Micro Systemation

ABN: 48164546632
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41 contracts, total value $3,599,577.95
Procurement methods: limited 41 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 16 $2,865,960.45
Education and Training Services 11 $216,150.00
Software maintenance and support 6 $126,643.00
Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories 2 $143,242.00
Measuring and observing and testing instruments 1 $141,900.00
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 1 $11,429.00
Software or hardware engineering 1 $24,244.00
Forensic IT Services 1 $16,769.50
Information retrieval systems 1 $28,985.00
Laboratory and scientific equipment 1 $24,255.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 4 $1,169,320.30
Department of Home Affairs 5 $1,123,654.40
Australian Federal Police 5 $366,681.70
Australian Taxation Office 3 $290,790.50
Department of Defence 3 $192,769.50
Australian Crime Commission 5 $136,840.00
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 3 $82,137.00
Australian Fisheries Management Authority 4 $73,881.50
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2 $48,950.00
Department of Agriculture 2 $45,842.50
Department of Human Services 2 $36,663.00
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2 $21,399.00
Australian Securities and Investments Commission 1 $10,648.55


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3361739 XRY SWL Renewals, Office Kits & Accessories $610,905.30Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2016-07-07 MICRO SYSTEMATION
3579174 XRY LOGICAL,PHYSICAL & CAMERA SWL RENEWAL $543,756.40Department of Home Affairs 2019-07-01 MICRO SYSTEMATION
3508422 XRY LOGICAL PHYSICAL&CAMERA SWL& SUPPORT RENEWAL $533,467.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-05-16 MICRO SYSTEMATION
3427048 XRY LOGICAL PHYSICAL&CAMERA SOFTWARE LICENSE RENEW $517,473.00Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2017-07-01 MICRO SYSTEMATION
2667352-A1 Supply of computer licences $219,694.20Australian Federal Police 2014-10-13 Micro Systemation Pty Ltd
3563361 Renewal of 8x XRY Office Kits (Start Date 25.01.2019) $181,500.00Australian Taxation Office 2019-01-02 MICRO SYSTEMATION PTY LTD
3159992 Forensic examination equipment ACMS-5922931 $141,900.00Department of Defence 2015-06-02 MICRO SYSTEMATION PTY LTD
3340182 Software $96,338.00Australian Taxation Office 2016-05-09 MICRO SYSTEMATION PTY LTD
3314726 Supply of electronic devices $85,800.00Australian Federal Police 2015-12-01 Micro Systemation Pty Ltd
2770032 Electronic Hardware $57,442.00Australian Crime Commission 2014-12-11 Micro Systemation
3576768 XRY Advanced Acquisition Training $34,100.00Department of Defence 2019-03-06 MICRO SYSTEMATION PTY LTD
3486783 Software Licence & Support $33,231.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2018-02-07 Micro Systemation
3396239 Software License Renewal $33,231.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2016-12-23 Micro Systemation
3312959 Software Licenses $33,231.00Australian Crime Commission 2015-12-22 MSAB
2099001 CMO039814 - External Training $31,680.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2014-03-06 MICRO SYSTEMATION
3315409 XRY Mobile Device Examinsation Software $29,513.00Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2016-01-18 MICRO SYSTEMATION
3432095 Purchase of hardware, software and training services $28,985.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2017-06-05 Micro Systemation
3141732 Supply of mobile forensic tool XRY $24,255.00Department of Agriculture 2015-05-26 Micro Systemation Pty Ltd
2493932 Computer Software and Hardware $24,244.00Department of Human Services 2014-07-30 Micro Systemation
3081042 Provision of training course $23,760.00Australian Federal Police 2015-05-14 Micro Systemation Pty Ltd
2962222 Provision of training $21,587.50Australian Federal Police 2015-03-24 Micro Systemation Pty Ltd
3179352 Mobile forensic tools training $21,587.50Department of Agriculture 2015-05-29 Micro Systemation Pty Ltd
3552766 XRY Logical Software Services $17,589.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-12-01 MICRO SYSTEMATION
3480119 XRY OFFICE KITS $17,292.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-01-03 MICRO SYSTEMATION
2536271 CMO042995 - External Training $17,270.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2014-08-25 MICRO SYSTEMATION
2848772 Software Lic's $16,813.50Australian Crime Commission 2015-01-20 Micro Systemation
3376160 Forensic software $16,769.50Department of Defence 2016-05-01 Micro Systemation Pty Ltd
2072261 Software Licenses $16,483.50Australian Crime Commission 2014-02-12 Micro Systemation
3342362 3 year mobile forensic licence $15,972.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2016-04-08 Micro Systemation
3591996 Provision of software subscription $15,972.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2019-05-27 Micro Systemation
2242121 Provision of digital forensic training $15,840.00Australian Federal Police 2014-05-15 Micro Systemation Pty Ltd
3577664 Software maintenance and support $15,675.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2019-03-04 Micro Systemation
3151572 XRY Certification Training $12,952.50Australian Taxation Office 2015-06-11 MICRO SYSTEMATION PTY LTD
3199822 Provision of mobile forensics training $12,952.50Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2015-06-29 Micro Systemation
2977642 Training $12,870.00Australian Crime Commission 2015-04-07 Micro Systemation
3611222 IT Software $12,419.00Department of Human Services 2019-07-01 Micro Systemation
3577419 Certification Training $11,550.00Department of Home Affairs 2019-03-19 MICRO SYSTEMATION
3436342 C4244033 - XRY Logical & Physical Office kit $11,429.00Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2017-07-01 MICRO SYSTEMATION
3417980 Renewal of handset licenses $11,209.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2017-06-22 Micro Systemation Pty Ltd
3333993 Software Licence for Sydney phone forensic Kit CN2838 F2016 - 17545 $10,648.55Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2016-04-15 Micro Systemation Pty Ltd
3508069 Software license renewal $10,190.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2018-04-04 MICRO SYSTEMATION PTY LTD