Gemalto Pty Ltd

ABN: 72066223685
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Also known as: Gemal To Pty Ltd, GEMALTO PTY LTD

12 contracts, total value $67,737,788.59
Procurement methods: Prequalified 2 contracts, 16.67%, limited 10 contracts, 83.33%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Computer hardware maintenance or support 4 $329,745.30
Computer services 3 $214,443.90
Computer Equipment and Accessories 2 $118,448.00
Office supplies 1 $66,975,730.00
Scanners 1 $87,421.40
Software 1 $11,999.99


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 1 $66,975,730.00
Department of Human Services 4 $329,745.30
Medicare Australia 4 $226,443.89
Department of Defence 2 $118,448.00
Department of Home Affairs 1 $87,421.40


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1980421-A4 Provision of Office Supplies $66,975,730.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2013-10-30 GEMALTO PTY LTD
1807681 Token Readers $127,720.00Department of Human Services 2013-09-05 Gemalto Pty Ltd
2910972 ICT Software $106,000.00Department of Human Services 2015-02-04 Gemalto Pty Ltd
3564443 Passports Scanners and Associated Products $87,421.40Department of Home Affairs 2018-12-04 GEMALTO PTY LTD
79650 Provision of IT Hardware $78,593.90Medicare Australia 2008-04-04 Gemalto Pty Ltd
3406319 Computer equipment and accessories $74,580.00Department of Defence 2017-02-15 GEMALTO PTY LTD
212545 Provision of Software $72,875.00Medicare Australia 2009-07-15 Gemalto Pty Ltd
1086322 IT Hardware and Equipment $69,820.30Department of Human Services 2012-11-13 Gemal To Pty Ltd
190519 Provision of IT Equipment $62,975.00Medicare Australia 2009-05-05 Gemalto Pty Ltd
3393568 Computer equipment and accessories $43,868.00Department of Defence 2016-11-29 GEMALTO PTY LTD
2400231 Card Readers and Tokens $26,205.00Department of Human Services 2014-06-19 Gemalto Pty Ltd
228867 Security Software Licensing $11,999.99Medicare Australia 2009-08-03 Gemalto Pty Ltd