ABN: 49106085296
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Also known as: Firestorm Holdings Pty Ltd, Firestorm Holdings Pty Ltd t/a Quality Products

8 contracts, total value $210,286.69
Procurement methods: Prequalified 2 contracts, 25.00%, limited 6 contracts, 75.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Law enforcement 2 $103,263.62
National Defence and Public Order and Security and Safety Services 1 $14,684.03
Laboratory and scientific equipment 1 $24,750.00
Software 1 $14,107.50
Tools and General Machinery 1 $15,600.84
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment 1 $18,793.50
Public safety and control 1 $19,087.20


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Federal Police 7 $191,493.19
Australian Customs Service 1 $18,793.50


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
53416 Firearms ultrasonic cleaning kits $72,815.60Australian Federal Police 2007-07-02 FIRESTORM HOLDINGS PTY LTD
53461 Bullet Traps $30,448.02Australian Federal Police 2007-08-20 FIRESTORM HOLDINGS PTY LTD
122299 Forensic supplies $24,750.00Australian Federal Police 2008-04-18 FIRESTORM HOLDINGS PTY LTD
222978 ADMINISTERED - Crime Scene tape for TLPDP $19,087.20Australian Federal Police 2009-07-10 Firestorm Holdings Pty Ltd
151193 CMO003951 - Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment (2008/008250-07/63) $18,793.50Australian Customs Service 2009-01-19 Firestorm Holdings Pty Ltd t/a Quality Products
122815 Brownell Tooling products $15,600.84Australian Federal Police 2008-06-10 FIRESTORM HOLDINGS PTY LTD
122366 Laser Trajectory Kits $14,684.03Australian Federal Police 2008-05-02 FIRESTORM HOLDINGS PTY LTD
122305 Purchase of Software $14,107.50Australian Federal Police 2008-04-17 FIRESTORM HOLDINGS PTY LTD