ABN: 63092107125
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Also known as: Little Oak Pty Ltd

25 contracts, total value $1,042,219.01
Consultancies: 12 contracts, 48.00%
Procurement methods: Open 3 contracts, 12.00%, Open via SON 1 contracts, 4.00%, Prequalified 4 contracts, 16.00%, limited 17 contracts, 68.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services 10 $220,931.00
Data services 3 $352,292.00
Healthcare Services 2 $84,918.00
Information technology consultation services 2 $103,483.00
Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications 1 $61,475.00
Management advisory services 1 $55,000.00
Project management 1 $15,180.00
Application implementation services 1 $18,088.00
Software maintenance and support 1 $25,874.00
Business administration services 1 $25,828.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Health and Ageing 11 $565,028.01
Department of Health 9 $223,143.00
National Health Performance Authority 2 $166,268.00
Australian Bureau of Statistics 1 $55,000.00
National Health and Medical Research Council 1 $17,600.00
Workplace Gender Equality Agency 1 $15,180.00

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Panel for the Provision of Casemix and Activity Based Funding Advice 1 $186,024.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
412050 Provide technical support and advice to the National Health Reform EDW Program $186,024.00Department of Health and Ageing 2011-07-13 Little Oak Pty Ltd
1833391 Data Governance and Related Products $117,368.00National Health Performance Authority 2013-08-22 Little Oak Pty Ltd
376854 To Provide Technical Support & Advice on the National Health & Hospital Network Business Information System $77,609.00Department of Health and Ageing 2011-01-20 Little Oak Pty Ltd
227604 Provision of Technical Data Advice $69,810.00Department of Health and Ageing 2009-09-15 Little Oak Pty Ltd
55850 Design and construction of division's network Information system $61,475.00Department of Health 2007-10-31 LITTLE OAK PTY LIMITED
20664 Consultancy (GAPS ID: 1649891) $55,000.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007-01-31 LITTLE OAK PTY LTD
445923 DIGBI $50,000.01Department of Health and Ageing 2011-09-08 LITTLE OAK PTY LIMITED
1833071 Develop Data Management Framework $48,900.00National Health Performance Authority 2013-04-01 Little Oak Pty Ltd
98903 Professional services - development of a Microsoft Office Access Database $41,800.00Department of Health 2008-06-04 LITTLE OAK PTY LIMITED
224735 Maintenance of the Division's Network Information System $31,504.00Department of Health and Ageing 2008-08-25 LITTLE OAK PTY LTD
366293 To Develop an Access Database for the Suicide Prevention Program $29,150.00Department of Health and Ageing 2011-02-10 Little Oak Pty Ltd
425176 To Provide Training, Maintenance & Development Services $25,874.00Department of Health and Ageing 2011-08-10 Little Oak Pty Ltd
337924 To Develop & Maintain the Divisions Network Information System & Provide Training $25,874.00Department of Health and Ageing 2010-09-13 Little Oak Pty Ltd
388843 To Provide IT Services $25,828.00Department of Health and Ageing 2011-05-06 Little Oak Pty Ltd
224890 Maintenance of the Divisions Network Information System $25,267.00Department of Health and Ageing 2009-07-27 LITTLE OAK PTY LTD
85840 Consultancy services - Specialist services $25,080.00Department of Health 2008-04-18 LITTLE OAK PTY LIMITED
40845 Review of Dialog's service provider metadata framework $25,000.00Department of Health 2007-07-01 LITTLE OAK PTY LIMITED
115569 Provision of services - maintenance of Network Information System $21,480.00Department of Health 2008-03-05 LITTLE OAK PTY LIMITED
376831 To Develop a General Practitioner Super Clinics Infrastructure Grants Database $18,088.00Department of Health and Ageing 2011-01-17 Little Oak Pty Ltd
117592 The provision of an IT strategic Contractor $17,600.00National Health and Medical Research Council 2008-03-31 LITTLE OAK PTY LIMITED
3387374 Provision of services relating to WGEA data governance and management assessment $15,180.00Workplace Gender Equality Agency 2016-11-11 Little Oak Pty Ltd
41360 Preparation of IM/IT strategic plan $15,108.00Department of Health 2007-06-01 LITTLE OAK PTY LIMITED
123947 Design, development and implementation services to GP After Hours Access Database $13,200.00Department of Health 2008-08-25 LITTLE OAK PTY LIMITED
115635 Essential Vaccines Application Database $10,000.00Department of Health 2008-03-19 LITTLE OAK PTY LIMITED
130626 Review the installation of the Office of Health Protection business management system $10,000.00Department of Health 2008-10-15 LITTLE OAK PTY LIMITED