ABN: 35077370702
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Also known as: Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd

33 contracts, total value $2,085,993.64
Procurement methods: limited 33 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 17 $1,298,298.54
Software maintenance and support 7 $477,208.38
Tools and General Machinery 4 $216,382.10
Education and Training Services 2 $41,108.12
Marine transport 1 $16,610.00
Lease and rental of property or building 1 $25,276.50
Earth science services 1 $11,110.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 22 $1,433,429.20
Defence Materiel Organisation 2 $327,753.14
Geoscience Australia 9 $324,811.30


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1461341 Software Maintenance $311,143.14Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-05-30 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
1814252 Applanix RTK POS MV 320 V5 E $143,837.10Geoscience Australia 2013-09-17 Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd
2091291 Software $137,511.00Department of Defence 2014-02-27 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
2783112 Software maintenance $137,511.00Department of Defence 2014-12-18 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
3316112 Software Maintenance $137,511.00Department of Defence 2016-01-07 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
1115532 Software Maintenance $137,511.00Department of Defence 2012-12-19 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
474833 Commercial off the shelf software $132,927.30Department of Defence 2012-03-15 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
356916 23 IVS Fledermaus Professional Suite upgrades maintenance FM Pro $105,425.10Department of Defence 2010-12-21 ACOUSTIC IMAGING
254068 IVS Fledermaus Professional Suite $103,125.00Department of Defence 2009-12-22 ACOUSTIC IMAGING
3399217 Software licences $91,674.00Department of Defence 2017-01-06 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
148317 Fledermaus Licences $71,403.20Department of Defence 2008-12-23 ACOUSTIC IMAGING
301785 Fledermaus pro suite 7.0 and support (software) $51,035.60Department of Defence 2010-06-17 ACOUSTIC IMAGING
3547362 Annual Maintenance $46,750.00Department of Defence 2018-11-01 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
3394855 Software support $45,837.00Department of Defence 2016-12-06 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
3488905 Annual Renewal $42,432.50Department of Defence 2018-02-21 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
76815 IVS ANNUAL MAINTENANCE $31,658.00Department of Defence 2007-11-30 ACOUSTIC IMAGING
1521421 Applanix RTK POSMV 320 PCS V5 $29,645.00Geoscience Australia 2013-06-18 Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd
1814262 Applanix RTK POSMV 320 PCS V5 $29,645.00Geoscience Australia 2013-09-17 Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd
3305347 Training $29,150.00Department of Defence 2015-11-06 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
27412 Fledermaus Professional Suite $25,656.40Geoscience Australia 2007-07-30 Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd
3346134 Project Management and Training Services $25,276.50Department of Defence 2016-05-18 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
143149 Fledermaus Professional Software $24,941.40Geoscience Australia 2008-07-30 Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd
110162 Fledermaus Professional Software $24,941.40Geoscience Australia 2008-07-30 Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd
428962 Software licence and maintenance $23,051.60Department of Defence 2011-08-26 ACOUSTIC IMAGING
3457710 Applanix POSPac MMS GNSS Inertial Software $21,780.00Geoscience Australia 2017-09-29 Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd
115093 Fledermaus Hydro Suite V7 $21,388.40Department of Defence 2008-08-11 ACOUSTIC IMAGING
365220 Software licence annual maintenance and support $18,334.80Department of Defence 2011-02-03 ACOUSTIC IMAGING
339909 Training for software fledermaus version 7.2 $16,610.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-10-04 ACOUSTIC IMAGING
3424102 Software license renewal $16,131.28Department of Defence 2017-05-08 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
74875 IVS Annual Maintenance Agreement $15,826.80Department of Defence 2008-03-13 ACOUSTIC IMAGING
1378961 Innomar SES -2000 Parametric Sub Bottom Profiler Lease ( RV Solander Survey - May) $13,255.00Geoscience Australia 2013-04-17 Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd
3306390 Specialised training course $11,958.12Department of Defence 2015-11-03 ACOUSTIC IMAGING PTY LTD
455834 Consultation, provision of hardware and software for the survey. Onsite POSPac processing expenses $11,110.00Geoscience Australia 2011-12-08 Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd