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23 contracts, total value $1,027,701.18
Procurement methods: Open 2 contracts, 8.70%, Prequalified 1 contracts, 4.35%, limited 20 contracts, 86.96%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Computer Equipment and Accessories 6 $359,607.00
Communications Devices and Accessories 3 $133,519.93
Computer hardware maintenance or support 2 $55,171.60
Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment 1 $61,902.50
Audio visual services 1 $17,215.00
Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services 1 $11,171.60
Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories 1 $28,877.90
Electrical equipment and components and supplies 1 $18,992.60
Laboratory and scientific equipment 1 $63,927.60
Measuring and observing and testing instruments 1 $18,169.80


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Attorney-General's Department 5 $471,446.80
Department of Defence 9 $274,817.00
Bureau of Meteorology 2 $94,822.20
Department of Employment 1 $82,000.00
Defence Materiel Organisation 4 $68,303.08
National Archives of Australia 1 $24,982.10
Australian Federal Police 1 $11,330.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1600341-A1 Live Video Streaming Encoders $185,466.60Attorney-General's Department 2013-07-15 Quinto Communications Pty Ltd
1995582 Video switching equipment $170,864.10Attorney-General's Department 2014-01-13 Quinto Communications Pty Ltd
3345029 Elemental Live Streaming Encoders $82,000.00Department of Employment 2016-05-31 QUINTO COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD
3318621 RF Splitters $76,652.40Bureau of Meteorology 2016-01-27 Quinto Communications Pty Ltd
287649 Various Analog Transmitters and Receivers $63,927.60Department of Defence 2010-05-06 QUINTO COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD
1215662 Support services for installation of new Knowledge $61,902.50Department of Defence 2013-02-13 QUINTO COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD
2007662 Specialist hardware $59,944.50Attorney-General's Department 2014-01-20 Quinto Communications Pty Ltd
260350 Fiber Optic Receivers and Transmitters $41,723.00Department of Defence 2010-01-27 QUINTO COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD
1799421 Evertz Broadcast delay unit $37,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2013-09-30 Quinto Communications Pty Ltd
3353217 Supply complex AV cards for HQJOC ICT systems $28,877.90Department of Defence 2016-05-27 QUINTO COMMUNICATIONS
545452 Amberfin iCR Format Converter $24,982.10National Archives of Australia 2012-05-30 Quinto Communications Pty Ltd
440454 S-70B-2 Aircraft communication components $21,994.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-10-10 QUINTO COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD
2065181 Media Converters $19,800.00Department of Defence 2014-02-11 QUINTO COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD
314477 Fibre TX equipment $18,992.60Department of Defence 2010-07-14 QUINTO COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD
1845711 Hardware $18,171.60Attorney-General's Department 2013-10-24 Quinto Communications Pty Ltd
1388081 Active RF Splitter with remote monitoring capabili $18,169.80Bureau of Meteorology 2013-05-01 Quinto Communications Pty Ltd
1322561 Audio Visual Equipment $17,215.00Department of Defence 2013-04-04 QUINTO COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD
3255562 Marshall Dual 8.4 Outdoor HD Monitor Set $15,668.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-06-29 QUINTO COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD

Procurement of aircraft spares

$15,495.65Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-12-03 Quinto Communications Pty Limited
1326211 multidisplay, rack mounted lcd matrix panel and portable colour monitor and batteries $15,144.53Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-03-19 Quinto Communications
1416421 Provision of High definition TV scan converter $11,330.00Australian Federal Police 2013-05-20 Quinto Communications Pty Ltd
456945 Rack mounted display units $11,206.80Department of Defence 2011-12-21 QUINTO COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD
125518 CVI EVERTZ EQUIPMENT VTC SYSTEMS $11,171.60Department of Defence 2008-09-18 QUINTO COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD