Hen Pty Ltd

ABN: 79103230084
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17007314061), SHERLOCK, STEPHEN MARK (ABN: 17237905973), HENDERSON, LYN (ABN: 17246076594), CONDAMINE KITCHENS (ABN: 17779101296), HENCHMAN PRODUCTS (ABN: 17779931741), PHILLIP STEPHENS FUN (ABN: 17954397743), Croft Plythene Greenhouses Pty Ltd (ABN: 18005248699), LENNYS KITCHENS (ABN: 18009044295), Mr AG Henderson PSM (ABN: 18108001191), Joseph Paul Henry Mathews (ABN: 18246178826), JK and JD Henery (ABN: 18683595658), Yong Cheng Shi (ABN: 18803583982), HENDERCARE NURSING and SUPPORT SVCS (ABN: 19087520254), Mark Henley (ABN: 19209156549), STEPHEN OWEN-CONWAY QC (ABN: 19483076313), Lovell Chen Pty Ltd (ABN: 20005803494), Moore Stephens Sydney Corporate Recovery Group Pty Limited (ABN: 20158072176), AVRIL HENRY & ASSOCIATES (ABN: 21103649010), Prof. Stephen Bottomley (ABN: 21673305858), HENSLEY AND ASSOCIATES (ABN: 22023008864), MALLESONS STEPHEN JAQUES (ABN: 22041424954), S Lal Chhabra & KC Ramrakha t/a Barker Henley (ABN: 22067295609), STEPHENS, DAVID (ABN: 22197593527), Allison Henry (ABN: 22651089339), DR STEPHEN BRAZENOR (ABN: 22869172395), MARTIN THIELE T/A AACHENER CONSULTING (ABN: 23127756195), Michael Henry Barrister (ABN: 23382544833), Mr Stephen Argument (ABN: 23426191591), MOORE STEPHENS CANBERRA PTY LTD (ABN: 24093809235), STEPHEN MALLON (ABN: 24301057104), L C Stephenson t/a Lightning Consulting Services (ABN: 24423213328), Delahenty Machinery (ABN: 25004607514), Mallesons Stephen Jaques (ABN: 25034787757), ADVANTAGE COMMERCIAL KITCHENS P/L (ABN: 25100894719), STAITE HENNINGSEN KLEIN PTY LTD (ABN: 25126783588), STEPHEN WRIGHT SC (ABN: 25348805296), Susan Henry (ABN: 25812041942), Webb Henderson (ABN: 26092503308), Stephen & Leonie Lesllie Superannuation Fund (ABN: 26474025339), HENDER LEE ELECTRICAL (ABN: 27102530469), O'Bryan, Stephen G (ABN: 27493030865), BAINES, STEPHEN MICHAEL (ABN: 27905676185), Henderson Logistics Pty Ltd (ABN: 28059722833), Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (ABN: 28101197219), Hensamia Pty Ltd (ABN: 28149604099), Henderson RDE 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Stephens Sydney Pty Ltd (ABN: 34098199118), ADAM MICHAEL STEPHEN BISITS (ABN: 34684821946), Stephens Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN: 35071726675), J C Algar & N Anandacoormarasamy & M J Anderson & V Annetta & M J Bahen & D L Bailey & R A Baker & J R Ball & F P Bannon & M Baroni & G R Bartlett & B A Bateman & C D Belyea & G E Berson & Others T/A Clayton Utz (ABN: 35740217343), TREHEN CAMP MANAGEMENT SERVICES (ABN: 36134041071), THE CLEAN KITCHEN PTY LTD (ABN: 36167925984), LINDNER, STEPHEN (ABN: 36542656290), HALPHEN, ASHLEY (ABN: 37068667287), MOORE STEPHENS (QUEENSLAND) (ABN: 37126220595), DR STEPHEN J DAVIES (ABN: 37786790365), Amphenol Australia Ltd (ABN: 39008730925), Phenomenon Creative Events (ABN: 39130994393), STEPHEN PAYNE (ABN: 39187217412), Moore Stephens Melbourne (ABN: 39533589331), MR STEPHEN MARK WALKER (ABN: 39659376779), STEPHEN SPAIN T/A KIDS CONFERENCE (ABN: 39737794273), RENSHAW-HITCHEN and ASSOCIATES PTY LTD (ABN: 40090535201), Stephenson Mansell Group Pty Ltd (ABN: 41003131744), STEPHEN JANCEWICZ (ABN: 41067744073), Alister Henskens (ABN: 41273460329), Stephen Toms T/A Top End Explorer Tours (ABN: 41649861929), Shenton House Pty Ltd (ABN: 41788240229), STEPHEN WISE & ASSOCIATES (ABN: 42089614326), Stephen Sharpley (ABN: 43073049349), NANCY STEPHENSON & ASSOCIATES (ABN: 43223947338), Keim Stephen (ABN: 43375989404), Mallesons Stephen Jaques (ABN: 43434825520), Stephen Schuck (ABN: 44002480971), Software Kitchen Pty Ltd (ABN: 44083513393), Dr Stephen Blaber (ABN: 44753346349), Capital Coast Kitchens (ABN: 44948656223), Moore Stephens Canberra Audit Pty Ltd (ABN: 45104227063), J STEPHENSON (ABN: 45186871077), SYDNEY COMMERCIAL KITCHENS (ABN: 45453803008), The Polythene Company Pty Ltd (ABN: 45600704840), CLARKE, STEPHEN JOHN (ABN: 45765511717), Dr Stephen Donaghue QC (ABN: 45810855425), Stephen Hunter (ABN: 47102941370), Prince Henry's Institute of (ABN: 48132025024), Henry T Randell (ABN: 48142917434), M&M Kitchens & Joinery Unit Trust (ABN: 48152268754), Dean Kitchens (ABN: 48190950607), HENBURY SCHOOL COUNCIL (ABN: 48232059381), KITCRAFT KITCHENS PTY LTD (ABN: 49087781333), Authentium Australia (ABN: 49088780063), Michael Henderson Consulting (ABN: 49164307297), HENSCHKE PRIMARY SCHOOL (ABN: 49187604151), MIRIAM HENKE (ABN: 49300343697), L E BOUGHEN & COMPANY (ABN: 50519221217), ELSPETH HENSLER (ABN: 50808835437), M Andrew G Wilson C Jordan P Nash P Hennessy S Scudamore P Siebels M Allworth N Baker C Ingram D Cross C Sloan C Gordon T Moloney A Hof A Court K Drover J Teer R Garnon C Hall & Others T/A KPMG (ABN: 51194660183), HENDER CONSULTING (ABN: 51219055255), Henry Crothers (ABN: 51253689127), PORTERALLEN HENDREN PTY LTD (ABN: 52103779693), Stephen Raaymakers (ABN: 52794309036), CASSANDRA COHEN (ABN: 52887918484), Allison Henry (ABN: 53003678148), Homeworks Kitchens Bathrooms & Interiors (ABN: 53058835423), HENIC PTY LTD (ABN: 53404635336), COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH SOLUTIONS (ABN: 53607386247), Stephen James Turnbull (ABN: 53631206722), CATHOLIC PARISH OF LESCHENAULT (ABN: 53640560807), FISHER, STEPHEN BRUCE (ABN: 54290761183), KENNETH STEPHEN LORD (ABN: 54683208656), Chris Henderson Imagineering (ABN: 55142860355), Henderson, Rajee (ABN: 55622989167), SHENTON COLLEGE (ABN: 55783486882), Stephen Davies (ABN: 55861379873), DR STEPHEN JAMIESON (ABN: 56008610295), Dr Stephen Dennis (ABN: 57082946905), Penthouse Developments Pty Ltd and Stephen Nominees Pty Ltd (ABN: 58008760101), JAGUAR KITCHENS PTY LTD (ABN: 58091791230), LANDER & ROGERS LAWYERS & C.D HENDERSON & D HUMPHERY-SMITH (ABN: 58207240529), Marjorie Joan Green, Terence Henry Green & Robert Green (ABN: 59377207845), WILSON, STEPHEN G (ABN: 59593754482), DEXION HENDRA (ABN: 59629154344), KITCHENER, SCOTT JAMES (ABN: 59736102732), ALICE ZHENG (ABN: 60440418133), STEPHEN FROST (ABN: 60771573862), Bruce W Stephens and Associates (ABN: 61002981633), J.J. stephen Pty. 