ABN: 55110216610
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Also known as: Manuka Real Estate, Manuka Realty Pty Ltd, MMJ Real Estate

15 contracts, total value $471,029.85
Procurement methods: limited 15 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services 6 $183,122.14
Heating and ventilation and air circulation 3 $75,099.38
Batteries and generators and kinetic power transmission 2 $33,497.68
Software 1 $11,020.68
General building construction 1 $108,476.50
Fuels 1 $35,000.00
Power generation 1 $24,813.47


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Attorney-General's Department 15 $471,029.85


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1342731-A1 Building maintenace $108,476.50Attorney-General's Department 2013-04-26 Manuka Real Estate
2679431 Maintenance charges $40,735.20Attorney-General's Department 2014-11-01 MANUKA REALTY PTY LTD
3145882 Data Centre Mainstenance $38,509.46Attorney-General's Department 2015-06-03 MANUKA REALTY PTY LTD
2627601 Maintenance charges $36,115.20Attorney-General's Department 2014-11-01 MANUKA REALTY PTY LTD
3464566 Generator diesel refuel $35,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2017-10-18 Manuka Realty Pty Ltd
3300504 Equipment installation $31,338.10Attorney-General's Department 2015-10-16 Manuka Realty Pty Ltd
3375077 Generator repair $30,490.00Attorney-General's Department 2016-09-02 Manuka Realty Pty Ltd
1527311 Maintenance $30,094.90Attorney-General's Department 2013-06-18 MANUKA REALTY PTY LTD
3351580 Generator maintenance $24,813.47Attorney-General's Department 2016-06-07 MANUKA REALTY PTY LTD
3482034 Fuel tank repairs $21,550.10Attorney-General's Department 2018-01-22 Manuka Realty Pty Ltd
3582775 Maintenance - Generator repairs $18,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2019-03-25 MMJ Real Estate
3482032 Chiller repair $16,117.28Attorney-General's Department 2018-01-25 Manuka Realty Pty Ltd
3331902 Property maintenance $15,497.68Attorney-General's Department 2016-03-29 Manuka Realty Pty Ltd
3325379 Building maintenance $13,271.28Attorney-General's Department 2016-02-24 MANUKA REALTY PTY LTD
3454521 BMS software upgrade $11,020.68Attorney-General's Department 2017-09-06 MANUKA REALTY PTY LTD