Baxalta Australia Pty Ltd

ABN: 56601752694
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Also known as: Baxalta Australia Pty Ltd

2 contracts, total value $192,677,291.00
Procurement methods: Open via SON 1 contracts, 50.00%, limited 1 contracts, 50.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Comprehensive health services 2 $192,677,291.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
National Blood Authority 2 $192,677,291.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
2285461-A1 National Supply of Arrangement for Imported and Recombinant Products $145,458,361.00National Blood Authority 2014-07-01 Baxalta Australia Pty Ltd
3376159 Supply of Imported Plasma & Recombinant Products $47,218,930.00National Blood Authority 2016-07-01 Baxalta Australia Pty Ltd