ABN: 23008059363
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Also known as: 849, Vectra, Vectra Corporation Pty Ltd, Vectra Corporation Ltd

47 contracts, total value $6,786,409.51
Confidentialities: 2 contracts, 4.26%( 2 on the contract, 0 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 13 contracts, 27.66%, Open via SON 12 contracts, 25.53%, Prequalified 7 contracts, 14.89%, limited 15 contracts, 31.91%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 11 $1,857,836.68
Computer services 9 $1,803,221.00
Hardware 8 $849,138.06
Computer Equipment and Accessories 4 $165,624.50
Computer servers 4 $233,337.20
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 3 $81,008.80
Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories 2 $1,231,665.25
Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications 1 $18,516.17
Maintenance or support fees 1 $440,175.33
Measuring and observing and testing instruments 1 $39,075.52


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Comsuper 32 $4,696,186.07
Australian Federal Police 4 $1,748,067.85
Department of Defence 4 $165,271.40
Department of Health and Ageing 4 $87,715.68
Department of Employment 1 $42,076.10
Australian Electoral Commission 1 $28,576.24
Department of Health 1 $18,516.17

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Server Environment Products & Services Standing Offer 6 $1,705,844.56
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services Commercial Off... 8 $1,910,249.89


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
373860-A1 Secure Access Online Infrastructure Solution $1,357,333.40Comsuper 2011-03-09 VECTRA
162024 For the provision for Dell servers and other equipment $1,100,000.00Comsuper 2009-01-01 Vectra Corporation
3473984 Provision of software services $642,367.00Australian Federal Police 2017-12-04 Vectra Corporation Limited
3507313-A1 Provision of data and access management services $626,450.00Australian Federal Police 2018-03-31 Vectra Corporation Limited
3367230 Provision of server maintenance services $440,175.33Australian Federal Police 2016-07-01 Vectra Corporation Limited
1312781-A1 PROVISION OF SOFTWARE $232,122.66Comsuper 2013-03-28 VECTRA CORPORATION LIMITED
10262 Supply of hard drives and disk array enclosures. (GAPS ID: 1655597) $218,407.00Comsuper 2007-02-21 VECTRA CORPORATION LTD
350773 Sun Fire x4470 Servers $167,051.55Comsuper 2010-10-29 Vectra Corporation
256273 Server Equipment $102,455.00Comsuper 2009-07-31 Vectra Corporation Ltd
10201 For the supply of servers and associated hardware. (GAPS ID: 1667281) $85,031.00Comsuper 2007-05-02 VECTRA CORPORATION LTD
85950-A1 Warranty renewal, maintenance and support for Dell server $77,071.00Comsuper 2008-05-30 Vectra Corporation

purchase of sunfire rack mounted servers

$70,736.60Comsuper 2008-10-27 Vectra
1255981 Computer servers $67,597.00Comsuper 2013-03-04 VECTRA CORPORATION LIMITED
47173 Provision for Supply of Disk Array Enclosures $64,900.00Comsuper 2007-06-19 Vectra Corporation Ltd
10217 Supply of disk array enclosures (GAPS ID: 1687328) $62,456.00Comsuper 2007-06-19 VECTRA CORPORATION LTD
10225 Supply of server hardware (GAPS ID: 1690046) $56,344.00Comsuper 2007-06-15 VECTRA CORPORATION LTD
135581 Provision for Enterprise Tape Library $53,856.00Comsuper 2008-10-27 Vectra Corporation
3595755 Centrify software $49,893.50Department of Defence 2019-05-03 VECTRA CORPORATION LIMITED
50646 Purchase Ancillary Equipment for a SUN Microsystems V890 Server $49,863.00Comsuper 2007-12-10 Vectra Corporation Limited
3505746 Centrify software Renewal $46,860.00Department of Defence 2018-05-10 VECTRA CORPORATION LIMITED
382411 Computer server, software and accessories with 36 month support & management plan $44,585.20Department of Defence 2011-04-14 VECTRA CORPORATION LIMITED
3424615 ICT Procurement $42,076.10Department of Employment 2017-05-19 VECTRA CORPORATION LIMITED
22104 Supply of Professional Services, software and hardware (GAPS ID: 1626004) $41,030.00Comsuper 2006-09-25 849
137348 Dell Maintenance and support $40,982.70Comsuper 2008-10-01 Vectra
123399 Variation to current contract for Dell server renewal, Maintenance and support $40,538.00Comsuper 2008-02-25 Vectra
10193 Supply of Host Bus Adaptors. (GAPS ID: 1667276) $39,111.00Comsuper 2007-04-18 VECTRA CORPORATION LTD
3392880 Supply of diagnostic testing equipment $39,075.52Australian Federal Police 2016-12-02 Vectra Corporation Limited
135594 Provision for Sunfire Rack mounted Server $35,368.30Comsuper 2008-10-27 Vectra Corporation
418694 Additional Kofax Hardware $33,695.00Comsuper 2011-07-20 Vectra Corporation Limited
10209 Supply of Tape Libary for Novell clusters (GAPS ID: 1687321) $32,025.00Comsuper 2007-06-28 VECTRA CORPORATION LTD
861281 Avocent Hardware $29,359.61Comsuper 2012-08-28 Vectra Corporation Pty Ltd
2599811 2014 Symantec Renewals - New Licences $28,576.24Australian Electoral Commission 2014-10-01 Vectra Corporation Pty Ltd
453194 Media Server Agent $27,500.00Comsuper 2011-11-22 Vectra Corporation Ltd
3336251 Computer network switch $23,932.70Department of Defence 2016-04-14 VECTRA CORPORATION LIMITED
1316231 Annual renewal of software $23,361.00Department of Health and Ageing 2013-04-30 Vectra Corporation Pty Ltd
464400 Annual renewal for software $22,506.00Department of Health and Ageing 2013-03-30 Vectra Corporation Pty Ltd
374956 To Renew the Mainframe Software Maintenance for Job Entry Sub-System Files $21,434.60Department of Health and Ageing 2011-03-31 Vectra Corporation Pty Ltd
278953 Renewal of Mainframe Software $20,414.08Department of Health and Ageing 2010-03-31 Vectra Corporation Pty Ltd
2914672 Computer Component $19,008.00Comsuper 2015-03-12 Vectra Corporation
453266 Argent Physical Servers $18,700.00Comsuper 2011-04-27 Vectra Corporation Ltd
115483 Annual OMC Flash software maintenance renewal $18,516.17Department of Health 2008-03-31 Vectra Corporation Ltd
47246 Provision for the purchase of Power-Path Licenece for the StatProd server $16,239.00Comsuper 2007-11-15 Vectra Corporation Ltd
995161 Tape Library Relocation $15,950.00Comsuper 2012-10-19 Vectra
431247 Web Redundancy Server $15,000.00Comsuper 2011-05-24 Vectra Corporation Ltd
43335 provision for the Supply of remote Access hardware $12,790.00Comsuper 2007-05-11 Vectra Corporation Ltd