ABN: 76089973320
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20 contracts, total value $1,803,658.03
Procurement methods: Prequalified 6 contracts, 30.00%, limited 14 contracts, 70.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment 4 $305,574.40
Laboratory and scientific equipment 3 $78,644.87
Computer Equipment and Accessories 3 $216,243.11
Electronic Components and Supplies 2 $75,922.33
Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories 2 $455,289.23
Electrical equipment and components and supplies 2 $93,265.66
Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories 1 $23,873.30
Electronic manufacturing machinery and equipment and accessories 1 $140,723.00
Building and Construction and Maintenance Services 1 $33,470.90
Phone and video conference equipment and hardware and controllers 1 $380,651.23


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 17 $1,650,304.87
Defence Materiel Organisation 3 $153,353.16


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
474424 MEDIA WALL SYSTEM $438,043.19Department of Defence 2012-02-21 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
2181691 Video Wall $380,651.23Department of Defence 2014-04-08 CHRISTIE DIGITAL SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA
406808 MEDIA WALL AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT $230,753.15Department of Defence 2011-06-23 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
268526 Stereoscopic Monitor $140,723.00Department of Defence 2010-03-10 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
1385661 KVM switching equipment $107,005.21Department of Defence 2013-05-01 CHRISTIE DIGITAL SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA
474774 Mediawall $79,165.00Department of Defence 2012-03-07 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
136508 Equipment Purchase - Monitors $60,087.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-10-28 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
483760 Audio Visual Equipment $52,063.20Department of Defence 2012-04-19 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
273198 VR Headset $47,203.16Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-03-23 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
320373 RGNB Linux and QuadView $46,062.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-07-28 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
4873 Installation of Equipment purchased on PO 4500590328 (GAPS ID: 1693348) $33,470.90Department of Defence 2007-07-19 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
125520 Nvisor heasdset $31,990.35Department of Defence 2008-09-18 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
77343 Headset $30,072.90Department of Defence 2008-01-22 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
262075 VB SX Virtual Binocular, Advanced Video Control Unit $26,799.52Department of Defence 2010-02-12 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
1217222 Media Wall Configeration $23,873.30Department of Defence 2013-02-19 CHRISTIE DIGITAL SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA
984951 Laboratory research equipment $19,855.00Department of Defence 2012-10-08 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
436729 MEDIA WALL EQUIPMENT $17,246.04Department of Defence 2011-09-28 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
159457 Inertia Cube Precision Tracker $15,834.83Department of Defence 2009-02-02 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
2608771 Audio Visual Equipment $12,583.05Department of Defence 2014-09-24 CHRISTIE DIGITAL SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA
494311 Visual equipment servicings $10,175.00Department of Defence 2012-04-24 VR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD