Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.

ABN: 29083057738
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29 contracts, total value $6,271,886.28
Procurement methods: Open via SON 1 contracts, 3.45%, Prequalified 1 contracts, 3.45%, limited 27 contracts, 93.10%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Light weapons and ammunition 9 $5,391,692.00
Law enforcement 5 $339,176.30
Arms and ammunition accessories 3 $99,176.00
Security and control equipment 2 $33,158.40
Education and Training Services 2 $197,701.46
Tools and General Machinery 2 $84,552.00
Forensic IT Services 1 $46,695.00
Public safety and control 1 $12,346.07
Surveillance and detection equipment 1 $23,245.05
Machinery and transport equipment manufacture 1 $13,135.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Federal Police 17 $5,897,785.83
Department of Defence 6 $145,440.90
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2 $107,727.50
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 3 $97,687.00
Defence Materiel Organisation 1 $23,245.05

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Supply of conductive energy weapons (tasers) and related products 3 $5,135,100.50


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1822211-A3 Estimated expenditure for munitions $3,500,000.00Australian Federal Police 2013-09-05 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
608231 Supply of conductive energy weapons (tasers) and related equipment $1,617,225.50Australian Federal Police 2012-05-31 Breon Enterprises Pty Ltd
1891421 Supply of training aids $156,629.00Australian Federal Police 2013-11-11 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
53300 Taser X26's $142,450.00Australian Federal Police 2007-07-06 BREON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD
3467824 Supply of light weapons and ammunition $107,250.00Australian Federal Police 2017-11-03 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
3082172 CMO046020 - Operational Equipment $70,890.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2015-04-09 BREON ENTERPRISES P/L (TASER)
3326589 Supply Delivery Operation Safety Training Equip $62,792.50Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2015-12-14 BREON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD
3593423 Training Equipment $56,892.00Department of Defence 2019-04-24 BREON DEFENCE SYSTEMS
746161 Supply of Training Equipment $53,911.00Australian Federal Police 2012-06-04 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
416872 Provision of Tasers $46,695.00Australian Federal Police 2011-07-20 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
3378054 Safety Training Equipment $44,935.00Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2016-08-25 BREON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD
626891 Taser workshop $41,072.46Australian Federal Police 2012-04-04 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
147165 Tasers $39,600.00Australian Federal Police 2008-08-21 BREON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD
222607 Taser Cartridges $39,600.00Australian Federal Police 2009-06-18 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
223229 Taser Cartridges $39,600.00Australian Federal Police 2009-04-24 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
1279451 Taser cartridge $36,366.00Australian Federal Police 2013-03-21 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
233759 Tasers $24,381.50Department of Defence 2009-09-30 BREON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD
1732211 Nova and Star Beacon Samples $23,245.05Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-08-20 BREON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD
3566019-A1 Supply of taser training goods $23,130.80Australian Federal Police 2019-01-11 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
450226 Self defense products $21,428.00Department of Defence 2011-11-25 BREON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD
361968 Taser Products $20,328.00Department of Defence 2011-01-17 BREON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD

Supply of ammunitions

$17,875.00Australian Federal Police 2014-04-29 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
1549351 CMO034827 - Operational Equipment $13,662.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2013-05-03 BREON ENTERPRISES P/L (TASER)
2027551 CMO039371 - Plant & Equipment $13,135.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2014-01-31 BREON ENTERPRISES P/L (TASER)
122663 TASERS $12,346.07Australian Federal Police 2008-07-09 BREON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD
122599 Taser Cartridges $12,155.00Australian Federal Police 2008-07-21 BREON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD
223094 Taser X26 (Yellow) $11,880.00Australian Federal Police 2009-05-04 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
3550872 Training aids for security/policing courses $11,730.40Department of Defence 2018-11-06 BREON DEFENCE SYSTEMS
314657 Taser System and ammunition $10,681.00Department of Defence 2010-07-15 BREON ENTERPRISES PTY LTD