ABN: 47044588084
Similar to: HART SECURITY AUSTRALIA P/L (A (ABN: 87122786047),
Also known as: ART SECURITY PTY LTD, ART Security Pty Ltd ATF R & L Trust, ART Security Pty Ltd. t/a Rontech Security Industries, Rontech Security Industries Pty Ltd

23 contracts, total value $789,840.13
Procurement methods: Prequalified 7 contracts, 30.43%, limited 16 contracts, 69.57%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services 8 $206,690.12
Security or access control systems 5 $155,884.60
Security surveillance and detection 4 $103,271.62
Security and personal safety 1 $195,000.00
Security guard services 1 $24,909.62
Alarm systems 1 $29,999.99
Security systems services 1 $18,876.00
Network security equipment 1 $34,007.88
Security and control equipment 1 $21,200.30


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 15 $379,669.14
Department of Home Affairs 1 $195,000.00
Australian Institute of Family Studies 1 $66,309.00
Future Fund Management Agency 2 $50,336.00
Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities 1 $34,650.00
Administrative Appeals Tribunal 1 $29,999.99
Australian Fisheries Management Authority 1 $18,876.00
Office of Parliamentary Counsel 1 $15,000.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3524895 Provision Grade 1 Security Monitoring Centre and Mobile Security Guard Response services to Department of Home Affairs sites equipped with Honeywell Type 1 externally monitored alarm systems and other commercial alarms $195,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-06-01 ART Security Pty Ltd ATF R & L Trust
1938692-A3 Alarm Monitoring - Monitoring of a Multipath Serial IP and Dual GPRS system $66,309.00Australian Institute of Family Studies 2013-11-28 ART Security Pty Ltd
3279801 Security monitoring $55,000.00Department of Defence 2015-07-16 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
438691 Security Monitoring $42,085.40Department of Defence 2011-10-07 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
2437632 Security Monitoring $40,154.40Department of Defence 2014-07-08 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
2703581-A2 Security monitoring $39,295.62Department of Defence 2013-10-02 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
1780041 Secure Network $34,650.00Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities 2013-09-03 ART SECURITY
354625 SECURITY MONITORING $34,007.88Department of Defence 2010-12-09 RONTECH SECURITY INDUSTRIES
264724-A3 Security monitoring services $31,460.00Future Fund Management Agency 2010-03-01 Art Security
3495990 Type 1A Alarm Monitoring Service $29,999.99Administrative Appeals Tribunal 2018-04-05 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
1742901 Security Monitoring $26,540.80Department of Defence 2013-06-18 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
367780 SECURITY MONITORING $24,909.62Department of Defence 2011-02-15 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
927941 Security monitoring $21,200.30Department of Defence 2012-06-18 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
242840 Alarm monitoring service $18,876.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2010-01-01 ART Security Pty Ltd. t/a Rontech Security Industries
3077422 Security monitoring services $18,876.00Future Fund Management Agency 2015-04-29 ART Security Pty Ltd
476156 Monitoring of alarm system $17,529.33Department of Defence 2012-03-27 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
3333122 Security System Monitoring $15,000.00Office of Parliamentary Counsel 2015-08-10 Art Security Pty Ltd
3371580 Security monitoring $13,640.00Department of Defence 2016-08-18 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
1460241 Security monitoring $13,613.60Department of Defence 2013-06-07 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
2090451 Security Monitoring $13,384.80Department of Defence 2014-03-04 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
1288131 Security monitoring $13,384.80Department of Defence 2013-03-27 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
1098142 Security monitoring $13,384.79Department of Defence 2012-10-11 ART SECURITY PTY LTD
3156192 Security Monitoring $11,537.80Department of Defence 2015-06-11 ART SECURITY PTY LTD