ABN: 72079460290
Similar to: BEASEC ENTERPRISES PTY LTD (ABN: 17008512936),

24 contracts, total value $1,651,861.00
Procurement methods: Open 1 contracts, 4.17%, Open via SON 10 contracts, 41.67%, limited 13 contracts, 54.17%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services 10 $539,000.00
Rehabilitation services 6 $753,500.00
Comprehensive health services 4 $228,562.00
Education and Training Services 3 $108,724.00
Management advisory services 1 $22,075.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 19 $1,408,399.00
Department of Human Services 2 $168,562.00
Australian Taxation Office 2 $64,900.00
Department of Jobs and Small Business 1 $10,000.00

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
ADF Job Search Support Standing Offer Panel 4 $130,799.00
Occupational Rehabilitation and Associated Medical Services (ORAMS) 6 $293,462.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
353741 REHABILITATION SERVICES $385,000.00Department of Defence 2010-07-05 EASEC PTY LTD
359701 REHABILITATION SERVICES $269,500.00Department of Defence 2010-07-21 EASEC PTY LTD
3443436 Occupational Rehabilitational and Medical Services $153,562.00Department of Human Services 2017-07-01 EASEC PTY LTD
138537 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $108,900.00Department of Defence 2008-10-14 EASEC PTY LTD
205507 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $100,100.00Department of Defence 2009-07-10 EASEC PTY LTD
3459760-A2 Job Search Preparation Workshops $73,374.00Department of Defence 2017-09-25 EASEC PTY LTD
92608 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $71,500.00Department of Defence 2008-06-05 EASEC PTY LTD
196202 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $62,700.00Department of Defence 2009-06-17 EASEC PTY LTD
237346 CONTRACTOR SERVICES $52,800.00Department of Defence 2009-10-26 EASEC PTY LTD
3403791-A1 Comprehensive health services - APS Rehabilitation $50,000.00Department of Defence 2017-02-03 EASEC PTY LTD
121885 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $49,500.00Department of Defence 2008-07-25 EASEC PTY LTD
3403145-A1 Rehabilitation Services $42,900.00Australian Taxation Office 2016-12-01 EASEC PTY LTD
180579 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $33,000.00Department of Defence 2009-04-28 EASEC PTY LTD
243275 CONTRACTOR SERVICES $27,500.00Department of Defence 2009-11-23 EASEC PTY LTD
3533462 ADF JOB SEARCH SUPPORT STANDING OFFER PANEL $22,075.00Department of Defence 2018-07-02 EASEC PTY LTD
3539036 Occupational Rehab $22,000.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-07-01 EASEC PTY LTD
3459765 Job Search Preparation Workshops $17,675.00Department of Defence 2017-09-25 EASEC PTY LTD
3494756 Job Search Preparation Workshops $17,675.00Department of Defence 2018-03-27 EASEC PTY LTD
314741 REHABILITATION SERVICES $17,600.00Department of Defence 2010-07-23 EASEC PTY LTD
192520 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $16,500.00Department of Defence 2009-06-04 EASEC PTY LTD
159403 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $16,500.00Department of Defence 2008-12-03 EASEC PTY LTD
435541 Injury Management Services $16,500.00Department of Defence 2011-09-20 EASEC PTY LTD
3398516 Occupational Rehabilitation & Medical Services $15,000.00Department of Human Services 2017-01-01 EASEC PTY LTD
3495835 Rehabilitation Services under ORAMS panel $10,000.00Department of Jobs and Small Business 2018-01-29 EASEC OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH