ABN: 51128386247
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Also known as: QLIK TECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, QlikTech Australia Pty Ltd

31 contracts, total value $8,439,247.02
Consultancies: 3 contracts, 9.68%
Confidentialities: 2 contracts, 6.45%( 1 on the contract, 1 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Prequalified 2 contracts, 6.45%, limited 29 contracts, 93.55%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Education and Training Services 8 $292,420.00
Software 7 $6,756,137.72
Information technology consultation services 7 $408,571.75
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 3 $563,494.80
Computer services 3 $288,670.80
Software maintenance and support 2 $109,982.00
Computer programmers 1 $19,969.95


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Health 9 $3,770,129.14
Department of Employment 4 $3,339,667.78
Department of Social Services 8 $907,743.10
Department of Finance 8 $290,367.00
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 1 $77,000.00
Department of Education and Training 1 $54,340.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3325547-A8 QlikSense $3,164,496.78Department of Employment 2016-02-25 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3366775 QlikSense Licenses and Support $1,728,521.30Department of Health 2016-06-29 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3477814 Software licenses and support $1,165,448.38Department of Health 2018-01-02 Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd
3453094 ICT services $434,530.80Department of Social Services 2017-09-08 QlikTech Australia Pty Ltd
3413750 Software licenses and support $392,040.00Department of Health 2017-04-03 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3422722 Software licences / maintenance $250,053.76Department of Health 2017-04-13 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3418274 ICT Services $208,810.80Department of Social Services 2017-05-01 QlikTech Australia Pty Ltd
3427211 Qlik Sense application support services $125,136.00Department of Employment 2017-07-01 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3433505 Software and support services $99,849.75Department of Health 2017-06-20 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3386040 QlikTech Professional Services $84,000.00Department of Finance 2016-10-21 Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd
3346899 Training and Maintenance services $82,500.00Department of Finance 2016-04-15 Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd
3449767 Training and Development Services $77,000.00Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2017-02-13 QLIK TECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3450393 ICT contractors $64,834.00Department of Social Services 2017-09-01 QlikTech Australia Pty Ltd
3401318 Contractors $64,130.00Department of Social Services 2017-02-02 QlikTech Australia Pty Ltd
3392852 Contractors $58,630.00Department of Social Services 2016-12-12 QlikTech Australia Pty Ltd
3355025 Develop Seeing Is Believing application into a proof of concept $54,340.00Department of Education and Training 2016-06-17 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3385474 IT support services $39,798.00Department of Health 2016-10-20 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3413814 QlikSense Developer $38,808.00Department of Health 2017-03-01 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3391563 Qlik Sense Developer Consulting Services $35,640.00Department of Health 2016-11-30 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3455099 Qlik Training $30,035.00Department of Employment 2017-10-01 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3344609 ICT software license and/or maintenance $28,380.00Department of Social Services 2016-05-27 QlikTech Australia Pty Ltd
3293238 Designer & Developer Compressed Training $27,445.00Department of Finance 2015-09-14 Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd
3367298 ICT Software licence and/or maintenance $27,197.50Department of Social Services 2016-08-08 QlikTech Australia Pty Ltd
3476607 QlikTech Professional Services $25,982.00Department of Finance 2017-12-13 Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd
3308660 Training on Qlik Development Framework $24,090.00Department of Finance 2015-12-01 Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd
3351048 ICT contractors $21,230.00Department of Social Services 2016-06-15 QlikTech Australia Pty Ltd
3434204 Qlik training $20,000.00Department of Employment 2017-05-25 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3441499 Continuation of development of Qlik Report $19,969.95Department of Health 2017-06-28 Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd
3293614 Training on Qlik Development Framework $19,800.00Department of Finance 2015-09-07 Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd
3324643 QlikView Consultant $15,000.00Department of Finance 2016-02-24 Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd
3300161 QlikView Server Publisher Training $11,550.00Department of Finance 2015-10-21 Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd