (ABN: 68150310815), St Laurence Community Services Inc (ABN: 68615043121), ONE TREE COMMUNITY SERVICES INC (ABN: 74914567313), Family and Community Services (ABN: 80597369676), Northside Community Services Inc (ABN: 81090394261), Department of Families and Community Services, Aging Disability and Home Care (ABN: 82016305789), NSW DEPT OF COMMUNITY SERVICES (ABN: 83754284094), DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND COMMUNITY SERVICES-NT (ABN: 84085734992), Dept of Family & Community Services (ABN: 84608917940), Australian Regional and Remote Community Services Limited (ABN: 88167926132), PEP Community Services Inc. (ABN: 92838221724), INSPIRE COMMUNITY SERVICES INC (ABN: 93213144274), Encompass Community Services Incorporated (ABN: 93483436215), Moonya Community Services Inc (ABN: 95708918235), INSPIRE COMMUNITY SERVICES (ABN: 95815262881), Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council Limited (ABN: 96056479504), Lower Lachlan Advisory Group T/as Lower Lachlan Community Services Inc. (ABN: 96147368664), CMC Community Services Planning and (ABN: 96346783402), MERCY COMMUNITY SERVICES INCORPORATED (ABN: 96487116582), Ruah Community Services (ABN: 98065827787), AGED & COMMUNITY SERVICES TASMANIA (ABN: 99551003623),

11 contracts, total value $2,188,394.49
Procurement methods: limited 11 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Legal services 8 $1,355,566.30
Comprehensive health services 3 $832,828.19


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Attorney-General's Department 8 $1,355,566.30
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2 $786,078.19
Department of Immigration and Citizenship 1 $46,750.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
810511-A3 NSW Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minor Payment $656,078.19Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2005-07-01 COMMUNITY SERVICES, DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES
3280880-A4 International Family Law 2015-16 $567,296.30Attorney-General's Department 2015-07-01 Community Services

International Family Law services

$350,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2013-07-01 Community Services
2429842 International Family Law 2014-15 $200,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2014-07-01 Community Services
2383601 Victoria Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minors $130,000.00Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2005-07-01 COMMUNITY SERVICES, DEPARTMENT OF
904241-A2 International Family Law - 2012-13 $100,947.00Attorney-General's Department 2012-07-01 Community Services
481080-A1 IFLS - Abduction & Access Cases $80,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2012-03-23 Community Services
1411611 Victoria Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minors Payment $46,750.00Department of Immigration and Citizenship 2013-05-15 COMMUNITY SERVICES, DEPARTMENT OF
705141 IFLS - Abduction & Access Cases $30,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2012-06-19 Community Services
249646 Hague conv on the civil Aspects of Inter child abd $16,978.50Attorney-General's Department 2009-11-24 Community Services
249644 HAGUE CONVENTION ON THE CIVIL ASPECTS OF INTER $10,344.50Attorney-General's Department 2009-11-26 Community Services