Business Abstraction Pty Ltd

ABN: 30087006871
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Also known as: Business Abstraction Pty Ltd

16 contracts, total value $629,695.00
Consultancies: 2 contracts, 12.50%
Procurement methods: Open via SON 2 contracts, 12.50%, limited 14 contracts, 87.50%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Education and Training Services 7 $176,220.00
Business administration services 2 $114,620.00
Information technology consultation services 2 $86,130.00
Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services 1 $19,800.00
System administrators 1 $75,900.00
Project management 1 $51,700.00
Software maintenance and support 1 $48,675.00
Computer Equipment and Accessories 1 $56,650.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Bureau of Statistics 6 $208,670.00
IP Australia 1 $75,900.00
Department of Finance 2 $74,800.00
Department of the Environment 1 $66,880.00
Australian Federal Police 1 $56,650.00
Geoscience Australia 1 $55,000.00
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 1 $48,675.00
Department of Defence 1 $19,800.00
Australian Taxation Office 1 $13,200.00
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 1 $10,120.00

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Digital Marketplace Panel ( 1 $75,900.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3248702 Development of the Clickable ABS Transitional Metadata Model. $77,000.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2015-05-12 Business Abstraction Pty Ltd
3473170 ICT Services $75,900.00IP Australia 2017-12-04 BUSINESS ABSTRACTION PTY LTD
3354513 EPBC BriefBuilder $66,880.00Department of the Environment 2016-06-14 Business Abstraction Pty Ltd
3146762 Provision of ICT documentation $56,650.00Australian Federal Police 2015-06-11 Business Abstraction Pty Ltd
3496187 Linked Data Training $55,000.00Geoscience Australia 2018-02-19 BUSINESS ABSTRACTION PTY LTD
3479859 Digital Records Platform linked data specification $51,700.00Department of Finance 2018-01-09 Business Abstraction Pty Ltd
3323136-A1 Enterprise Architect software training and support $48,675.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2016-02-25 Business Abstraction Pty Ltd
749481 Assistance and training with Sparx Enterprise software. $41,580.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012-05-14 Business Abstraction Pty Ltd
3120792 Investigation of the underlying information/data models for ActiveVOS $37,620.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2015-04-22 Business Abstraction Pty Ltd
3433684 Training in Linked Data and Ontology Modelling $23,100.00Department of Finance 2017-06-16 Business Abstraction Pty Ltd
234039 Services contract $19,800.00Department of Defence 2009-09-28 BUSINESS ABSTRACTION PTY LTD

Sparx Enterprise Architect Consultancy

$19,250.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013-06-17 Business Abstraction Pty Ltd
1806031 Sparx enterprise edition. $17,820.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013-07-01 Business Abstraction Pty Ltd

In House Training "Semantic Technologies"

$15,400.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2014-05-08 Business Abstraction Pty Ltd
3414527 OWL Modelling with Protege & Introduction to Linked Data $13,200.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-04-05 BUSINESS ABSTRACTION
225877 Training Course - BPMN Modelling with Enterprise Architect $10,120.00Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2009-01-15 Business Abstraction Pty Ltd