SafeNet Australia Pty Ltd

ABN: 17001745375
Similar to: Safenet Compliance & Training P/L (ABN: 67134622487),
Also known as: SafeNet Australia Pty Ltd

20 contracts, total value $1,615,096.02
Procurement methods: Prequalified 8 contracts, 40.00%, limited 12 contracts, 60.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software maintenance and support 4 $176,870.98
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 3 $44,770.99
Computer services 3 $601,383.92
Computer Equipment and Accessories 2 $54,146.40
Software 2 $200,244.00
License management software 1 $39,230.71
Education and Training Services 1 $144,734.54
Computer hardware maintenance or support 1 $55,354.99
Communications Devices and Accessories 1 $151,322.89
Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories 1 $136,692.60


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Centrelink 2 $718,268.92
Defence Materiel Organisation 3 $432,750.03
Department of Human Services 3 $166,064.97
Australian Securities and Investments Commission 4 $55,114.99
Australian Federal Police 2 $51,803.40
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 1 $46,573.00
Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) 2 $40,938.00
Australian Electoral Commission 1 $39,230.71
Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs 1 $36,401.00
Department of Defence 1 $27,951.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
11405 Supply and Maintenance of Software (GAPS ID: 1639525) $543,632.92Centrelink 2006-10-11 SAFENET AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
201220 Software Licences $174,636.00Centrelink 2009-06-26 SafeNet Australia Pty Ltd
460943 Training and Services in support of the High Grade Equipment Upgrade to JP2069PH2 $151,322.89Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-01-24 SAFENET AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
1174242 Delivery of Training Services $144,734.54Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-01-25 SAFENET AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
820651 Training on new HGCE for ISS contractors and Defence personnel $136,692.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-08-01 SAFENET AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3472949 ICT Software Maintenance $55,354.99Department of Human Services 2017-12-01 SafeNet Australia Pty Ltd
3387003 Software Maintenance and Support $55,354.99Department of Human Services 2016-12-01 SafeNet Australia Pty Ltd
3551879 ICT Hardware Maintenance $55,354.99Department of Human Services 2018-12-01 SafeNet Australia Pty Ltd
475238 Provision of Computer Services $46,573.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2012-03-27 SAFENET AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED

Software Licences

$39,230.71Australian Electoral Commission 2007-09-13 Safenet Australia
249138 Protect Drive Maintenance $36,401.00Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs 2007-12-30 SafeNet Australia Pty Ltd

Provision of Software Maintenance and Support

$29,760.00Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) 2007-07-16 SafeNet Australia Pty Limited
172926 Computers $27,951.00Department of Defence 2009-03-30 SAFENET AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
123135 Software Licences $26,195.40Australian Federal Police 2008-01-18 SAFENET AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
138480 Provision of ProtectDrive support services $25,608.00Australian Federal Police 2009-01-01 SafeNet Australia Pty Limited
103049 ProtectDrive/ProtectPack Licenses $17,214.12Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2008-07-01 SafeNet Australia Pty Ltd
95267 ProtectDrive/ProtectPack Licences $17,214.12Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2008-05-19 SafeNet Australia Pty Ltd
60980 Software $11,178.00Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) 2007-12-06 SafeNet Australia Pty Ltd

IT Services.

$10,344.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2008-07-01 Safenet Australia Pty Ltd
95261 ProtectDrive/ProtectPack Annual Support and Maintenance $10,342.75Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2007-07-01 SafeNet Australia Pty Ltd