Kayell Australia Pty Ltd

ABN: 13087954149
Similar to: KAYELL VICTORIA PTY LTD (ABN: 71087940618),
Also known as: KAYELL PTY LTD, Kayell NSW P/L

19 contracts, total value $390,908.23
Procurement methods: Prequalified 8 contracts, 42.11%, limited 11 contracts, 57.89%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Computer Equipment and Accessories 5 $131,879.01
Cameras 4 $48,865.48
Scanners 3 $84,228.52
Photographic or filming or video equipment 3 $68,920.20
Camera accessories 1 $24,833.55
Printing and publishing equipment 1 $10,527.97
Professional artists and performers 1 $10,730.50
Laboratory and scientific equipment 1 $10,923.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Federal Police 8 $184,515.71
National Archives of Australia 6 $134,728.52
Department of Defence 4 $60,933.50
Department of the Environment Water Heritage and the Arts 1 $10,730.50


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
412662 Supply of monitors and related services $52,844.00Australian Federal Police 2011-06-29 Kayell Australia Pty Ltd
398799 Specialist calibrated colour Monitors $44,990.00Australian Federal Police 2011-05-31 KAYELL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
242286 High-end film Scanner $34,950.00National Archives of Australia 2009-11-23 Kayell Australia Pty Ltd
137469 Flextght X-5 Scanner $30,000.00National Archives of Australia 2008-10-28 Kayell Australia Pty Ltd
372680 Hasselblad Scanner $29,150.00National Archives of Australia 2011-02-04 Kayell Australia Pty Ltd
3420076 Camera Equipment $24,833.55Department of Defence 2017-04-21 KAYELL PTY LTD
3412999 Epson Expression A3 Scanners $20,128.52National Archives of Australia 2017-03-29 Kayell Australia Pty Ltd
122373 Computer monitor with ambient light hood $19,703.99Australian Federal Police 2008-03-04 KAYELL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3351759 Supply of computer equipment $18,612.00Australian Federal Police 2016-06-14 Kayell Australia Pty Ltd
3367715 Photography Equipment $14,852.96Department of Defence 2016-06-16 KAYELL AUSTRALIA PTY
3491153 Supply of photographic equipment $13,512.52Australian Federal Police 2018-03-02 Kayell Australia Pty Ltd
398797 Colour Managment System $12,666.20Australian Federal Police 2011-05-30 KAYELL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
406026 Specialist RGB Monitor $11,264.00Australian Federal Police 2011-06-01 KAYELL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
122558 Forensic Imaging equipment $10,923.00Australian Federal Police 2008-06-25 KAYELL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
346578 Provision of Colour Proofing System $10,730.50Department of the Environment Water Heritage and the Arts 2010-10-27 Kayell NSW P/L
544112 STORAGE ARRAYS $10,719.02Department of Defence 2012-05-09 KAYELL PTY LTD
3396622 Photography Printer $10,527.97Department of Defence 2016-12-14 KAYELL PTY LTD
110785 Cannon Camera Body $10,250.00National Archives of Australia 2008-07-10 Kayell Australia Pty Ltd
174081 Cannon Camera Body $10,250.00National Archives of Australia 2009-03-31 Kayell Australia Pty Ltd