Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd

ABN: 70050334257
Similar to: Fulcrum Management (ABN: 48592886118),
Also known as: Fulcrum Managemen, Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd, Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited, Fulcrum Managenment Pty Ltd

118 contracts, total value $5,051,928.77
Procurement methods: Open 2 contracts, 1.69%, Prequalified 5 contracts, 4.24%, limited 111 contracts, 94.07%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 30 $2,471,637.18
Computer Equipment and Accessories 20 $675,100.36
Software maintenance and support 18 $643,233.36
Education and Training Services 15 $407,640.73
Forensic IT Services 5 $126,693.56
Hardware 3 $46,798.12
Network security equipment 3 $62,179.00
Laboratory and scientific equipment 3 $94,300.31
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 2 $35,870.12
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services 2 $83,974.30


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Taxation Office 31 $2,657,436.34
Australian Federal Police 28 $976,861.20
Department of Defence 17 $448,804.54
Department of Home Affairs 4 $239,266.18
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 8 $207,813.45
Australian Crime Commission 6 $101,099.01
Department of Human Services 3 $81,843.60
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 3 $73,664.92
Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations 3 $42,228.76
Department of Immigration and Citizenship 1 $37,450.01
Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs 2 $27,354.00
Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2 $27,303.50
Defence Materiel Organisation 2 $27,293.61
Australian Transport Safety Bureau 2 $25,705.85
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2 $24,931.80
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 1 $18,000.00
Australian Fisheries Management Authority 1 $12,843.00
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program 1 $11,380.00
Comsuper 1 $10,649.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3366034 AccessData Lab Renewal - 1 July 2016 -30 June 2019 $921,672.05Australian Taxation Office 2016-06-30 Fulcrum Management
3322276 Software $295,011.60Australian Taxation Office 2016-02-10 Fulcrum Management
3333817 Software $206,535.62Australian Taxation Office 2016-04-30 Fulcrum Management
1256121 Encase Law Enfrocement Software $161,568.00Australian Taxation Office 2013-03-18 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
3524324 ENCASE FORENSIC SOFTWARE LICENSES $127,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-06-26 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
289454-A2 The maintenance renewal for Forensic Tool Kit. $122,799.65Australian Taxation Office 2010-05-01 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
1315051 Provision of Fulcrum FTK $121,912.00Australian Taxation Office 2013-05-01 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
3329420 Supply of forensic imaging devices $108,750.83Australian Federal Police 2016-02-22 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
123338 Hardware & Software $97,060.00Australian Federal Police 2008-01-08 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
446968 Supply of forensic software licences $89,100.00Australian Federal Police 2011-10-01 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited

