ABN: 20097664018
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Also known as: APERIUM PTY LTD

39 contracts, total value $12,071,720.82
Consultancies: 9 contracts, 23.08%
Confidentialities: 1 contracts, 2.56%( 1 on the contract, 0 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 12 contracts, 30.77%, Open via SON 7 contracts, 17.95%, Prequalified 8 contracts, 20.51%, limited 12 contracts, 30.77%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services 12 $3,069,046.29
Business and corporate management consultation services 7 $1,369,596.16
Computer services 5 $1,313,580.52
Management advisory services 5 $385,250.00
Project management 3 $1,645,231.54
Software 2 $252,420.01
Management support services 2 $1,365,596.30
Water resources development and oversight 1 $970,000.00
Feasibility studies or screening of project ideas 1 $128,000.00
Business administration services 1 $1,573,000.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 30 $10,640,382.80
Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities 2 $1,001,680.00
Defence Materiel Organisation 6 $416,408.02
Department of Finance and Deregulation 1 $13,250.00

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Management Consultancy Services Standing Offer Panel 2 $2,817,598.30
Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Support Services (CASSS) Panel 2 $341,738.01
SAP Computing Specialist Services 3 $1,645,231.54


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
738951 Data Quality Information Management Centre of Excellence Projet $1,573,000.00Department of Defence 2012-07-06 APERIUM PTY LTD
31187 Professional Support for Enterprise Architecture Interface $1,253,146.65Department of Defence 2007-07-30 APERIUM PTY LTD
456739 Delivery of products in support of the data quality information management. $1,244,598.30Department of Defence 2011-12-16 APERIUM PTY LTD
265512 CIOG034/10 - Project Management $1,062,787.00Department of Defence 2010-02-23 APERIUM PTY LTD
207063 COMPUTER SERVICES $995,588.00Department of Defence 2009-07-09 APERIUM PTY LTD
454879-A1 Development of an Environmental Watering Management System $970,000.00Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities 2011-12-02 APERIUM PTY LIMITED
198754 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $412,500.00Department of Defence 2009-06-15 APERIUM PTY LTD
144913 DeBI Project Manager $370,769.76Department of Defence 2008-11-28 APERIUM PTY LTD
397291 CIOG034/10 - Project Management $366,682.39Department of Defence 2010-03-15 APERIUM PTY LTD
147704 DeBI Project Manager $364,253.60Department of Defence 2008-12-18 APERIUM PTY LTD
74626 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $323,171.00Department of Defence 2008-03-11 APERIUM PTY LTD
205359 DeBI Project Manager $321,916.52Department of Defence 2008-12-23 APERIUM PTY LTD
89315 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $256,275.01Department of Defence 2008-05-15 APERIUM PTY LTD
1289401 Implement DataStage as user-based Software $220,740.01Department of Defence 2013-03-22 APERIUM PTY LTD
678661 CIOG034/10 - Project Management $215,762.15Department of Defence 2011-06-16 APERIUM PTY LTD
5349 Hire of contracting services (GAPS ID: 1650679) $206,250.00Department of Defence 2007-03-05 APERIUM PTY LTD
5409 DeBI Project Manager - Support MILIS/ROMAN (GAPS ID: 1692950) $205,755.00Department of Defence 2007-07-30 APERIUM PTY LTD
166930 CONTRACTOR SERVICES $200,000.00Department of Defence 2009-03-06 APERIUM PTY LTD
5376 PROCUREMENT OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE (GAPS ID: 1672604) $198,000.00Department of Defence 2007-04-19 APERIUM PTY LTD
5351 Project Manager to Defence On-Line Services Domain (GAPS ID: 1398500) $194,082.50Department of Defence 2004-08-30 APERIUM PTY LTD
106771 Professional Services $148,000.00Department of Defence 2008-07-14 APERIUM PTY LTD
388569 Scoping Study for Report on Defective or Unsatisfactory Materiel System $128,000.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-05-03 APERIUM PTY LTD
539282 Data Stage BDL Implementation $120,998.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-05-10 APERIUM PTY LTD
314457 MANAGEMENT SERVICES $97,750.00Department of Defence 2010-07-14 APERIUM PTY LTD
5352 Reporting Strategy for DMO systems (GAPS ID: 1671053) $76,800.00Department of Defence 2007-05-16 APERIUM PTY LTD
37581 MMM Mobility project - User Requirement $76,785.01Defence Materiel Organisation 2007-09-17 APERIUM PTY LTD
214076 Employer Support Payment $75,556.00Department of Defence 2009-07-21 APERIUM PTY LTD
78475 Professional support to the DMES & LCART PDS $65,100.20Department of Defence 2007-12-07 APERIUM PTY LTD
30483 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $55,150.00Department of Defence 2007-08-23 APERIUM PTY LTD
285954 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $43,500.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-04-27 APERIUM PTY LTD
231957 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $42,680.01Department of Defence 2009-10-01 APERIUM PTY LTD
1516701 ICT Project Management Scoping of Reporting Strategy $31,680.00Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities 2013-06-19 APERIUM PTY LIMITED
195854 CONTRACTOR SERVICES $28,500.00Department of Defence 2009-06-17 APERIUM PTY LTD
281753 Business Analyst for MAIP $26,000.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-04-13 APERIUM PTY LTD
622461 Libility risk and insurance advice. $24,500.00Department of Defence 2012-06-05 APERIUM PTY LTD
79241 Business Analyst - Paul Rowson $24,000.08Department of Defence 2008-04-03 APERIUM PTY LTD
158513 SDSS Profile Changes Analysis $21,125.01Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-12-01 APERIUM PTY LTD
147431 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES $17,068.62Department of Defence 2008-10-21 APERIUM PTY LTD
211420 Gate 5 - Benefits Realisation Review $13,250.00Department of Finance and Deregulation 2009-02-13 Aperium Pty Ltd