ABN: 58090573416
Also known as: Intersect Alliance International Pty Ltd, Inter Sect Alliance Pty Ltd, INTERSECT ALLIANCE PTY LTD

27 contracts, total value $1,922,155.71
Procurement methods: Open 3 contracts, 11.11%, Prequalified 4 contracts, 14.81%, limited 20 contracts, 74.07%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 8 $244,553.20
Software maintenance and support 6 $473,513.99
Computer services 6 $759,638.30
Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications 2 $89,500.00
Maintenance or support fees 2 $86,950.00
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services 1 $44,000.00
Computer Equipment and Accessories 1 $49,500.22
Project management 1 $174,500.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 9 $627,750.21
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 2 $364,675.22
Department of Veterans' Affairs 3 $318,466.00
Department of the Treasury 6 $273,300.00
CrimTrac 4 $231,063.99
Crimtrac 3 $106,900.29


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
17806-A6 Snare Service Agreement (GAPS ID: 1675853) $349,872.30Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 2003-05-01 INTERSECT ALLIANCE PTY LTD
450020 Software Maintenance and Support $183,400.00Department of Defence 2011-11-21 INTERSECT ALLIANCE PTY LTD
233768 Professional Services $174,500.00Department of Defence 2009-09-29 INTERSECT ALLIANCE PTY LTD
236842 IMU SNARE Annual License and Maintanence Fee, Unlimited Snare Servers over 3 year contract period (TRIM Reference 033633). Contract extended for 3 years. $145,466.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2006-10-30 Intersect Alliance Pty Ltd
17798 IMU SNARE Annual License and Maintanence Fee, Unlimited Snare Servers over 3 year contract period (GAPS ID: 1635982) $129,000.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2006-10-30 INTERSECT ALLIANCE PTY LTD
1185112-A1 SNARE Annual License and Maintenance fees for 3 years $115,500.00CrimTrac 2013-01-01 Intersect Alliance Pty Ltd
145023 Maintenance $49,500.22Department of Defence 2008-11-05 INTERSECT ALLIANCE PTY LTD
460485 SNARE annual support, license and maintenance $49,100.00Department of the Treasury 2011-08-24 InterSect Alliance Pty Ltd
331486 SNARE Annual Support Licence and Maintence $47,750.00Department of the Treasury 2010-07-30 InterSect Alliance Pty Ltd
17790 ANNUAL MAINTENANCE (GAPS ID: 1627646) $47,300.00Department of Defence 2006-09-27 INTERSECT ALLIANCE PTY LTD
258472 Snare Annual Support License and Maintenance $46,800.00Department of the Treasury 2010-01-06 InterSect Alliance Pty Ltd
128131 SNARE annual licence and maintenance $45,500.00Department of the Treasury 2008-09-16 InterSect Alliance Pty Ltd
141760 Annual maintenance $45,499.99Department of Defence 2008-11-26 INTERSECT ALLIANCE PTY LTD
30922 Maintenance $44,000.00Department of Defence 2007-08-17 INTERSECT ALLIANCE PTY LTD
39662 Annual maintenance $44,000.00Department of Defence 2005-11-04 INTERSECT ALLIANCE PTY LTD
57575 Snare Licence Renewal 07/08 $44,000.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2007-10-30 Intersect Alliance Pty Ltd
41614 SNARE Annual License and Maintenance Fee $44,000.00Department of the Treasury 2007-10-11 Inter Sect Alliance Pty Ltd
1036011 Snare Annual Support, Licence and Maintenance 2012/2013 $40,150.00Department of the Treasury 2012-10-04 InterSect Alliance Pty Ltd
470300 Licence and support for all software required for operation of SNARE capability $38,933.99CrimTrac 2012-01-01 Intersect Alliance Pty Ltd
439055 SNARE Annual Licence Fee $38,830.00CrimTrac 2010-12-08 Intersect Alliance Pty Ltd
439046 Snare Security Auditing Tool $37,800.00CrimTrac 2011-01-01 Intersect Alliance Pty Ltd
261897 Licence Fee $35,900.29Crimtrac 2010-01-01 Intersect Alliance Pty Ltd
163779 Support and Software maintenance $35,500.00Crimtrac 2008-12-09 Intersect Alliance Pty Ltd
151989 Support and Software maintenance $35,500.00Crimtrac 2008-12-16 Intersect Alliance Pty Ltd
370641 Software support and maintenance $26,050.00Department of Defence 2011-02-21 INTERSECT ALLIANCE PTY LTD
3345458-A1 SNARE Software support $14,802.92Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 2016-05-24 Intersect Alliance International Pty Ltd
118891 Annual service fee - Snare Server $13,500.00Department of Defence 2008-08-25 INTERSECT ALLIANCE PTY LTD