ABN: 24128489449
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Also known as: Technogym Australia Pty Ltd

18 contracts, total value $3,581,016.73
Procurement methods: Open 2 contracts, 11.11%, Open via SON 10 contracts, 55.56%, Prequalified 4 contracts, 22.22%, limited 2 contracts, 11.11%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Fitness equipment 13 $3,257,900.63
Gymnastics and boxing equipment 3 $189,710.69
Sports equipment and accessories 2 $133,405.41


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Federal Police 7 $3,124,143.48
Department of Defence 11 $456,873.25

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Supply and Installation of Gymnasium Equipment 5 $3,083,980.94
Supply physical fitness and recreational equipment 4 $172,776.46


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
229572 Supply and Installation of Gymnasium Equipment $2,500,000.00Australian Federal Police 2009-07-01 Technogym Australia Pty Ltd
282399 Supply and installation of gynasium equipment $364,408.77Australian Federal Police 2010-04-28 Technogym Australia Pty Ltd
1926022 Provision of Gym Equipment $152,923.17Australian Federal Police 2013-11-29 Technogym Australia Pty Ltd
969241 GYM EQUIPMENT $108,758.93Department of Defence 2012-10-04 TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3523031 GYMNASIUM EQUIPMENT $107,310.09Department of Defence 2018-06-14 TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
282396 Provision of gymnasium equipment $49,907.00Australian Federal Police 2009-12-14 Technogym Australia Pty Ltd
464454 Gym equipment $48,093.10Department of Defence 2012-01-31 TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
386636 Procurement of Steam Ovens $40,565.76Department of Defence 2011-04-27 TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
968431 GYM EQUIPMENT $39,771.00Department of Defence 2012-10-02 TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
375360 Procurement of Gym Equipment $26,095.32Department of Defence 2011-03-08 TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3559548 Supply of gym equipment $26,005.54Australian Federal Police 2018-12-07 Technogym Australia Pty Ltd
169179 GYM EQUIPMENT $25,245.00Department of Defence 2009-03-17 TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
257709 Qty 4- Ergometric Top 700SP LED for Enoggera Gym $23,768.80Department of Defence 2010-01-18 TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
482128 Supply and installation of gymnasium equipment $16,742.00Australian Federal Police 2011-12-01 Technogym Australia Pty Ltd
2211821 Maintenance of gym equipment $14,157.00Australian Federal Police 2014-04-07 Technogym Australia Pty Ltd
247972 GYM equipment $13,018.72Department of Defence 2009-12-09 TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3413542 Purchase of gym equipment $12,632.18Department of Defence 2017-03-20 TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3353197 Physio equipment - Robertson Barracks Health Centre Physio Department $11,614.35Department of Defence 2016-06-01 TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA