ABN: 67129119731
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Also known as: Nintex Pty Ltd

30 contracts, total value $2,142,267.39
Procurement methods: Open 1 contracts, 3.33%, limited 29 contracts, 96.67%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 13 $670,078.16
Software maintenance and support 13 $1,340,766.73
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 1 $14,245.00
Computer Equipment and Accessories 1 $28,957.50
Computer services 1 $40,920.00
Software or hardware engineering 1 $47,300.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 10 $1,438,003.34
Defence Materiel Organisation 2 $133,540.00
Australian Fisheries Management Authority 8 $126,669.38
Office of National Assessments 1 $123,552.00
Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman 2 $93,070.02
Department of Industry 1 $79,963.40
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2 $54,560.00
Australian Skills Quality Authority 2 $36,616.00
Austrade 1 $28,957.50
Department of Industry and Science 1 $27,335.75


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3434812 Workflow and Forms Software and Support $747,604.00Department of Defence 2017-03-17 NINTEX PTY LTD
3430249 Software $169,031.56Department of Defence 2017-06-01 NINTEX PTY LTD
3511594 Software Licence and Support $156,695.00Department of Defence 2018-03-31 NINTEX PTY LTD
3221292-A2 software and support $123,552.00Office of National Assessments 2015-06-30 Nintex Pty Ltd
3278063 Software $102,956.15Department of Defence 2015-07-06 NINTEX PTY LTD
2569691 Software Renewals for SOCSS $86,240.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-09-05 NINTEX PTY LTD
2256411 Workflow Software $79,963.40Department of Industry 2014-05-22 NINTEX PTY LTD
3339916 Software $68,961.90Department of Defence 2016-05-03 NINTEX PTY LTD
3384471 Support Maintenance and Assurance for two servers PRPO-2220 $52,150.02Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman 2016-10-31 Nintex Pty Ltd
3344028 Work Flow for Share Point $47,300.00Department of Defence 2016-05-11 NINTEX PTY LTD
3001282 Annual Software Support $47,300.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-04-08 NINTEX PTY LTD
3499470 Nintex workflow software used within SharePoint $47,300.00Department of Defence 2018-04-10 NINTEX PTY LTD
3415162 Software Renewal $47,300.00Department of Defence 2017-03-28 NINTEX PTY LTD
3455189 Software License Fees $40,920.00Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman 2017-09-08 Nintex Pty Ltd
2229651 Software Licences $29,382.73Department of Defence 2014-05-02 NINTEX PTY LTD
1495091 Purchase annual software license and support $28,957.50Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2013-06-03 Nintex Pty Ltd
205330 Nintex Reporting 2008 Web Farm Edition, Software Assurance, Premium Support. $28,957.50Austrade 2009-06-18 Nintex
3204652 Purchase of Information Technology_Software $27,335.75Department of Industry and Science 2015-06-23 NINTEX PTY LTD
3418286 Purchase of Maintenance and Support Services $27,280.00Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2017-05-24 NINTEX PTY LTD
3349982 Provision of ICT Software $27,280.00Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2016-05-23 NINTEX PTY LTD
2432202 Software and Licence fee $24,626.00Australian Skills Quality Authority 2014-06-30 Nintex Pty Ltd
543122 Software $21,472.00Department of Defence 2012-05-10 NINTEX PTY LTD
3509945 Software renewal support $16,381.75Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2018-06-03 Nintex Pty Ltd
3362966 Software upgrade $14,820.47Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2016-06-26 Nintex Pty Ltd
3429275 Purchase of software license renewal $14,245.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2017-06-01 Nintex Pty Ltd
3278570 Purchase annual software renewal $13,640.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2015-06-03 Nintex Pty Ltd

Purchase software and support

$13,288.66Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2014-03-13 Nintex Pty Ltd

Purchase of software and assurance

$12,936.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2014-06-03 Nintex Pty Ltd
3352235 Provision of software renewal service $12,400.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2016-06-03 Nintex Pty Ltd
3449505 Nintex workflow software FY2018 $11,990.00Australian Skills Quality Authority 2017-08-17 Nintex Pty Ltd