ABN: 74127329220
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Also known as: Karstens Pty Ltd, KARSTENS HOLDINGS PTY LTD, KARSTENS HOLDINGS PTY. LTD, Karstens Holdings Pty. Ltd.

23 contracts, total value $674,556.78
Procurement methods: Open 2 contracts, 8.70%, Open via SON 2 contracts, 8.70%, limited 19 contracts, 82.61%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Conference centres 6 $213,695.60
Meeting facilities 6 $107,548.74
Personnel recruitment 3 $94,243.20
Education and Training Services 3 $47,429.15
Business administration services 2 $38,291.11
Hotels and lodging and meeting facilities 2 $123,318.59
Events management 1 $50,030.39


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 8 $260,992.44
Australian Electoral Commission 1 $131,560.00
Australian Public Service Commission 2 $55,668.75
Australian Federal Police 4 $54,962.30
Defence Materiel Organisation 1 $50,030.39
Bureau of Meteorology 2 $37,448.30
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2 $36,860.40
Department of Education and Training 1 $20,000.00
Attorney-General's Department 1 $15,831.20
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 1 $11,203.00

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Provision of training venues and facilities 2 $142,763.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3315236-A1 Training Venue $131,560.00Australian Electoral Commission 2016-01-14 Karstens Holdings Pty Ltd
3326976 Venue Hire for Recruitment Assessment Centres $78,218.59Department of Defence 2016-03-01 KARSTENS HOLDINGS PTY. LTD
2874772 EVENT SERVICES AND FACILITY HIRE $50,030.39Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-02-13 KARSTENS HOLDINGS PTY. LTD
3477158 Karstens $49,500.00Department of Defence 2017-12-15 KARSTENS HOLDINGS PTY. LTD
3519609 Venue hire - July 2018 $45,100.00Australian Public Service Commission 2018-07-03 Karstens Holdings P/L
3360294 Venue Hire for Contract Negotiations $25,190.66Department of Defence 2016-06-28 KARSTENS HOLDINGS PTY. LTD
3377519 Venue Hire for Contract Negotiations $25,048.88Department of Defence 2016-09-15 KARSTENS HOLDINGS PTY. LTD
3250722 Assessment Centre Venue Hire Melbourne $22,800.08Department of Defence 2015-06-15 KARSTENS HOLDINGS PTY LTD
330622 Venue hire for 180 employees $22,563.64Australian Federal Police 2010-08-25 Karstens Holdings Pty. Ltd.
3177742 Assessment Centre Venue Hire Sydney $21,943.12Department of Defence 2015-06-01 KARSTENS HOLDINGS PTY LTD
3472335 Venue Hire $21,662.74Department of Defence 2017-11-21 KARSTENS HOLDINGS PTY. LTD
236650 Organisation of GEO Committees Mtgs 14-18/9/09 $20,664.00Bureau of Meteorology 2009-09-23 Karstens Holdings Pty Ltd
3339367 VET FEE HELP redesign consult roadshow $20,000.00Department of Education and Training 2016-04-12 KARSTENS
3436291 Training Venue Hire and Catering $19,809.60Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2017-06-21 KARSTENS
3332047 Hire of Training Rooms and equipment $17,050.80Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2016-04-18 KARSTENS
2376302 COSPPac Regional Workshop $16,784.30Bureau of Meteorology 2014-06-16 Karstens
3475012 Venue Hire $16,628.37Department of Defence 2017-11-30 KARSTENS HOLDINGS PTY. LTD
3504035 Venue Hire - National Apology Consultations $15,831.20Attorney-General's Department 2018-05-04 Karstens Pty Ltd
284392 Provision of conference room and catering service for Counter Terrorism Investigation Workshop $12,000.00Australian Federal Police 2010-05-17 Karstens Holdings Pty. Ltd.
3429685 Venue Hire for Industry Information Session $11,203.00Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 2017-06-01 KARSTENS HOLDINGS PTY LTD
2445741 Trainee Assessment Centre 2015 Intake $10,568.75Australian Public Service Commission 2014-07-10 Karstens Holdings P/L
257213 Training Facilities Equipment Hire $10,275.00Australian Federal Police 2009-12-21 Karstens Holdings Pty. Ltd.
344915 Venue Hire $10,123.66Australian Federal Police 2010-10-13 Karstens Holdings Pty. Ltd.