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16 contracts, total value $848,071.77
Consultancies: 1 contracts, 6.25%
Procurement methods: Open 1 contracts, 6.25%, limited 15 contracts, 93.75%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 10 $560,503.17
Management advisory services 3 $238,381.00
Software maintenance and support 3 $49,187.60


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 12 $763,429.46
Department of Parliamentary Services 1 $33,461.51
Department of the Environment and Energy - Australian Antarctic Division 1 $19,580.00
Defence Materiel Organisation 1 $17,586.80
Department of Finance 1 $14,014.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3487185 Procurement of Autodesk Subscription for 3 Years $159,291.00Department of Defence 2018-02-14 A2K TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
2259991 Software Subscription $80,949.00Department of Defence 2014-05-12 A2K TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3032042 Business Analyst $80,806.00Department of Defence 2015-04-24 A2K TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3336123 Annual software licence $80,806.00Department of Defence 2016-04-12 A2K TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3420063 |Auto desk/ AutoCad Maintenance 2017-18 $80,091.00Department of Defence 2017-04-21 A2K TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
1767171 Software subscription $76,626.00Department of Defence 2013-08-26 A2K TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3503221 Auto desk/AutoCad Maintenance Subscription 2018-19 $66,038.50Department of Defence 2018-04-30 A2K TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3540782 Autodesk 3Yr Multi-User Subscription $59,675.00Department of Defence 2018-09-12 A2K TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3307006 Upgrade of AutoCAD License to 2016 AutoCad Subscription and Advanced Support $33,461.51Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-11-16 A2K Technologies Pty LTd
2140391 Software licensing for CAD $23,346.02Department of Defence 2014-03-24 A2K TECHNOLOGIES
2957182 COMPUTER SOFTWARE $20,627.34Department of Defence 2015-03-05 A2K TECHNOLOGIES
3445802 Specialised CAD Software for Internal Use $19,580.00Department of the Environment and Energy - Australian Antarctic Division 2017-07-25 A2K Technologies Pty Ltd
2895902 Software Maintenance Renewal $17,586.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-02-18 A2K TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3406468 Annual Maintenance and Support $17,586.80Department of Defence 2017-02-14 A2K TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3327363 Software License renewal $17,586.80Department of Defence 2016-03-03 A2K TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3383738 Intra government network services Autocad License renewal $14,014.00Department of Finance 2016-10-21 A2K Technologies Pty Ltd