Diversity Council Australia Limited

ABN: 64421748342
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Also known as: Diversity Council Australia Ltd, DIVERSITY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA LTD

29 contracts, total value $545,812.31
Consultancies: 2 contracts, 6.90%
Procurement methods: Prequalified 2 contracts, 6.90%, limited 27 contracts, 93.10%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Advertising 4 $120,000.01
Education and Training Services 3 $32,963.01
Information services 3 $31,071.50
Human resources services 3 $32,144.00
Work related organisations 2 $20,176.00
Corporate objectives or policy development 2 $20,176.00
Professional associations 2 $20,176.00
Project administration or planning 2 $76,087.99
Public relation services 2 $21,991.81
Management support services 1 $10,087.99


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Federal Police 9 $263,525.99
Department of Immigration and Citizenship 2 $93,500.00
Australian Taxation Office 4 $43,039.50
Department of Defence 3 $32,079.81
Department of Health 3 $31,071.01
Department of Social Services 3 $30,264.00
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2 $20,176.00
Department of Veterans' Affairs 1 $11,980.00
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 1 $10,088.00
Department of Human Services 1 $10,088.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
286610 Diversity Audit $76,250.00Australian Federal Police 2009-10-19 Diversity Council Australia Limited
723181 Sponsorship - Diversity Council Projects $66,000.00Department of Immigration and Citizenship 2012-06-28 DIVERSITY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA LTD
406090 Advertising $60,000.01Australian Federal Police 2011-06-19 Diversity Council Australia Limited
273847 Completion of Diversity Audit $35,000.00Australian Federal Police 2010-03-16 Diversity Council Australia Limited
239429 Contribution to Advertising DCA Partnerships $30,000.00Australian Federal Police 2009-10-20 Diversity Council Australia Limited
1704931 Sponsorship for Diversity Council Australia - 2013 Ethnic Business Awards $27,500.00Department of Immigration and Citizenship 2013-10-16 DIVERSITY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA LTD
255068 Contribution to Advertising DCA Partnership $15,000.00Australian Federal Police 2010-01-13 Diversity Council Australia Limited
362393 Contribution to Advertising DCA $15,000.00Australian Federal Police 2011-01-20 Diversity Council Australia Limited
223076 Sponsorship $12,100.00Australian Federal Police 2009-02-27 Diversity Council Australia Limited
3603154 Inclusive Leadership Training $11,980.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2019-06-13 DIVERSITY COUNCIL AUSTRALIA

08.110 Review of Workplace Diversity Function

$11,968.00Australian Taxation Office 2008-06-14 Diversity Council Australia
3498227 Diversity Council Australia Corporate Membership $11,096.80Department of Defence 2018-05-01 DIVERSITY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA LTD
3578146 DCA membership Subscription 19-20 $10,895.50Australian Taxation Office 2019-07-01 DIVERSITY COUNCIL AUSTRALIA LTD
3587801 Corporate Memberships. $10,895.01Department of Defence 2019-04-30 DIVERSITY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA LTD
3601848 Diversity Council of Australia Annual Membership $10,895.01Department of Health 2019-07-01 Diversity Council Australia Ltd
3519781 Staff development $10,088.00Department of Social Services 2018-06-28 Diversity Council Australia Ltd
3544127 Human resources services $10,088.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2018-10-03 DIVERSITY COUNCIL AUSTRALIA LTD
3422824 Diversity Council Australia Membership $10,088.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-06-01 DIVERSITY COUNCIL AUSTRALIA LTD
3420436 Membership Diversity Council of Australia $10,088.00Department of Defence 2017-03-20 DIVERSITY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA LTD
3447806 Diversity Council of Australia Membership Renewal $10,088.00Department of Health 2017-07-07 Diversity Council Australia Ltd
3482793 Membership Renewal $10,088.00Department of Human Services 2017-12-15 Diversity Council Australia Ltd
3459003 Annual membership renewal $10,088.00Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2017-11-01 DIVERSITY COUNCIL AUSTRALIA LTD
3510518 Diversity Council Australia Membership $10,088.00Department of Health 2018-08-01 Diversity Council Australia Ltd
3457486 Provision of Human Resources Services $10,088.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2017-08-31 DIVERSITY COUNCIL AUSTRALIA LTD
3503457 Membership Subscriptions $10,088.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-06-30 DIVERSITY COUNCIL AUSTRALIA LTD
3519812 Staff development $10,088.00Department of Social Services 2018-06-28 Diversity Council Australia Ltd
3432492 Staff Development $10,088.00Department of Social Services 2017-06-16 Diversity Council Australia Ltd
3602744 Provision of membership services $10,087.99Australian Federal Police 2019-06-20 Diversity Council Australia Limited
3485364 Provision of membership $10,087.99Australian Federal Police 2018-02-12 Diversity Council Australia Limited