XRY Maintenance and support

$80,200.00Australian Taxation Office 2014-01-26 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
122552 subscription $70,538.66Australian Federal Police 2008-06-26 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
95490 CPO020825 - Supply of Detection Equipment $69,302.50Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2008-03-28 Fulcrum Management
3449631 Renewal of 24 x X-Ways licence Dongles $68,955.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-09-04 Fulcrum Management
3426103 Computer Softwares $66,539.75Department of Defence 2017-05-16 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
3537422 Tableau TD2u $59,111.60Australian Taxation Office 2018-08-23 Fulcrum Management
3489945 Forensics Kits Hardware $57,947.42Australian Taxation Office 2018-03-09 Fulcrum Management
3446061 Software Licence for Detection Equipment $57,570.00Department of Defence 2017-07-21 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
357618 Ultrablock kits $52,250.00Australian Federal Police 2010-12-07 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
223071 Purchase of Forensic equipment $51,400.01Australian Federal Police 2009-03-02 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
3528363 BLACKBAG TECHNOLOGIES SUITE SOFTWARE $48,115.98Department of Home Affairs 2018-07-21 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
3484130 Supply of information technology services $47,364.59Australian Federal Police 2018-01-30 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
595201 Computer Equipment and Accessories (TD2Forensic 1:2 Duplicator kits) $46,160.00Australian Taxation Office 2012-06-13 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
1009121 CMO032324 - Software Supp & Main $45,787.60Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2012-10-29 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT P/L
3419396-A1 IEF TRIAGE & MOBILE SOFTWARE RENEWAL $45,465.10Department of Home Affairs 2017-07-01 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
53398 FKT Subscription Renewals $44,740.85Australian Federal Police 2007-07-04 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
3303336 Software and Maintenance $43,940.00Department of Human Services 2015-08-31 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
482623 Annual Support and Maintenance for Forensic ToolKit and Glyphreader $43,671.00Australian Taxation Office 2012-05-01 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
344942 Computer Forensic Equipment $42,989.00Australian Federal Police 2010-10-26 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
2521042 Renewal of software $41,912.65Australian Taxation Office 2014-09-05 Fulcrum Management
3418104 BLACK BAG MACQUISITION SOFTWARE SUBSCRIPTION $41,091.12Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2017-07-21 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
408594-A1 Forensics computer IT equipment/services $40,462.00Australian Taxation Office 2011-07-12 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
3291030 Security Accessories $40,150.00Department of Defence 2015-08-11 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY
660721 Computer Forensic Hardware $37,450.01Department of Immigration and Citizenship 2012-06-15 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
222687 Computer equipment $37,125.00Australian Federal Police 2009-05-26 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
136936 Software licence agreement for .XRY with micro systemation AB $36,993.00Australian Federal Police 2008-05-03 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
3425454 AccessData Training Advanced Forensic $36,900.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-06-19 Fulcrum Management
122566 Training $36,000.00Australian Federal Police 2008-06-18 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
3425452 Certified Logical Operatror and Certified Physical $35,940.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-06-07 Fulcrum Management
3425453 Certified Logical Operator and Certified Physical $35,940.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-05-08 Fulcrum Management
466271 Training for Forensic Tool Kit access software and operating system $33,244.86Department of Defence 2012-02-10 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
161690 Upgrade FTK2 Software Licenses $31,946.60Australian Taxation Office 2009-02-13 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
458332 Software Support and Maintenance for XRY Software $31,350.00Australian Taxation Office 2012-01-26 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
1434912 Provision of Tableau Ultimate Kits $30,078.00Australian Federal Police 2013-05-27 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
283757 Software $27,726.96Department of Defence 2010-04-15 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
235390 Computer forensics hardware $26,566.00Australian Federal Police 2009-10-20 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
122484 Provision of Access Database Training Courses $26,450.00Australian Federal Police 2008-03-26 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
253186 Cryptographic equipment $26,430.00Department of Defence 2009-12-14 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
457400 TRAINING $26,074.40Australian Taxation Office 2011-12-23 Fulcrum Management
3398462 Software $25,850.00Department of Human Services 2016-12-01 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
3016552 X-Ways Forensics $24,921.00Australian Taxation Office 2015-04-23 Fulcrum Management
49746 AccessData Licenses $21,704.00Australian Taxation Office 2007-08-22 Fulcrum Managenment Pty Ltd
92752 Computing Equipment + Subscriptions Phone: 02 6266 9043 $21,536.05Department of Defence 2008-06-04 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
226749 Software Licenses $21,120.00Australian Crime Commission 2009-02-01 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT
2161282 Provision of Education and training courses $20,900.00Australian Taxation Office 2014-04-07 Fulcrum Management
421751 CMO023119 - Provision of Hardware $20,487.97Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2011-06-15 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
3305457 IT Hardware procurement $20,447.00Department of Defence 2015-10-29 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
467204 Training $19,555.80Australian Taxation Office 2012-02-22 Fulcrum Management
3515789 Software Maintenance Renewal $18,685.10Department of Home Affairs 2018-06-30 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
1409941 Provision of Hard Drive Erasers $18,510.00Australian Federal Police 2013-05-13 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
3343043 Provision of software $18,494.30Australian Federal Police 2016-05-13 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
571132 Renewal of software licences $18,122.00Australian Taxation Office 2012-05-31 Fulcrum management Pty Ltd
3435498 Training $18,000.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2017-06-15 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT
267416 Software License Renewal $17,898.00Australian Crime Commission 2010-01-13 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT
3431349 FTK and F-Response SWS $17,360.12Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2017-06-30 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
1494721 Image MASSter Solo-4 Forensic Acquisition Units $17,292.76Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations 2013-06-11 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY. LIMITED
1620891 CMO036427 - Software Supp & Main $17,242.50Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2013-07-12 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT P/L
380119 CMO020964 - Software Licence $16,954.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2011-02-16 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
40384 CPO015923 - Software Licences Subsciptions $16,786.88Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2007-10-10 Fulcrum Management
1108362 Provision of software licence renewal $16,740.00Australian Federal Police 2012-12-31 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
465112 Software Licenses $16,500.00Australian Crime Commission 2012-01-20 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT
361118 Software maintenance $15,999.01Australian Crime Commission 2011-01-18 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT
2906142 Purchase of Software licence & support $15,822.02Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-02-23 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
223209 Provision of computer equip. for analysis of mobil $15,810.00Australian Federal Police 2009-04-06 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
2257151 Education and Training Services $15,675.00Australian Taxation Office 2014-05-22 Fulcrum Management
3354108 Fulcrum SWS Subscription SD6229322 $15,213.68Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2016-06-30 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
63006 5x Forensic Toolkit 2.0 Licenses $14,995.00Australian Taxation Office 2008-02-27 Fulcrum Management
286426 Forensic imaging equipment $14,948.50Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2010-05-05 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
1237632 Software Maintenance and Support $14,874.00Australian Crime Commission 2013-02-08 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT
406354 Software Licence & Support $14,708.00Australian Crime Commission 2011-06-17 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT
155176 Law enforcement software licence $14,671.80Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2009-02-01 Fulcrum management
389596 X-Ways Software Licenses. $14,545.00Australian Taxation Office 2011-05-20 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
195815 TRAINING $14,400.00Department of Defence 2009-06-09 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
35915 Forensic Toolkit, Internet Forensic Bootcamp 5 Attendees $14,247.00Australian Taxation Office 2007-09-26 Fulcrum Management
3474671 Provision of software license and support $14,141.00Australian Federal Police 2017-12-14 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
3506309 Hardware $13,976.00Department of Defence 2018-05-14 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
526052 Software Maintenance $13,753.00Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs 2011-05-18 Fulcrum Managemen
321085 Provision of IT/ ICT Equipment, Accessories or Maintenance Services $13,750.00Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations 2010-07-01 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
3425259 Supply of operational device $13,750.00Australian Federal Police 2017-05-18 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
375415-A1 FTK SMS Subscription $13,601.00Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs 2010-04-13 Fulcrum Management Pty Limited
3392814 Computer Equipment and Accessories $13,570.95Australian Taxation Office 2016-11-18 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
283220 Supply of computer support parts and accessories $13,131.00Australian Taxation Office 2010-05-04 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
344916 Procurement of 3 FTK dongles licenses $13,033.64Australian Federal Police 2010-10-13 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
3555589 Cellebrite 4PC Ultimate Software - Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd - $13,012.85Australian Transport Safety Bureau 2018-03-28 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
1557681 XRY COMPLETE OFFICE SYSTEM $12,961.30Department of Defence 2013-06-14 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY
401903 Purchase of mobile forensic equipment $12,843.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2011-06-10 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
1417551 Provision of Tableau TD3 Forensic Duplicators $12,822.30Australian Federal Police 2013-05-17 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
427290 Mobile Phone Forensic Recovery System $12,693.00Australian Transport Safety Bureau 2011-07-07 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
3499428 Forensic IT Services $12,516.47Department of Defence 2018-04-12 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
3333995 EnCase Licence renewal for 2 yrs CN 2389 F2016 - 17756 $12,355.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2016-04-13 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
3510933 Procurement of a AFCIRS Mobile Device Forensics system $12,334.15Department of Defence 2018-05-14 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
3551870 Software Licence $12,053.60Department of Human Services 2018-10-29 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
53700 Hardware & Software $11,996.00Australian Federal Police 2007-10-12 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
1437352 Provision of XRY Complete Office System $11,610.00Australian Federal Police 2013-06-01 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
147051 Provision of Telecomunication & Data Training $11,515.01Australian Federal Police 2008-09-26 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
363852 Tableau Kits & Adaptor $11,471.59Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-01-25 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
3354666 FORENSIC SOFTWARE $11,402.00Department of Defence 2016-05-01 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY

Corporate services - IT hardware

$11,380.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program 2013-12-05 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
1494711 Tableau TD3 Forensic Duplicator $11,186.00Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations 2013-06-11 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
362364 Computer Forensic Equipment $10,769.21Australian Federal Police 2011-01-05 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
615231 CMO029139 - Operat Maintenance & Licences $10,738.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2012-05-08 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT P/L
410564 AD Rainbow Tables Bundle $10,649.00Comsuper 2011-06-07 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY. LIMITED
460628 CMO026806 - Software Supp & Main $10,514.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2011-12-05 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT P/L
3413026 Provision of software license renewal $10,263.80Australian Federal Police 2017-03-29 Fulcrum Management Pty. Limited
190918 Training services. $10,260.00Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2009-05-25 Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd
733871 Specialist data gathering computer equipment and accessories $10,000.00Department of Defence 2012-06-25 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY
733831 Specialist data gathering computer equipment and accessories $10,000.00Department of Defence 2012-06-25 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY