ABN: 70128786041
Similar to: GFK Blue Moon Quantitative Research (ABN: 24079068045), GfK Blue Moon Research & Planning (ABN: 27581365539), GFK Blue Moon Research & Planning Pty. Limited (ABN: 43057474772), Gfk Marketing (ABN: 90056061495),
Also known as: GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, GFK Blue Moon Research and Planning Pty

39 contracts, total value $6,094,060.28
Consultancies: 9 contracts, 23.08%
Confidentialities: 3 contracts, 7.69%( 3 on the contract, 0 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 2 contracts, 5.13%, Open via SON 9 contracts, 23.08%, Prequalified 17 contracts, 43.59%, limited 11 contracts, 28.21%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Market research 30 $5,328,433.28
Research programs 3 $154,880.00
Earth science services 2 $94,050.00
Management advisory services 2 $292,000.00
Personnel recruitment 1 $59,972.00
Statistics 1 $164,725.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Tourism Australia 1 $1,815,000.00
Department of Defence 10 $1,160,787.88
Australian Taxation Office 3 $439,142.00
Attorney-General's Department 5 $410,524.40
Department of Health 1 $331,650.00
Department of the Treasury 1 $270,000.00
Department of Industry and Science 1 $253,275.00
Australian National Preventive Health Agency 1 $225,530.00
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 2 $217,536.00
Australian Securities and Investments Commission 5 $188,670.00
Department of Communications 2 $184,580.00
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program 1 $164,725.00
Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 1 $102,080.00
Geoscience Australia 2 $94,050.00
Department of Employment 1 $89,760.00
Department of Education and Training 1 $78,000.00
Austrade 1 $68,750.00

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Research Services Panel 4 $465,139.40
Research, Evaluation and Analysis Panel 1 $89,760.00
Research Services Panel 3 $439,142.00
Defence Force Recruiting Market Research Services Panel 3 $352,306.10
Market Research Services for Defence Force Recruiting 2 $308,761.46
Social and Market Research Services 1 $102,080.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
2829142 Campaign Activity Evaluation Project for FY1415 and FY1516 with an extension option for FY1617. $1,815,000.00Tourism Australia 2014-09-12 GfK Australia Pty Ltd
3312235-A1 Market Research Services $331,650.00Department of Health 2015-12-08 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3202722 Management Advisory Services $270,000.00Department of the Treasury 2015-05-15 GfK Australia Pty Ltd
2823512 Market Research Vocational Education and Training Sector $253,275.00Department of Industry and Science 2015-01-09 GFK AUSTRALIA
3308001 Market Research Services $245,291.46Department of Defence 2015-11-19 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1515261 To conduct concept testing research for the National Tobacco Campaign $225,530.00Australian National Preventive Health Agency 2013-06-24 GFK Blue Moon Research and Planning Pty
3468263 Market Research Services $219,272.00Department of Defence 2017-10-30 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3476173 User Testing Research - Online forms prototypes $219,252.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-11-28 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3322270-A1 Provision of research services $197,890.00Australian Taxation Office 2016-02-18 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1955202 Research and Evaluation services Work Order for research $187,110.00Attorney-General's Department 2013-12-03 GFK Australia Pty Ltd
3218172 Provision of management advisory services (Australia) $164,725.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program 2015-05-01 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1968701 Market Research $132,557.26Department of Defence 2013-12-19 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3343432 Benchmark and evaluation research $127,634.10Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 2016-05-13 GFK AUSTRALIA
1859831 Market Research $118,586.60Department of Defence 2013-10-24 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1976511 Market Research $114,904.46Department of Defence 2014-01-03 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3399958 Research services $114,544.10Department of Defence 2017-01-09 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD

Qualitative Research into SMEs and the Digital Economy

$102,080.00Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 2014-04-02 GFK Australia Pty Ltd
2238541 Market research services $93,449.40Attorney-General's Department 2014-05-07 GFK Australia Pty Ltd
2036701 Cyber-bullying research - Youth $92,290.00Department of Communications 2014-01-06 GFK AUSTRALIA LTD
2008452 Research into Youth Awareness of Cyber-Bullying Offences $92,290.00Department of Communications 2013-12-24 GFK Australia Pty Ltd
2640241 Benchmark and evaluation research $89,901.90Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 2014-10-17 GFK AUSTRALIA
3340678 The objective of this analysis is to explore extent of age related barriers to employment $89,760.00Department of Employment 2016-04-20 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3218782 Market research to conduct message testing $78,000.00Department of Education and Training 2015-01-08 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2296591 Market Research $73,700.00Department of Defence 2014-05-27 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2124321 DRET Destinantion Visitor Survey for Victoria and South Australia $68,750.00Austrade 2014-02-04 GfK Australia
3073612 Market Research Services $63,470.00Department of Defence 2015-05-08 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1931742 Women Withdrawal Research Project $59,972.00Department of Defence 2013-11-27 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2595831 Benchmark research $59,950.00Attorney-General's Department 2014-09-16 GFK Australia Pty Ltd
1379031 GA stakeholder service satisfaction survey $57,640.00Geoscience Australia 2013-04-10 GFK Australia Pty Ltd
1527151 Concept Testing Research $51,480.00Attorney-General's Department 2013-06-24 GFK Australia Pty Ltd
3312413 Investing Toolkit - Market Research CN 2556 2015-011363 $45,100.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2015-12-16 GFK Australia Pty Ltd

Advertising Research   Contract 427  2013-1566

$44,900.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2013-12-24 GFK Australia Pty Ltd
1607591 Research for MoneySmart Promotion $39,600.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2013-06-28 GFK Australia Pty Ltd
1253751 Scoping exercise to guide stakeholder survey $36,410.00Geoscience Australia 2013-02-18 GFK Australia Pty Ltd

Indigenous Advertising Research  Contract 670  2013-001566

$33,550.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2014-04-03 GFK Australia Pty Ltd
1282451 Research Material $25,520.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2013-03-12 GFK Australia Pty Ltd
3400583 Debt Collection advisory services $22,000.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-01-18 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3410189 Market Research - Programme Branding $18,535.00Attorney-General's Department 2015-06-26 GFK Australia Pty Ltd
3420341 Research services $18,490.00Department of Defence 2017-04-11 GFK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD