ABN: 70008847710
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Also known as: KNIGHT FRANK (WA) PTY LTD, Mary Vlahos, Helen Tomsic & Christine Vosnacos

9 contracts, total value $29,313,288.74
Procurement methods: Open 3 contracts, 33.33%, limited 4 contracts, 44.44%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Real estate services 3 $1,297,471.42
Building and Construction Machinery and Accessories 2 $33,185.90
Lease and rental of property or building 2 $27,892,011.00
Business administration services 1 $78,620.30
Electrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies 1 $12,000.12


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Human Services 2 $27,401,255.12
Australian Bureau of Statistics 3 $1,297,471.42
CRS Australia 1 $502,756.00
Department of Human Services Retired 1 $78,620.30
Child Support Agency 2 $33,185.90


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
216362-A1 Property Lease at 9 William Street, Perth, WA $27,389,255.00Department of Human Services 2009-07-03 KNIGHT FRANK (WA) PTY LTD
15211 Rent (GAPS ID: 1646316) $902,000.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007-01-29 KNIGHT FRANK (WA) PTY LTD
457695 Provsion of Property Lease for Level 1, 223 James St, Northbridge, WA $502,756.00CRS Australia 2011-05-01 Mary Vlahos, Helen Tomsic & Christine Vosnacos
15226 WA rent (GAPS ID: 1667375) $197,769.90Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007-04-01 KNIGHT FRANK (WA) PTY LTD
15219 WA rent (GAPS ID: 1658956) $197,701.52Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007-03-01 KNIGHT FRANK (WA) PTY LTD
140796 Sub leasing fees $78,620.30Department of Human Services Retired 2008-11-21 KNIGHT FRANK (WA) PTY LTD
26284 Airconditioning Services $19,800.00Child Support Agency 2007-07-04 KNIGHT FRANK (WA) PTY LTD
26303 PROPERTY LEASE $13,385.90Child Support Agency 2007-07-02 KNIGHT FRANK (WA) PTY LTD
226015 Airconditioning Systems & Maintenance $12,000.12Department of Human Services 2009-07-07 KNIGHT FRANK (WA) PTY LTD