Reino International Pty Ltd

ABN: 75079147201
Similar to: REINO INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD (ABN: 17864931143),
Also known as: DUNCAN SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA, Reino International Pty Ltd

9 contracts, total value $4,440,872.74
Procurement methods: Open via SON 1 contracts, 11.11%, Prequalified 2 contracts, 22.22%, limited 6 contracts, 66.67%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software maintenance and support 2 $45,348.82
Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services 2 $86,128.21
Computers 1 $350,000.00
Software 1 $38,500.00
Tools and General Machinery 1 $3,888,221.71
Electrical equipment and components and supplies 1 $19,485.00
Communications Devices and Accessories 1 $13,189.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
National Capital Authority 1 $3,888,221.71
Australian Federal Police 6 $466,522.82
Department of Defence 2 $86,128.21


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1983352-A3 Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Pay Parking Ticket Machines on National Land in Canberra $3,888,221.71National Capital Authority 2013-12-19 Reino International Pty Ltd
472166-A5 Maintenance and support of computerised traffic and parking infringement equipment $350,000.00Australian Federal Police 2011-12-01 Reino International Pty Ltd
3379420 Parking systems upgrade & maintenance $45,000.00Department of Defence 2016-09-26 DUNCAN SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA
3462543 Parking systems upgrade & maintenance $41,128.21Department of Defence 2017-08-02 DUNCAN SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA
3438958 Provision of software $38,500.00Australian Federal Police 2017-06-21 Reino International Pty Limited
3400695 Provision of software maintenance $34,012.00Australian Federal Police 2017-01-23 Reino International Pty Limited
273814 Supply Specisalised Police Equipment $19,485.00Australian Federal Police 2010-03-25 Reino International Pty Limited
369657 Autocite $13,189.00Australian Federal Police 2011-02-03 Reino International Pty Limited
3391267 Provision of licencing and support $11,336.82Australian Federal Police 2016-11-28 Reino International Pty Limited