Pisces Australis Pty Ltd

ABN: 13169419078
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Also known as: Pisces Australis Pty Ltd

3 contracts, total value $99,000.01
Consultancies: 3 contracts, 100.00%
Procurement methods: limited 3 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Research programs 2 $66,000.01
Management advisory services 1 $33,000.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2 $66,000.01
Department of Agriculture 1 $33,000.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3063522 Provision of services by Pisces Australis Pty Ltd to SESSF $42,240.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2015-04-28 Pisces Australis Pty Ltd
2944342 Undertake technical work associated with the development of guidelines for the Commonwealth Fisheries Bycatch Policy $33,000.00Department of Agriculture 2015-04-01 Pisces Australis Pty Ltd
3362945 ERA development of triggers and indicators for re-assessment $23,760.01Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2016-06-20 Pisces Australis Pty Ltd