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117 contracts, total value $9,391,911.87
Procurement methods: Open 26 contracts, 22.22%, Open via SON 42 contracts, 35.90%, Prequalified 2 contracts, 1.71%, limited 47 contracts, 40.17%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Uniforms 46 $1,709,439.95
Clothing 37 $4,008,208.37
Badges 12 $868,641.33
Military uniforms 5 $407,018.90
Fabrics and leather materials 3 $44,682.00
Insulated clothing for cold environments 3 $1,107,800.54
Fibres and textiles and fabric industries 2 $31,982.50
Footwear 2 $740,587.37
Hats 2 $90,515.70
Coats and jackets 1 $38,940.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Defence Materiel Organisation 58 $7,045,042.69
Department of Defence 52 $1,893,786.18
Department of Home Affairs 1 $220,000.00
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2 $151,507.00
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 3 $65,406.00
Australian Federal Police 1 $16,170.00

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Embroidered Insignia 39 $1,597,985.91
091179 - The Manufacture and Supply of Uniforms 3 $371,507.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
49223 Supply of RAN Grey Combat Coveralls, Proban Treated $2,147,145.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-11-16 Babylon Industries
187431 SUPPLY OF EXTREME COLD WEATHER GARMENTS TO THE ADF $979,980.54Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-11-25 BABYLON INDUSTRIES

Fawn Safety Boots

$377,850.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-08-30 J. Blackwoods & Son Pty Ltd
1736591 Fireman's Boots $362,737.37Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-09-03 J. Blackwoods & Son Pty Ltd
1087672-A1 Cut, Make & Trim of Cadet Camouflage Uniforms, Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform (DPCU) $338,250.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-12-10 BABYLON INDUSTRIES
47813-A1 Embroidered Insignia, Tri Service $328,590.68Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-10-09 Babylon Industries
219901 INSIGNIA, EMBROIDERERED, VARIOUS $273,295.55Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-08-25 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3530007 Uniform Items $220,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-06-19 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
206229 Jacket Flyers, Brown Leather $219,037.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-03-06 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
2699511 Insignia Embroidered Australian Multicamouflage Un $179,753.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-10-22 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
353430-A1 Supply of DPCU Embroidered Insignias, Various, 7 Lines $125,537.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-12-15 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
3307329 Supply of Uniforms $124,507.00Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2015-05-28 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3373392 Insignia Rank and Badges $121,154.00Department of Defence 2016-08-15 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
280767 SUPPLY OF SLIDES $96,157.71Department of Defence 2010-04-09 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3353795 Embroidered Badge Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Un $92,235.00Department of Defence 2016-06-07 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3401457 Badges $90,002.50Department of Defence 2017-01-16 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
46602 Purchase of DPDU Cold Weather Jackets & Overtrousers $79,420.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-10-03 Babylon Industries
196335 Embroidered Insignia - 19 Lines $78,138.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-06-16 Babylon Industries
3515178 Embroidered Badges $76,180.50Department of Defence 2018-06-07 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3377344 Khaki Brown Rank and Insignia $76,110.28Department of Defence 2016-09-06 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
2438902 Insignia, Embroidered $74,704.30Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-07-21 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
3308469 Rank Insignia and Rank Slides $71,765.43Department of Defence 2015-11-19 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
47814 Embroidered Insignia for Army, Navy and RAAF $71,372.53Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-11-15 Babylon Industries
47815 Embroidered Insignia for Royal Australian Navy $69,067.35Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-11-15 Babylon Industries
3527919 Embroidered Insignia $68,835.25Department of Defence 2018-07-11 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
436294 Jacket, Flyers Brown Leather $68,145.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-10-07 BABYLON INDUSTRIES
348396 Flyers Bown Leather Jacket $68,145.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-11-23 Babylon Industries P/L

Embroidered Insignia

$61,146.27Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-11-13 Babylon Industries
127000 DPDU Narrow Brim Camouflage Hat RFQ J8518 $61,090.70Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-09-25 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
480754 Shoulder Board, ARMY, Various $60,756.30Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-04-17 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
3942 Tri Service Embroidered Insignia as per RFQ J7103 (GAPS ID: 1688376) $59,064.50Department of Defence 2007-07-02 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
244495 BADGES AND NAME TAGS $58,238.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-11-25 BABYLON
235385 BADGES INDENTIFICATION $57,750.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-10-20 Babylon Industries P/L
47398 Embroidered badges and ceremonial accoutrements $56,450.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-11-13 Babylon Industries
140023 Operational Badges $54,983.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-11-28 Babylon Industries
3433310 Shoulder Boards Army $53,810.90Department of Defence 2017-06-09 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3462607 Order for Unit and Brigade Badges $52,470.00Department of Defence 2017-07-25 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
140026 Operational Badges $52,250.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-11-28 Babylon Industries
152337 WINDSTOPPER DPDU, OVERTROUSERS AND JACKETS $50,577.18Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-01-08 Babylon Industries

Purchase of Balaclavas, Hood, Extreme Cold Weather, Microfleece, Black

$48,400.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-09-24 Babylon Industries
3515177 Embroidered Badges $45,937.10Department of Defence 2018-06-08 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3298924 Embroidery and Badges Army $41,450.75Department of Defence 2015-09-29 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3358763 Rank Slides $40,646.66Department of Defence 2016-06-22 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3499994 Shoulder Boards Army $39,352.50Department of Defence 2018-04-11 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
251916 Flyers Jacket, Brown Leather $38,940.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-12-22 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
3443037 Embroidered Insignia $38,879.50Department of Defence 2017-07-03 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
1307521 Millitary Clothing $38,117.75Department of Defence 2013-03-27 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
489611 Military Clothing $38,090.25Department of Defence 2012-04-23 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
437306 Badges embroidered, various $36,125.65Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-10-11 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
3344512 Brassards $35,117.50Department of Defence 2016-05-09 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3397453 AUD Shoulder Boards - Army SDU $34,980.00Department of Defence 2016-12-13 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3563267 Shoulder Board $34,980.00Department of Defence 2018-12-11 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3319564 Badges and Insignia $34,906.33Department of Defence 2016-01-19 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3350557 Australian Multi Camouflage Pattern Badge $34,884.03Department of Defence 2016-05-30 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3556819 Embroidered Badges and Insignia $34,285.90Department of Defence 2018-11-21 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3949 Gold on Black embroidered Insignia for RAN plus plots raised against PO4500599100 (GAPS ID: 1689997) $34,045.00Department of Defence 2007-07-09 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3411997 Australian Army Cadets - purchase of Award Badges for Cadets $33,959.20Department of Defence 2017-03-14 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
1339001 Cut, make & trim of Cadet camuoflage uniforms, Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform(DPCU) $33,000.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-12-10 BABYLON INDUSTRIES
2884252 Air Force Cadet Rank Slides $32,901.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-02-09 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
971601 Embroidered Badge and Insignia $32,785.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-10-15 Babylon Industries
3581970 Embroidered Badges $30,607.50Department of Defence 2019-03-21 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3492415 Embroidered Badges $29,700.00Department of Defence 2018-03-08 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD

Broad and Narrow Brim Hats, Disruptive Pattern Desert Camouflage in support of urgent operational requirement

