Fredon Air Pty Ltd

ABN: 86122132281
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Also known as: Fredon Air Pty Ltd

18 contracts, total value $3,611,991.70
Confidentialities: 1 contracts, 5.56%( 1 on the contract, 0 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 3 contracts, 16.67%, Open via SON 4 contracts, 22.22%, Prequalified 4 contracts, 22.22%, limited 7 contracts, 38.89%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services 5 $2,086,049.20
Air conditioners 4 $174,269.00
Heating and ventilation and air circulation 2 $885,613.00
Plumbing and heating and air conditioning 2 $70,020.50
Oil and gas utilities 1 $11,990.00
Temporary personnel services 1 $75,735.00
Construction and maintenance support equipment 1 $146,890.00
Data services 1 $151,140.00
Electronic Components and Supplies 1 $10,285.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Parliamentary Services 5 $1,428,885.00
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 1 $855,613.00
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 1 $731,703.50
Australian Federal Police 5 $363,850.70
Australian Electoral Commission 2 $130,400.00
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 1 $45,265.00
Department of Health 1 $30,000.00
Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman 1 $15,654.00
Department of Health and Ageing 1 $10,620.50

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Trades and Services Panel 4 $774,960.70


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
376619 Provision of Heating and Ventilation and Air Circulation $855,613.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2010-12-09 FREDON AIR PTY LIMITED
2264181 1315302 - Provision of Construction Related Services $731,703.50Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2014-05-01 Fredon Air
506971-A1 Air Handling Unit Replacement Services $706,805.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2012-05-01 Fredon Air Pty Ltd
3557925 Maintenance Services $400,000.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2018-11-28 Fredon Air Pty Ltd
3514027 Provision of airconditioning installation $152,335.70Australian Federal Police 2018-05-23 Fredon Air Pty Limited
656361 Data Centre Capability Enhancement Construction $151,140.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2012-06-06 Fredon Air Pty Ltd
3508587 Provision of building works $146,890.00Australian Federal Police 2018-05-23 Fredon Air Pty Limited
252592 Provision of Basement Diesel Spill Encapsulation Services at Parliament House $95,205.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2009-12-09 Fredon Air Pty Ltd
3492987 Building Support Services $75,735.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2018-03-19 Fredon Air Pty Ltd
617111-A1 Mechanical (Air conditioning) Maintenance $71,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2011-08-01 Fredon Air Pty Ltd
2396661-A1 Preventative Maintenance for Supplementary Air Conditioning $59,400.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-08-01 Fredon Air Pty Ltd
3423027 Aircon Units $45,265.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2017-05-05 Fredon Air Pty Ltd
249126 Supply & Install Air Conditioners $42,350.00Australian Federal Police 2009-12-07 Fredon Air Pty Limited
2008622 Maintenance of Supplementary Air Conditioning $30,000.00Department of Health 2014-01-21 FREDON AIR PTY LIMITED
1369921 Air-conditioning Servicing and Maintenance $15,654.00Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman 2013-05-07 Fredon Air Pty Ltd
3343039 Supply of gas $11,990.00Australian Federal Police 2016-05-12 Fredon Air Pty Limited
1840871 Adjustments to airconditioning settings $10,620.50Department of Health and Ageing 2013-10-15 FREDON AIR PTY LIMITED
251366 Provision of Airconditioning unit $10,285.00Australian Federal Police 2009-12-16 Fredon Air Pty Limited