ABN: 74203438687
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Also known as: HUNTSMAN FIREARMS PT, HUNTSMAN FIREARMS PTY LTD, Trustee for RAC Investment Trust

12 contracts, total value $956,006.32
Procurement methods: Open 1 contracts, 8.33%, limited 11 contracts, 91.67%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Light weapons and ammunition 3 $783,724.68
Clothing 2 $28,423.90
Conventional war weapons 1 $11,129.50
Fishing and hunting equipment 1 $20,110.00
Non edible plant and forestry products 1 $11,321.50
Personal safety and protection 1 $20,000.24
Arms and ammunition accessories 1 $11,052.50
Security and control equipment 1 $19,805.00
Camping and outdoor equipment and accessories 1 $50,439.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Federal Police 2 $773,394.68
Department of Defence 10 $182,611.64


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3474664 Supply of police equipment $720,390.00Australian Federal Police 2017-12-07 Trustee for RAC Investment Trust
3453584 Supply of operational equipment $53,004.68Australian Federal Police 2017-09-07 Trustee for RAC Investment Trust
3442410 Specialist Military Equipment $50,439.00Department of Defence 2017-07-07 HUNTSMAN FIREARMS PTY LTD
3178012 UNIT COURSE STORES $20,110.00Department of Defence 2015-05-25 HUNTSMAN FIREARMS PT
3428481 Tactical Concealment Ancillaries $20,000.24Department of Defence 2017-05-25 HUNTSMAN FIREARMS PTY LTD
3251532 MOD-A Capability Remediation CBT DEV $19,805.00Department of Defence 2015-06-19 HUNTSMAN FIREARMS PT
3151852 Tactical Concealment Complete Kits $17,950.00Department of Defence 2015-05-07 HUNTSMAN FIREARMS PT
3416431 Huntsman Fire Arms $11,321.50Department of Defence 2016-11-16 HUNTSMAN FIREARMS PTY LTD
3005802 Weapon accessories $11,129.50Department of Defence 2015-03-12 HUNTSMAN FIREARMS PT
3376041 Field equipment $11,052.50Department of Defence 2016-08-30 HUNTSMAN FIREARMS PT
3310602 Supply of specialist military equipment $10,473.90Department of Defence 2015-12-01 HUNTSMAN FIREARMS PT
3430393 weapon foregrip $10,330.00Department of Defence 2017-05-17 HUNTSMAN FIREARMS PT