$29,425.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-09-02 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
8194 Black embroidered rank badges for 51 Far North Queensland Regiment (GAPS ID: 1691431) $28,251.86Department of Defence 2007-08-06 BABYLON INDUSTIRES PTY LTD
3361158 Shoulder Board Army $28,099.50Department of Defence 2016-06-28 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3401455 Badges $27,582.50Department of Defence 2017-01-18 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
234626 SUPPLY OF INSIGNIA, VARIOUS $27,561.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-10-07 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3293147 Embroidered Badges and Insignia RAAF $27,060.00Department of Defence 2015-09-02 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3344858 Shoulder Boards/Rank Slides $27,000.00Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2016-04-14 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
430885 Embroidered Insignia $25,503.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-09-14 Babylon Industries
3298925 Insignia Patch Rank Combat Shirt $25,441.35Department of Defence 2015-09-30 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
449892 Supply of Cadet Embroidered Insignias, 7 lines $25,393.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-12-05 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
423252 Supply of New Army Mess Dress, Shoulder Boards, Various Ranks, 24 Lines $25,022.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-08-22 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
3201842 CMO046825 - Components & Allow - Uniforms $24,453.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2015-06-01 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3123432 CMO046775 - Uniforms $24,453.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2015-05-28 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3444923 Embroidered Insignia $24,109.53Department of Defence 2017-07-13 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
315649 Supply of RAAF Roundel Shoulder Badges DPCU $22,770.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-07-29 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
124567 SUPPLY OF BADGES - DPNU $21,498.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-07-04 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3505161 UNIT PATCHES $21,450.00Department of Defence 2018-04-18 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
362427-A1 Supply of DPCU, Cadet, Embroidered Insignias, 20 Lines $21,183.25Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-02-03 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
1736631 AMP Badges $20,295.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-09-02 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
3414128 Embroidered Insignia $19,860.50Department of Defence 2017-03-22 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3414121 Insignia various $19,580.00Department of Defence 2017-03-24 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
8186 Supply of Jacket Man's, Motorcyclists. (GAPS ID: 1688833) $19,250.00Department of Defence 2007-07-12 BABYLON INDUSTIRES PTY LTD
210421 Embroidered Badges and Brassards $17,457.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-31 Babylon Industries
192902 HAT, VERSION 3, DPDU NARROW BRIM $17,077.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-06-11 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
367042 CEREMONIAL SHOULDER BOARDS $16,940.00Department of Defence 2011-02-21 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3411950 Uniforms - shoulder patch $16,775.00Department of Defence 2017-03-16 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
124044 CMO001090 - Uniform Apparel $16,500.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2008-09-01 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
241721 Plots, Embroidered Badges $16,307.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-11-04 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
2854902 Shoulder Board Gold on Black Army Leutenant $16,225.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-01-12 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
631981 Provision for shirts $16,170.00Australian Federal Police 2012-05-04 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
378286-A1 Plots, Embroidered Badges Amendment to CN241721 reduction of plots by qty 23 reducing overall contract value by $632.50 (incl GST) Order complete $15,675.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-11-04 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
208703 SUPPLY OF RAAF DPDU INSIGNIA, VARIOUS, 9 LINES $14,657.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-23 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3284675 Badge Embroidered $14,558.50Department of Defence 2015-07-30 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3299866 Brassard $13,310.00Department of Defence 2015-10-05 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3475777 Insignia AND Badges $13,073.50Department of Defence 2017-12-04 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3169092 Rank Insignia $12,897.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-06-02 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3144152 Insignia Embroidered $12,687.95Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-05-25 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD

Embroidery Badges, AMP

$12,685.42Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-12-09 Babylon Industries
988161 Badge, Embroidered $12,600.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-10-23 Babylon Industries
3991 PROMOTIONAL ITEMS - OP DELUGE (GAPS ID: 1693899) $12,400.00Department of Defence 2007-07-11 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3335760 Embroidered Badges and Patches $12,336.50Department of Defence 2016-04-07 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
227816 Brassards, Various Army Cadets on Khaki 6 lines $12,232.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-09-16 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
3050562 Embroidered Insignia $11,693.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-09-01 WORKSCENE
1315351 AMP, Rank, Badge $11,548.90Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-04-11 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
196948 Badge, Embroidered, Insignia, Various $11,446.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-06-18 Babylon Industries
8179 RAAF Eagle Embroidered Badge (GAPS ID: 1676205) $11,000.00Department of Defence 2007-05-30 BABYLON INDUSTIRES PTY LTD
3505986 Embroidery Development $11,000.00Department of Defence 2018-05-10 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3424269 Embroidery Development $11,000.00Department of Defence 2017-05-11 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
64979 Insignia, shoulder, sleeve $11,000.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-03-06 Babylon Industries Pty Ltd
445793 Ops and New Army Mess Kit $11,000.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-11-04 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3309197 Epaulettes and hat badges for the Australian Army cadet staff and cadets $10,968.65Department of Defence 2015-11-02 WORKSCENE
3458768 Embroidery items $10,715.65Department of Defence 2017-09-21 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3326496 Insignia Rank Army Cadet $10,687.60Department of Defence 2016-02-25 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3385373 Embroidered Badges and Insignia - Various $10,609.50Department of Defence 2016-10-20 BABYLON INDUSTRIES PTY LTD