ABN: 30121985975
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26 contracts, total value $1,697,283.05
Procurement methods: Prequalified 1 contracts, 3.85%, limited 25 contracts, 96.15%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Education and Training Services 6 $207,749.45
Communications Devices and Accessories 5 $633,424.22
Management advisory services 2 $68,430.69
Professional engineering services 2 $53,195.34
Security surveillance and detection 2 $455,684.17
Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories 1 $18,103.10
Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications 1 $41,045.70
Computer Equipment and Accessories 1 $30,556.56
Manufacturing technologies 1 $21,243.75
Network security equipment 1 $24,423.96


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Defence Materiel Organisation 11 $806,034.60
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 4 $517,073.37
Department of Defence 10 $343,618.52
Australian Federal Police 1 $30,556.56


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
475231 Provision of Security Surveillance and Detection $438,839.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2012-03-20 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
2088251 Upgrade of Comms security monitoring system $333,561.42Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-02-25 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
2170081 Communications Equipment $164,450.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-04-04 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
2079141 Upgrade od Comms Security System $90,420.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-02-20 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
3068392 Portable Spectrum Analyser $72,021.41Department of Defence 2015-05-15 Systemware-Pacific
3282387 Army Training Course $47,915.85Department of Defence 2015-07-24 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
1888521 Specialist Training $45,035.91Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-11-05 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
3325961 Management Advisory Services $43,308.90Department of Defence 2016-02-23 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
5616 COMMUNICATION GEAR (GAPS ID: 1692860) $41,045.70Department of Defence 2007-05-22 SYSTEMWARE PACIFIC PTY LTD
737861 COMSEC Monitoring System Operator & Supervisor cse $41,012.48Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-07-04 SYSTEMWARE PACIFIC PTY LTD
321513 Computer Software $40,786.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2009-10-20 SystemWare-Pacific Pty Ltd
1609741 Training Services $33,938.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-07-08 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
53658 COMPUTER EQUIPMENT $30,556.56Australian Federal Police 2007-08-30 SYSTEMWARE PACIFIC
2180151 Upgrade of Comms Security Monitoring System $29,650.98Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-03-28 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
3468212 Training $26,806.85Department of Defence 2017-11-01 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
3493327 Training of Communications Security Monitoring $26,388.49Department of Defence 2018-04-16 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
3296903 Management Advisory Services $25,121.79Department of Defence 2015-09-24 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
3407918 Training course $24,423.96Department of Defence 2017-02-20 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
226373 Provision of CMS Basic Course $23,027.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-09-01 SYSTEMWARE PACIFIC PTY LTD
3334870 FARADAY Tent $21,243.75Department of Defence 2016-02-19 Systemware-Pacific
3175422 Provision of Security or Access Control Systems $20,603.20Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2015-06-18 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
2468051 Monitoring System Upgrade Training $18,103.10Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-07-24 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
2205661 Provision of Security Surveillance and Detection $16,845.17Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2014-05-02 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
1763881 CMS Supervisor Training $16,819.61Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-09-06 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
3420994 Communication Security Monitoring Equipment Training $15,341.82Department of Defence 2017-04-26 SYSTEMWARE-PACIFIC PTY LTD
110835 training course $10,015.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-07-22 SYSTEMWARE PACIFIC PTY LTD