ETN Commmunications

ABN: 81096204698
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Also known as: ETN Commmunications, ETN Communications

3 contracts, total value $76,505.00
Procurement methods: limited 3 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Printed publications 1 $27,500.00
Promotional merchandise 1 $38,005.00
Published Products 1 $11,000.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Austrade 2 $38,500.00
Australian Bureau of Statistics 1 $38,005.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
339150 Promotion of ABS services in Australia's Nobel Lauretes publication $38,005.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2010-08-30 Etn Communications
145929 Production of Australian Explorer publication. $27,500.00Austrade 2008-11-28 ETN Communications
59987 Sponsorship package for Fast Thinking Australian Explorer magazine $11,000.00Austrade 2007-11-15 ETN Commmunications