Hazard Systems Pty Ltd

ABN: 86106580367
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Also known as: Ecco Safety Group Australia Pty Ltd, Harzard Systems, HAZARD SYSTEMS PTY LTD

14 contracts, total value $522,574.26
Procurement methods: Open via SON 5 contracts, 35.71%, Prequalified 1 contracts, 7.14%, limited 8 contracts, 57.14%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Motor vehicles 6 $172,020.53
Law enforcement 2 $25,669.11
Electronic Components and Supplies 1 $47,583.80
Public safety and control 1 $114,114.00
Security and control equipment 1 $58,659.48
Electrical equipment and components and supplies 1 $68,186.36
Vehicle servicing equipment 1 $20,518.36
Electrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies 1 $15,822.62


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Federal Police 12 $495,839.71
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2 $26,734.55

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Supply and fit of light bars, sirens, accessories and covert lights 2 $126,845.84
Supply & fit out vehicle roof mounted lights & sirens 4 $184,782.55


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3510010 Supply of warning lights $114,114.00Australian Federal Police 2018-05-21 Ecco Safety Group Australia Pty Ltd
123225 Emergency Lights and Sirens $101,101.76Australian Federal Police 2007-12-19 HAZARD SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3302349 Supply of electronic equipment $68,186.36Australian Federal Police 2015-10-06 Hazard Systems Pty Ltd
1719751 Supply and fit light bars and sirens $58,659.48Australian Federal Police 2013-06-26 Hazard Systems Pty Ltd
122387 Sirens, lights $47,583.80Australian Federal Police 2008-05-08 HAZARD SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3288963 Supply of police equipment $20,518.36Australian Federal Police 2015-08-24 Hazard Systems Pty Ltd
123249 Lights and Sirens for Vehicles $20,274.37Australian Federal Police 2007-12-21 HAZARD SYSTEMS PTY LTD
123203 Supply Four Hazard Roof Bars and Accessories $15,822.62Australian Federal Police 2008-02-07 HAZARD SYSTEMS PTY LTD
95483 CPO002943 - Vehicle Safety Equipment $15,320.40Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2008-06-11 Harzard Systems
3306150 Supply of lights & sirens $13,267.71Australian Federal Police 2015-10-16 Hazard Systems Pty Ltd
3502187 Supply of vehicle accessories $12,401.40Australian Federal Police 2018-04-16 Ecco Safety Group Australia Pty Ltd
53407 Lightbars $12,137.09Australian Federal Police 2007-08-13 HAZARD SYSTEMS PTY LTD
251375 SIren and lights $11,772.76Australian Federal Police 2009-12-17 Hazard Systems Pty Ltd
86085 CPO022282 - Motor vehicle hazard equipment $11,414.15Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2008-05-20 Hazard Systems