ABN: 34132333209
Similar to: Oceanturf Pty Ltd (ABN: 68706814312),
Also known as: Oceanturf Pty Ltd, Ocean Turff

39 contracts, total value $4,087,069.20
Procurement methods: Open 13 contracts, 33.33%, Open via SON 7 contracts, 17.95%, limited 19 contracts, 48.72%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Fibres and threads and yarns 4 $907,870.15
Fibres and textiles and fabric industries 4 $991,641.97
Air transportation support systems and equipment 4 $160,267.25
Tools and General Machinery 3 $68,418.90
Arms and ammunition accessories 3 $322,964.95
Camping and outdoor equipment and accessories 3 $64,907.81
Containers and storage 3 $630,555.20
Fluid and gas distribution 3 $117,066.40
Measuring and observing and testing instruments 3 $79,834.37
Motor vehicles 2 $166,320.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Defence Materiel Organisation 23 $2,350,666.23
Department of Defence 12 $1,617,578.60
Bureau of Meteorology 4 $118,824.37

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Supply of Manual Rain Gauges 2 $64,171.25
Water Cans 4 $801,310.40


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3383925 Webbing Textiles Tape and Thread $500,925.15Department of Defence 2016-10-11 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
935011 WEBBING, TEXTILE, TAPE, CLOTH, CORD AND THREAD CONSUMABLES $398,933.70Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-09-28 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
474248 Webbing Textiles, Tape, Thread and Line $375,953.27Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-03-09 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
803601 (1) Can Military Water Plastic 22 litre (2) Cap screw Water can plastic large c/w keeper and o ring (3) Cap Screw, Water Can; plastic small c/w keeper and o ring $273,350.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-08-07 Oceanturf Pty Ltd
3540954 Webbing Textiles Tape and Cord $228,745.00Department of Defence 2018-09-03 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
456277 Handset,Dynamic,Press to talk,W/Cord $193,160.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-01-09 Oceanturf Pty Ltd
3383901 Lightweight Tarpaulins $191,180.00Department of Defence 2016-10-12 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
2526591 Can Military & Cap Screw Large $187,805.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-08-26 Oceanturf Pty Ltd

Water, Can, Military, Plastic

$170,755.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-02-20 Oceanturf Pty Ltd

Can, Military; Water, Plastic, 22 Litre

$169,400.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-07-02 Oceanturf Pty Ltd
3484982 Targets $141,382.45Department of Defence 2018-01-30 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
3451868 Purchase or Repair Inventory (Item of Supply) $122,375.00Department of Defence 2017-08-15 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
3395489 Target $107,552.50Department of Defence 2016-12-09 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
446068 CELL,BATTERY NONRECHARGEABLE LITHIUM 12V. BA-521/U $83,600.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-11-16 Oceanturf Pty Ltd
2604231 Spare Parts and Military Vehicles $83,160.00Department of Defence 2014-09-25 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
2740091 Spare Parts Military Vehicles $83,160.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-09-30 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
3395488 Targets replenishment buy $74,030.00Department of Defence 2016-12-09 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
3128032 Webbing $64,116.25Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-05-22 OCEANTURF PTY LTD


$59,637.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-03-17 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
3560944 Webbing Textiles $55,825.00Department of Defence 2018-12-06 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
3376347 WEBBING $54,983.50Department of Defence 2016-09-02 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
2533391 Rope fibrous $54,340.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-08-29 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
3577439 Rain Gauges $50,877.20Bureau of Meteorology 2019-02-28 Oceanturf Pty Ltd
3336741 Stool Folding Camp $42,768.00Department of Defence 2016-04-15 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
3307107 Rain Gauge $38,990.00Bureau of Meteorology 2015-11-25 Oceanturf Pty Ltd
471276 Reclaimer Refrigerant 240V AC 50Hz $30,171.90Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-03-15 Oceanturf Pty Ltd
2681321 Disk Valve. $29,818.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-08-06 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
2476831-A1 Disk Valve $27,610.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-08-05 Oceanturf Pty Ltd
455218 Laundry Bag, White, 760mm High x 610mm Wide $25,575.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-12-22 Oceanturf Pty Ltd
3101492 lINE mULTI-LOOP nYLON wEBBING 3fT; $24,700.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-05-26 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
424908 Reclaimer Refrigerant 240V ac, 60hz $23,595.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-08-26 Oceanturf
2853202 Laundry Bags $20,944.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-01-21 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
2765262 LINE MULTI-LOOP $16,467.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-11-20 OCEANTURF PTY LTD
3508837 Rain Gauges $15,663.12Bureau of Meteorology 2018-05-17 Oceanturf Pty Ltd
429292 Battery, Storage $15,433.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-06-06 Oceanturf
376134 Reclaimer Refrigerant $14,652.00Department of Defence 2011-03-30 Oceanturf
3401312 Rain Gauge metal outer $13,294.05Bureau of Meteorology 2017-01-31 Oceanturf
2457971 Various Adventure Training Equipment $12,122.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-07-31 OCEANTURF PTY LTD

Various Adventure Training Equipment

$10,017.81Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-02-11 Ocean Turff