Computer Alliance Pty Ltd

ABN: 83092544253
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13 contracts, total value $297,908.06
Procurement methods: limited 13 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Computer Equipment and Accessories 8 $186,167.60
File archive storage 2 $28,057.00
Computer hardware maintenance or support 1 $11,651.82
Hardware 1 $33,097.70
Software 1 $38,933.94


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Federal Police 12 $278,798.09
Department of Defence 1 $19,109.97


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
122455 Computer Parts to make 32 Computers $73,664.00Australian Federal Police 2008-04-04 COMPUTER ALLIANCE PTY LTD
398795 Symantec Backup Exec $38,933.94Australian Federal Police 2011-05-30 Computer Alliance Pty Ltd
3452265 Supply of computer equipment $33,097.70Australian Federal Police 2017-08-28 Computer Alliance Pty Ltd
122292 Disk Drives $26,840.00Australian Federal Police 2008-04-22 COMPUTER ALLIANCE PTY LTD
3594231 COMPUTERS FOR OP AUGURY SIMULATION SYSTEMS $19,109.97Department of Defence 2019-05-17 COMPUTER ALLIANCE
122242 Computer Accesories $15,768.50Australian Federal Police 2008-04-24 COMPUTER ALLIANCE PTY LTD
362336 Vendor source known $15,595.00Australian Federal Police 2011-01-12 Computer Alliance Pty Ltd
123206 Seagate Barra $14,375.90Australian Federal Police 2008-02-11 COMPUTER ALLIANCE PTY LTD
122526 Hard Drives $14,085.20Australian Federal Police 2008-06-23 COMPUTER ALLIANCE PTY LTD
362332 Direct approach to known vendor $12,462.00Australian Federal Police 2011-01-11 Computer Alliance Pty Ltd
357616 Hard Disk Drives $11,651.82Australian Federal Police 2010-12-08 Computer Alliance Pty Ltd
122492 Hard Disk Drives $11,180.40Australian Federal Police 2008-03-25 COMPUTER ALLIANCE PTY LTD
330631 Western Digital hard drives $11,143.63Australian Federal Police 2010-08-17 Computer Alliance Pty Ltd