RTM Pty Ltd

ABN: 84083131668
Similar to: Department of Attorney General and Justice (ABN: 11005693553), Punthill Apartment Hotels (ABN: 11151343449), DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERV (ABN: 11255872006), Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing (ABN: 11322391452), Department for Familites and Communities - Government of South Australia (ABN: 11525031744), DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND (ABN: 12740143260), Department of Education & Training (ABN: 12862898150), Tween Ultima Apartments (ABN: 13128091609), Department of Transport, Trade Queensland (ABN: 13200330520), Department of Justice and Attorney General (ABN: 13846673994), DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH - METROPOLITAN (ABN: 13993250709), Best Western Parklands Apartment Hotel (ABN: 14017572017), The Apartment Service Pty Ltd (ABN: 14050210896), Laura Hartman (ABN: 14249135988), DEPARTMENT OF SPORT AND RECREATION (ABN: 14445022107), DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE (ABN: 15003429356), Waterside Apartments Pty Ltd (ABN: 15066011523), ATTORNEY GENERALS DEPARTMENT (ABN: 15088976178), Department of Further Education Employment Science and Technology (trading as TAFE SA) (ABN: 16692317206), DEPARTMENT OF STATE AND REGIONAL DEVEL (NSW) (ABN: 16961498210), St Andrews Serviced Apartments (ABN: 17061429810), ApartmentsPlus.com.au (ABN: 17101820875), DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT PLANNING (ABN: 17441396042), The Apartment Service Realty Pty Li (ABN: 18090954331), Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (ABN: 18108001191), Pintu Merah Apartments (ABN: 18530189083), Jessica Court Serviced Apartments (ABN: 18681810511), DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND FOOD (ABN: 18951343745), Department of Treasury and Finance (ABN: 19040349865), Department of Police and Emergency Services (ABN: 19173586474), ABODE THE APARTMENT HOTEL (ABN: 19386119232), Department of Community Safety (ABN: 19823962345), Attorney General's Department (ABN: 21133285851), DEPARTMENT OF LANDS (ABN: 21804973362), CHIEF MINISTER'S DEPARTMENT (ABN: 21869198926), SPORTMANS W/HOUSE (ABN: 22052528364), Apartments Plus (BDG Properties P/L) (ABN: 23096082021), DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITIES (ABN: 23549045387), DVA OFFICIAL DEPARTMENTAL ACCOUNT (ABN: 23964290824), DEPARTMENT OF THE SENATE (ABN: 23991641527), DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND (ABN: 24113085695), Parklands Apartments Dickson (ABN: 24254191799), Broadway Apartments (ABN: 24596890672), Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (ABN: 24830236406), Wollongong Serviced Apartments (ABN: 24913641258), DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIVE SERVICES (ABN: 25103389163), DEPARTMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND PL (ABN: 25166523889), Department of Communities Child Safety and Disability Services (ABN: 25791185155), BOTANIC GARDENS APARTMENTS (ABN: 25895608659), Production Department (ABN: 26119482183), Department of Education, Tasmania (ABN: 26237631294), ACT DEPARTMENT OF DISABILITY (ABN: 26471407289), Evolution Apartments (ABN: 26834768089), Protiviti Pty Ltd Finance Department (ABN: 27108473909), Living Corporate Apartments Pty Ltd (ABN: 27136190862), Department of Transport (WA) (ABN: 27285643255), PA Apartments (ABN: 27474771462), Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation (SA) (ABN: 27804759969), ROCKINGHAM APARTMEN (ABN: 28042108416), Ascot Quays Pty Ltd T/A Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel (ABN: 28082404804), DEPARTMENT OF WATER (ABN: 28420443065), Department of Health WA (ABN: 28684750332), ASFA Events Department (ABN: 29002786290), PINNACLE APARTMENTS HOTEL (ABN: 29008602079), Executive Apartments Pty Ltd (ABN: 29009417387), ACT DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (ABN: 29148723251), DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (ABN: 29206713203), DEPARTMENT OF STATE DEVELOPMENT, IN (ABN: 29230178530), Centrelink - Departmental (ABN: 29468422437), DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, FAIR TRADING (ABN: 29597409596), Production Department (ABN: 30135247657), DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (ABN: 30485673497), DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT & (ABN: 30841387271), Department of Finance and Deregulation (ABN: 31010545267), Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing (NICNAS) (ABN: 31162998046), OASIS APARTMENTS (ABN: 32603126962), Department of Justice - Victoria (ABN: 32790228959), DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE ADN ATTORNEY GENERAL CORRECTIVE SERVICES NSW (ABN: 32980170687), ANAO OFFICIAL DEPARTMENTAL ACCOUNT (ABN: 33020645631), Department of Immigration and Border Protection (ABN: 33380054835), C/- Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (ABN: 34190894983), State of NSW Department of Ageing, Disability & Home Care (ABN: 34538109783), CITY WEST SERVICED APARTMENTS (ABN: 34882171130), Department of Premier and Cabinet New South Wales (ABN: 34945244274), Pinnacle Apartments Pty Ltd (ABN: 35123027118), Kingston Court Serviced Apartments (ABN: 36008487107), CITY GARDEN APARTMENTS DARWIN (ABN: 36009629207), DEPARTMENT OF INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS (ABN: 36049203976), Medina Services Apartments (ABN: 36062326176), Department of Premier and Cabinet (ABN: 36081905761), Southbank Apartments (ABN: 36139413077), DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES (ABN: 36342015855), Department of State Growth (ABN: 36388980563), DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT WATER AND (ABN: 36702093234), Luma Luma Holiday Apartments (ABN: 37052099126), GRAND MERCURE APARTMENTS (ABN: 37094718108), Department of Territory and (ABN: 37307569373), Attorney Generals Department (ABN: 37467566201), DEPARTMENT OF REGIONAL AUSTRALIA (ABN: 37862725624), Department of Parks and Wildlife (WA) (Miriwung Gajerrong) (ABN: 38052249024), DOCKLANDS SERVICED APARTMENTS (ABN: 38096688998), IP Australia Official Departmental Account (ABN: 38113072755), NSW Department of Planning (ABN: 38755709681), DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITIES (QLD) (ABN: 38872506567), DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT AND MAIN ROADS (ABN: 39407690291), Department of Housing and Works (ABN: 40122932289), DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND COMMUNITIES (ABN: 40300173822), DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT AND WORKPLACE RELATIONS (ABN: 40376417416), Punthill Apartment Hotels (ABN: 40648484725), OLD LION APARTMENTS (ABN: 40651781128), Department for Planning & Infrastru (ABN: 40996710314), KIAMA BLUE GRAND MERCURE APARTMENTS (ABN: 41107049981), Chasely Apartments (ABN: 41218256480), Department of Environment,Climate C (ABN: 41231195571), OPC Departmental Payments and Receipts Acc (ABN: 41425630817), AMAWIND APARTMENTS P/L (ABN: 41624036591), DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT SA (ABN: 41659119911), Department of Science Information (ABN: 41841375926), DEPARTMENT FOR CHILD PROTECTION (ABN: 41889424592), Department Of Primary Industries (ABN: 42579412233), Department of Primary Industries - Lands (ABN: 42860678701), Abode - the Apartment Hotel Pty Ltd (ABN: 43143687996), Department of Treasury & Finance (ABN: 44128890975), Hartmann & Co Pty Ltd (ABN: 44128899847), MOUNTS BAY WATERS APARTMENT HOTEL P/L (ABN: 45073693848), ACT DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY (ACT REVENUE OFFICE) (ABN: 45096207205), NSW Department of Education and Training (for the NSW Department of Education and Training Adult Migrant English Program Consortium) (ABN: 45103769369), Quest Serviced Apartments-Darwin (ABN: 45580255440), CULLEN BAY HOLIDAY APARTMENTS (ABN: 45817971135), Alatai Holiday Apartments (ABN: 45946689455), PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL APARTMENTS EXHIBITION STREET PTY LIMIT (ABN: 46094029259), Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (ABN: 46252861927), Department of Environment and Herit (ABN: 46640294485), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (ABN: 47065634525), Mantra Pandanas Apartments (ABN: 47081607098), FOUR SEASONS APARTMENTS (ABN: 47847681550), Coogee Sands Hotel & Apartments (ABN: 49077857277), WALDORF APARTMNT HOTEL (ABN: 49083038377), Department of Premier and Cabinet SA (ABN: 49105263794), DEPARTMENT OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY (ABN: 50182626845), Quest Apartments (ABN: 50266067537), Department of Employment (ABN: 50658250012), Department of Human Services (ABN: 51194660183), Department of Communications and the Arts (ABN: 51491646726), Grand Mercure Apartments Townsville (ABN: 51631516694), New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (ABN: 51734124190), Australian Taxation Office Official Departmental Property Advance Account (ABN: 51824753556), Department Of Industry, Tourism and (ABN: 51835430479), Parap Village Apartments (ABN: 52009624408), DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS (ABN: 52234063906), DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION & TRAINING (ABN: 52705101522), Department of Parliamentary Services (ABN: 52997141147), Department of Primary Industries and Resources (ABN: 53763159658), Department of Employment (ABN: 54201218474), QLD Department of Education and Training (ABN: 54456676679), NSW DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE (ABN: 54625095406), FREDERICKSTOWN MOTEL & APARTMENTS (ABN: 54675741196), ACMA Official Departmental Account (ABN: 55386169386), FISHERIES DEPARTMENT OF WA (ABN: 55689794771), DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING (ABN: 56167671885), AOTDTA Official Departmental Account (ABN: 56253405315), AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC DIVISION, DEPARTMENT OF SUSTAINABILITY, ENVIRONMENT, WATER, POPULATION AND COMMUNITIES (ABN: 56428630676), Country Apartments Dubbo (ABN: 56852463204), Swagmans Rest Apartments (ABN: 57165182792), DARTMOOR CONSULTING GROUP PTY LTD (ABN: 57764624060), DEPARTMENT OF MAIN ROADS QLD (ABN: 57836727711), Department of Water and Energy (NSW) (ABN: 58132718272), Coconut Grove Holiday Apartment (T/A: Mandarin Properties Pty Ltd (ABN: 58135707863), Department of Primary Industries Pa (ABN: 58259330901), Canberra Wide Apartments (ABN: 58268748452), DEPARTMENT OF PREMIER AND CABINET (ABN: 58612621159), GRIFFIN APARTMENT HOTEL (ABN: 59008491692), Department of Natural Resources and Mines (ABN: 59020847551), Department of Child Safety (ABN: 59966314841), Western Australia Department of Water (ABN: 60061300220), Department of Education & Children's Services (ABN: 60168401578), AUSTRALIAN EXECUTIVE APARTMENTS (ABN: 61058328582), BRISBANE APARTMENT MTG PL (ABN: 61116627948), DEPARTMENT OF THE PREMIER & CABINET (ABN: 61313082730), ARGUS APARTMENTS PTY LTD (ABN: 61843068289), Department of Finance (ABN: 61970632495), DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND T (ABN: 62921558838), Department of Health & Human Servic (ABN: 63015367497), ASTRA APARTMENTS - SYDNEY CBD (ABN: 63087355762), Police Department (VIC) (ABN: 63446481493), Department of Education, Employment (ABN: 63578775294), Rendezvous Hotels (Australia) P/L t/a Rendezvous Apartment Hotel Brisbane Trust Account (ABN: 65081207838), Regal Apartments (ABN: 65093126562), HILLSVIEW APARTMENTS (ABN: 65102014341), Queensland Department of Public Works Qbuild (ABN: 65266806703), Department of Human Services CRS Australia - CRS Australia (ABN: 65281415387), AUSTRLN MRTME SFY ATH (ABN: 65377938320), DEPARTMENT OF THE PREMIER AND CABIN (ABN: 65959415158), Westend Central Apartments (ABN: 66009692522), TROPIC TOWERS APARTMEN (ABN: 66106387071), Attorney Generals Department (ABN: 66123810646), Queensland Department of Health (ABN: 66329169412), Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (ABN: 66934348189), CAPITAL EXECUTIVE APARTMENT HOTEL (ABN: 67072048303), M Hartmann (ABN: 67106247976), Beachlife Apartments (ABN: 67118197318), AUSTRALIAN AEROSPACE LTD ARH FINANCE DEPARTMENT (ABN: 68003035470), NSW Attorney Generla's Department (ABN: 68199215208), THE CAPITOL APARTMENTS (ABN: 68381807465), DEPARTMENT OF LAND (ABN: 68565723484), ORER Official Departmental Head Office Payments Account (ABN: 68574011917), DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE (ABN: 68706814312), STORY APARTMENTS (ABN: 68720241660), THE TRUSTEE FOR DRESS CIRCLE APARTMENTS TRUST (ABN: 68816621120), MERITON SERVICED APARTMENTS (ABN: 69115511281), Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (ABN: 69405937639), Department of Mines and Petroleum (ABN: 69410335356), DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (ABN: 69769481770), Victorian Government Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (ABN: 69981208782), DEPARTMENT OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL (ABN: 70598519443), The Curators' Department Pty Ltd (ABN: 70604122358), THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCAITON (ABN: 71506957312), Department of Primary Industries (ABN: 72189919072), CER Official Departmental Payments Account (ABN: 72321984210), Astra Apartments (ABN: 72784675628), Department of Public Works - Building Division (ABN: 72799122178), DEPARTMENT OF TREASU (ABN: 73260603839), Melbourne Health, Radiology Department, Royal Melbourne Hospial (ABN: 73802706972), RTM Pty Ltd (ABN: 74002462017), Department of Health and Human Serv (ABN: 74410330756), Department of Innovation, Industry Science and Research (ABN: 74599608295), Meriton Serviced Apartments (ABN: 75000644888), AUSTRALAND APARTMENTS MANAGEMENT SERVICES PTY LIMITED (ABN: 75002454364), National Capital Authority-Departme (ABN: 75149374427), Manuka Park Serviced Apartments (ABN: 75713131489), SKYLINE APARTMENTS T/A MINT HOTELS/APARTMENTS (ABN: 75724063098), Signature Serviced Apartments (ABN: 75747781837), Evolution Apartments (ABN: 76025300138), DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION & TRAINING (ABN: 76337613647), SURFERS BEACH HOLIDAY APARTMENTS (ABN: 76610256963), COUNTRY COMFORT - INTER CITY HOTEL APARTMENTS (ABN: 77049551014), ComSuper Official Departmental Receipts Account (ABN: 77310752950), Charlestown Executive Apartments Pty Limited (ABN: 78105670264), QLD Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (ABN: 78342684030), Parkview Apartments (ABN: 78771079913), RYDGESPORTMACQ (ABN: 78972518662), DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING (ABN: 79051750680), FORREST HOTEL AND APARTMENTS (ABN: 79950414161), Official Departmental Receipts and Payments Account (ABN: 80091799039), Capital Tower Apartments Canberra Pty Ltd (ABN: 80117399532), DEPARTMNET OF CULTURE & THE ARTS (ABN: 80540875918), LIMITED EDITIONS SHIRTMAKERS (ABN: 81552735338), Department of Services & Technology (ABN: 81913830179), Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care - (DADHC) (ABN: 82016305789), GMB Holdings Pty Ltd (T/A: Broadway Apartments) (ABN: 82105942069), APX APARTMENTS PARRAMATTA (ABN: 82165475098), DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS (ABN: 82533440171), WOOLLOOMOOLOO WATERS APARTMENTS (ABN: 83062634619), Tribeca Serviced Apartments (ABN: 83073530351), Department of State Development (ABN: 83524915929), Attorney Generals Department - NSW (ABN: 83576514140), Department of Health (ABN: 83605426759), Department of Environment & Resource Management (ABN: 83705537586), Northern Territory Department of Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts (ABN: 84085734992), Department of Finance and Services- (ABN: 84104377806), Department of Economic Development Tourism and the Arts (ABN: 84531577304), Oxley Court Serviced Apartments (ABN: 85053871622), Department of finance (ABN: 86090608361), Department of Infrastructure and Transport (ABN: 86267354017), NSW Department of Primary Industries (ABN: 86308026589), The State of Queensland as represented by the Department of Housing and Public Works (ABN: 86504771740), Best Western Karratha Central Apartments (ABN: 86534961504), WA Department Land Administration (ABN: 86574793858), City Style Executive Apartments Pty (ABN: 87101213209), DARWIN HOLIDAY APARTMENTS (ABN: 87132912219), THE GRAND APARTMENTS (ABN: 87202082450), Department of Environment & Resourc (ABN: 87221158786), COMMUNITY SERVICES, DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES (ABN: 87503966787), Pinnacle Apartments Pty Ltd (ABN: 87618313214), MILLER APARTMENTS (ABN: 88126406746), DEPARTMENT OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT (ABN: 88549163437), THE OLD WOOLSTORE APARTMENT HOTEL (ABN: 89092739501), Department of Finance and Deregulation (ABN: 89685890416), Western Australia Department of State Development (ABN: 90199516864), Department of Sustainability and Environment (ABN: 90719052204), DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES (ABN: 90794605008), QUEENSLAND TREASURY DEPARTMENT (ABN: 90856020239), Department of Consumer and Employment (ABN: 91329800417), Department of Finance (ABN: 92008570330), MACLEAY SERVICED APARTMENTS (ABN: 92076782520), BCA MANAGEMENT PTY LTD TRADING AS ESSENCE APARTMENTS (ABN: 92082448011), DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING, (ABN: 92366288135), DEPARTMENT OF TERRITORIES and MUNICIPAL SERVICES (ABN: 92548663534), Attorney Generals Department (ABN: 92661124436), NSW HEALTH DEPARTMENT (ABN: 92697899630), DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY (AUST GOVERNMENT ACTUARY) (ABN: 92802414793), Department of Human Services (ABN: 93785850801), Hartman Thomas Pty Ltd (ABN: 93975079712), Quest on James Serviced Apartments (ABN: 94108594010), Department of Defence (ABN: 94237980823), Department of The Premier & Cabinet (ABN: 94500415644), DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION AND LAND (ABN: 94657944768), Plaza Apartments Pty Ltd (ABN: 95000048359), MANTA HOLIDAY APARTMENTS (ABN: 95416186530), Digital Transformation Agency Departmental Receipts Account (ABN: 96257979159), South Central Apartments (ABN: 97107851749), Argyle Apartments (ABN: 97235713619), SPORTMANS W/HOUSE (ABN: 97336471474), DEPARTMENT OF STATE DEVELOPMENT (QLD) (ABN: 97406359732), Department for Health and Ageing (ABN: 97643356590), Manuka Park Apartments (ABN: 97732447793), DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (QLD GOVT) (ABN: 97887046327), Department of Mines and Energy (ABN: 98628485885), ACT DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE & (ABN: 98636852025), DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT REGULATIO (ABN: 98954078362), APS Commission Offical Departmental A/C (ABN: 99470863260), Argus Apartments Darwin (ABN: 99592854822), DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE (ABN: 99593347728), Portman, Andrew Robert (ABN: 99878632909),
Also known as: RTM Pty Ltd

19 contracts, total value $427,887.50
Consultancies: 2 contracts, 10.53%
Confidentialities: 1 contracts, 5.26%( 0 on the contract, 1 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 4 contracts, 21.05%, Prequalified 8 contracts, 42.11%, limited 7 contracts, 36.84%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Printed media 6 $111,257.00
Printing 3 $100,541.80
Internet or intranet client application development services 2 $30,685.60
Publication printing 2 $52,075.00
Printing and writing paper 1 $15,958.30
Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art Services 1 $24,981.00
Publishing 1 $21,188.20
Information services 1 $21,890.00
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services 1 $23,300.00
Printing and publishing equipment 1 $26,010.60


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 7 $197,930.50
Australian Bureau of Statistics 5 $91,797.20
Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman 3 $62,986.00
Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources 1 $23,300.00
Department of Veterans' Affairs 1 $21,188.20
Department of Parliamentary Services 1 $19,773.60
Department of the House of Representatives 1 $10,912.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
374327-A1 Printing of the Social Inc. Board Report $53,213.20Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2010-10-01 RTM PTY LTD
479414-A1 Graphic design and printing services $39,821.00Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2012-03-15 RTM PTY LTD
232193 Graphic Design, Concept development and finishing $26,010.60Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2009-08-13 RTM Pty Ltd
261309 Report Printing $25,979.80Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2010-01-22 RTM Pty Ltd
39762 For the provision of graphic design and desktop publishing services $25,751.00Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman 2007-07-20 RTM Pty Ltd
210062 Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing Services and Print management Services $24,981.00Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman 2009-06-24 RTM Pty Ltd
18907 CD ROM design & production JSF Industry Capability (GAPS ID: 1593532) $23,300.00Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources 2006-05-25 RTM PTY LTD
65160 design and production of ABS annual report, 2006-07. $21,890.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007-09-24 Rtm Pty Ltd
126961 ABS Annual Report 2007-08 & FWP design & artwork costs $21,494.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2008-09-12 Rtm Pty Ltd
252745 Design and Printing of Booklets $21,348.80Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2009-07-01 RTM Pty Ltd
367715 Design graphical look and feel, render text supplied and supplier artwork to printer. $21,188.20Department of Veterans' Affairs 2010-07-09 RTM
132636 Provision of intranet project design and production estimates $19,773.60Department of Parliamentary Services 2008-10-08 RTM PTY LTD
226078 Contract in place to publish and print the annual report for 2008-09 $17,283.20Australian Bureau of Statistics 2009-04-21 Rtm Pty Ltd
140498 ABS Annual Report 2007-08, printing $16,000.60Australian Bureau of Statistics 2008-09-25 Rtm Pty Ltd
232195 Design development , finishing art and printing of booklets $15,958.30Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2009-07-01 RTM Pty Ltd
247481 SIU Tool Kit Design and Production $15,598.80Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2009-08-20 RTM Pty Ltd
65380 print ABS annual report. $15,129.40Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007-10-15 Rtm Pty Ltd
244028 Printing of 1,425 copies of Commonwealth Ombudsman hard copy Annual Report 2008/09 $12,254.00Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman 2009-10-23 RTM
152680 Reps Intranet Design $10,912.00Department of the House of Representatives 2008-12-01 RTM Pty Ltd