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Pty Ltd (ABN: 68007711622), FINLAY STEPHEN BATTS (ABN: 68159271019), Centa Company ATF Henry Yuen Family (ABN: 68160706701), Henkel Australia Pty Ltd (ABN: 68706814312), STEPHEN PHILIP SHEPHERD RAYNER (ABN: 68711203313), ADRIAN STEPHENS (ABN: 68799107785), HENDERSON RESEARCH PTY LTD (ABN: 69130125290), ALANA HENDERSON PTY LTD (ABN: 70003730470), List A Brristers - Stephen Donoghue (ABN: 73007370256), JIM HENDRICKSON & ASSOCIATES PTY LT (ABN: 73098272550), NOBBY KITCHENS (ABN: 74144702910), Gregory, Stephen P (ABN: 74436730309), CHEN Dongmei (ABN: 74486631402), J & K HENDERSON (ABN: 74622857142), SCHENKER INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD (ABN: 75000410211), STEPHENSON ENVIRONMENTAL (ABN: 75002600526), Stephen Smallbone (ABN: 75137363768), The Trustee for Stephen Family Trust (ABN: 75141467185), Moore Stephens (ABN: 75368525284), HENCHMAN PRODUCTS PTY LTD (ABN: 76107346113), Thomas, Stephen (ABN: 76439344280), Stephen Bernard Dinn (ABN: 76613882432), Pioneer Kitchens and Joinery Pty Ltd (ABN: 77065243165), Tian Xiang (Jack) Zheng (ABN: 77175018944), STEPHEN ARTHUR (ABN: 77491747029), PRINCE HENRY'S INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL (ABN: 77601754678), BRUCE COHEN (ABN: 77617520983), STEPHEN B ROFE (ABN: 78009294919), HUTCHENS, ANNA LOUISE (ABN: 78082704200), CHEN Tina (ABN: 78159109889), Moore Stephens Pty Ltd (ABN: 78625921390), TAFE NSW - Northen Sydney Institute (ABN: 78791108448), CONCEPT KITCHENS & DETAIL JOINERY (ABN: 78854486321), Alistair Henderson (ABN: 79063100201), HENNING HARDERS (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD (ABN: 79125684639), BURROUGHS, VAN STEPHEN (ABN: 79436128172), PROF ALEXANDER S HENDERSON (ABN: 80066138234), BALJURDA COMPREHENSIVE CONSULTING (ABN: 80086179713), Dr Stephen Carbone (ABN: 80088115683), Stephen Yates (ABN: 80460557166), Duggan, Stephen James T/A SJD Consulting (ABN: 80650908699), STEPHEN BLENHEIM (ABN: 80835169859), Von Rechenberg Australia Pty Ltd (ABN: 81005075178), SHENTON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD (ABN: 81008882648), Stephen Holden (ABN: 81018753762), Alice Kitchens & Cabinets (ABN: 81049295827), Darwin Kitchens & Cabinets [DKC (NT) Pty Ltd] (ABN: 81070310020), Stephen Donald Hostetler (ABN: 81267598463), Stephen Tait (ABN: 81525776394), Drystan Pty Ltd atf The Hendies Unit Trust (ABN: 81676535404), Aphaea Athena Pty Ltd trading as Human Service Consultants (ABN: 81725783760), STEPHEN J LEE (ABN: 81980019826), HENKEL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (ABN: 82001302996), PHENOMENEX AUSTRALIA P/L (ABN: 82091987870), Janet Tkachenko (ABN: 82102594889), Pelchen Electrical (ABN: 82306831719), Stephen Lloyd (ABN: 82683770690), Stephen John Irwin (ABN: 82986326680), HENRY SCHEIN HALAS AND (ABN: 83132312515), HENDERSON PARTNERS BUSINESS SOLUTIO (ABN: 84134901134), Stephenie Werrett (ABN: 84227665449), Comprehensive Ammunition Services (ABN: 84425998070), LACHEN HOLDINGS PTY LTD (ABN: 85001919884), HENRYCARE PTY LTD (ABN: 86122277730), Florence Chen (ABN: 86638511710), GRAHAM HENRY LYONS (ABN: 87712955066), Stephen Pasture Seeds Pty Ltd (ABN: 88056296845), L.J.Stephens & P.J.Stephens (trading as Westtech) (ABN: 88157845390), CHRIS PIRIE COMPREHENSIVE EDITORIAL (ABN: 88938103599), King, Stephen Peter Prof. (ABN: 89582265026), Hengky (ABN: 89875710827), STEPHEN J KEMP (ABN: 90860630883), ADRIAN SCOTT HENDERSON (ABN: 90868369445), SCHENCK PROCESS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED (ABN: 91073312437), ATHENA DE LA CRUZ ANDREWS (ABN: 91637149079), STEPHEN ROLAND MARSHALL (ABN: 91726332931), STEPHEN SKEHILL (ABN: 92536925246), Kitchen Witchery (ABN: 93108423516), ATHENA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING (ABN: 93167791700), B Ambler & M J Bamford & M S Bracken & S S Champman & A M Grillo & R K Heinrich & M V Henley & G R Higgins & J H Huby & P C Mitchell & P W Smitch & Others T/A Tresscox (ABN: 93281528297), STIRLING HENRY GLOBAL MIGRATION (ABN: 94054539534), TA Henry Davis York, Registered as S ATKINS AND MJ BAMPTON AND MB GREENE AND AJ MUFFORD AND A STEELE (ABN: 94516079651), JOHN R HENNESSY (ABN: 94733797288), Loni Hensel (ABN: 94986119282), MR STEPHEN HALL SC (ABN: 94990078178), Stephen Coates (ABN: 95028276336), S & M KITCHENS PTY LIMITED (ABN: 95575127414), MOBILE KITCHENS (ABN: 95657330313), MORROW, STEPHEN B (ABN: 95852553672), STEPHEN R RODDA (ABN: 96128756646), Dr Marisa Henson (ABN: 96454349187), McCutcheon, Stephen Donald (ABN: 96842060148), GLENN HENRY MOTORCYCLES (ABN: 97639169176), Stephen Shaderick Kirby (ABN: 97937162717), BENJAMIN D STEPHENS (ABN: 98164594231), Roger Leith Henshaw (ABN: 98482873773), STEPHEN MACKIE (ABN: 98610226309), HENRY, DAVID MCKENZIE (ABN: 98667919288), DR CHEN WU (ABN: 99109052977), DAVID J STEPHENS (ABN: 99415416826), Stephen Loxton (ABN: 99509895016), Roy Rong Shen (ABN: 99770263592),
Also known as: Hen Pty Ltd

4 contracts, total value $4,959,740.00
Procurement methods: Open 4 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Lease and rental of property or building 4 $4,959,740.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 4 $4,959,740.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3446518 Lease for premises at 15 Fowler Road Dandenong VIC $2,431,228.00Department of Defence 2018-02-10 Hen Pty Ltd
1313691 Lease for premises at 15 Fowler Road Dandenong VIC $1,519,094.00Department of Defence 2013-02-10 Hen Pty Ltd
361403 Lease for premises at 15 Fowler Road, Dandenong $511,660.00Department of Defence 2011-02-10 Hen Pty Ltd
1237442 Lease for Premises at 15 Fowlwe Road Dandenong VIC $497,758.00Department of Defence 2013-02-10 Hen Pty Ltd