ABN: 37168681212
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Also known as: PEN10 SERVICES PTY LTD, Penten

8 contracts, total value $4,584,370.55
Confidentialities: 4 contracts, 50.00%( 2 on the contract, 2 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open via SON 2 contracts, 25.00%, limited 6 contracts, 75.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software or hardware engineering 3 $231,000.00
Communications Devices and Accessories 2 $895,967.60
Business administration services 1 $80,822.05
Military science and research 1 $2,066,924.20
Network security equipment 1 $1,309,656.70


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 6 $4,469,096.50
Department of Finance 1 $80,822.05
Office of National Assessments 1 $34,452.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3542133 DEFENCE INNOVATION HUB - CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS $2,066,924.20Department of Defence 2018-09-12 PEN10 SERVICES PTY LTD
3475366 ALTOCRYPT STIK TECHNOLOGY $1,309,656.70Department of Defence 2017-11-29 PEN10 SERVICES PTY LTD
3503086 Special Operations Network Proof of Concept Projec Proposal for Zero Client $861,515.60Department of Defence 2018-04-23 PEN10 SERVICES PTY LTD
3415145 Software Engineering Services $102,740.00Department of Defence 2017-03-31 PEN10 SERVICES PTY LTD
3432415 Support Services $88,000.00Department of Defence 2017-06-09 PEN10 SERVICES PTY LTD
3489690 Government Network Services services proof of concept Secure Mobility Services $80,822.05Department of Finance 2018-03-07 Penten
3429818 Software Engineering Services $40,260.00Department of Defence 2017-06-08 PEN10 SERVICES PTY LTD
3478833 communications devices and accessories $34,452.00Office of National Assessments 2018-01-09 Pen10 Services Pty Ltd