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52 contracts, total value $1,408,047.65
Procurement methods: Open 1 contracts, 1.92%, Prequalified 5 contracts, 9.62%, limited 46 contracts, 88.46%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 12 $167,867.55
Laboratory and scientific equipment 10 $167,961.90
Discrete semiconductor devices 6 $563,801.70
Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories 4 $85,543.15
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services 4 $91,126.20
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 3 $109,522.27
Computer Equipment and Accessories 3 $38,877.48
Software maintenance and support 2 $34,680.80
Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services 1 $24,882.00
Machined raw stock 1 $25,850.55


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 52 $1,408,047.65


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3377846 Electronic Integrated Circuit $146,311.55Department of Defence 2016-09-07 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
448875 Supply of Field Programmable Gate Arrays $130,691.55Department of Defence 2011-11-16 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3446081 Electronic Integrated Circuit $79,739.55Department of Defence 2017-07-20 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3334569 Field Programmable Gate Arrays $78,177.55Department of Defence 2016-04-04 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3332763 Field Programmable Gate Array $73,403.55Department of Defence 2016-04-01 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
1247831 FPGAs $70,059.55Department of Defence 2013-02-28 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3373080 FPGA Integrated Circuit $55,477.95Department of Defence 2016-08-16 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
338517 EP3SL150F1152C4N FPGA EPCS64SI16N Configuration memory $32,965.35Department of Defence 2010-09-30 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
1084162 Field Programmable Gate Arrays $29,315.55Department of Defence 2012-11-29 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3324196 Microwave Absorbent Material $27,879.50Department of Defence 2016-02-19 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
190082 Successive Detection Log Video Amplifier $25,940.11Department of Defence 2009-05-19 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
2135891 Field Programmable Gate Array $25,850.55Department of Defence 2014-03-17 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
377373 Field-programmable Gate Array - complete system-level design environment $25,510.65Department of Defence 2011-03-24 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3319993 Signal Source $25,221.35Department of Defence 2016-01-25 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
78718 StratixI Leads - Braemec $24,882.00Department of Defence 2008-04-14 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3355572 Scientific equipment $24,727.41Department of Defence 2016-04-27 BRAEMAC PTY LTD
31489 ALTERA $24,035.55Department of Defence 2007-08-29 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
31522 ALTERA $24,035.55Department of Defence 2007-08-29 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
147254 Altera Stratix Device and Configuration $22,765.05Department of Defence 2008-12-10 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
31520 ALTERA $21,527.55Department of Defence 2007-09-05 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
31487 ALTERA $21,527.55Department of Defence 2007-09-05 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3591409 Software License Renewal $19,256.05Department of Defence 2019-04-02 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3501238 This is a Purchase of COTS CAD Software $18,131.85Department of Defence 2018-04-17 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3519922 development board $17,624.20Department of Defence 2018-05-17 BRAEMAC PTY LTD
2970382 Scientific and Research Software $16,357.55Department of Defence 2015-03-25 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
1968271 High Speed Signal Integrity Development Kit $16,258.55Department of Defence 2013-12-16 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3415467 Scientific Research Software $15,424.75Department of Defence 2017-03-31 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
372139 Altera Quartus Software Amendments. $15,211.53Department of Defence 2010-12-21 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
75195 L-BAND CIRCULATOR $15,031.50Department of Defence 2008-03-03 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
202951 Software licence agreement $15,000.00Department of Defence 2008-12-17 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3052112 Software maintenance (12 months) $14,988.60Department of Defence 2015-04-17 BRAEMAC PTY LTD
3505044 Programmable device hardware for R&D $14,361.05Department of Defence 2018-05-04 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
2039631 Scientific and Research Related software $14,135.55Department of Defence 2014-01-31 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3393504 Oscillator Modules $14,097.05Department of Defence 2016-12-01 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
1902581 Evaluation Boards $13,640.00Department of Defence 2013-11-12 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
1336261 Scientific and research related Software $13,343.00Department of Defence 2013-04-11 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
461131 Development kits $13,321.55Department of Defence 2012-01-18 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
39280 Laser Diode Drivers and cables $12,848.04Department of Defence 2007-10-08 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
476184 Software Maintenance and Support $12,573.55Department of Defence 2012-03-22 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
1115212 Maintenance of Research Software $12,276.00Department of Defence 2012-12-18 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
75700 Components $12,188.55Department of Defence 2008-02-06 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
399566 Computer Altera Software. $11,869.55Department of Defence 2011-06-09 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
241982 Altera FPGA & Altera Serial EEPROM $11,796.40Department of Defence 2009-11-06 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
1307221 Scientific / Research related Software $11,781.55Department of Defence 2013-03-26 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3314463 Annual support for LYNXOS 5.0 POWERPC development $11,621.50Department of Defence 2015-12-02 BRAEMAC PTY LTD
3504865 Supply New and Update Existing Software License $11,440.00Department of Defence 2018-04-17 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3463800 Signal Generator $11,336.05Department of Defence 2017-10-11 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
3375800 Microwave Absorbent Material $10,967.00Department of Defence 2016-08-31 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
167076 scientific kit $10,513.44Department of Defence 2009-01-29 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
89967 Software maintenance $10,241.55Department of Defence 2008-05-21 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
246693 Altera Quartus Software 12 Month Subscription Renewal $10,219.55Department of Defence 2009-11-25 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD
968271 Field programmable gate arrays $10,147.17Department of Defence 2012-07-12 BRAEMAC (SA) PTY LTD