ABN: 12097114791
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30 contracts, total value $650,143.93
Procurement methods: Open 6 contracts, 20.00%, Prequalified 2 contracts, 6.67%, limited 22 contracts, 73.33%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Gymnastics and boxing equipment 7 $141,545.26
Floor coverings 4 $62,827.33
Sports equipment and accessories 3 $41,357.74
Fitness equipment 3 $57,177.62
Gymnastics equipment 3 $51,930.21
Flooring service 1 $43,178.62
Doors and windows and glass 1 $85,600.90
Developmental and professional teaching aids and materials and accessories and supplies 1 $51,075.44
Industrial process machinery and equipment and supplies 1 $10,539.76
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services 1 $17,924.80


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 28 $603,112.66
Defence Materiel Organisation 2 $47,031.27


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1385901 Provision of Wall and Floor Coverage $85,600.90Department of Defence 2013-05-01 ACROMAT PTY LTD
347882 GYMNASIUM FLOOR COVERING $51,075.44Department of Defence 2010-11-10 ACROMAT PTY LTD
2330731 supply of protective floor and wall coverage $43,178.62Department of Defence 2013-04-18 ACROMAT
345270 Floor stip-carpeted and landing mats $36,935.32Department of Defence 2010-10-28 ACROMAT PTY LTD
3103802 Fitness Equipment $32,618.66Department of Defence 2015-04-01 ACROMAT
1714991 Vinyl dividing curtain with electric winch $26,617.86Department of Defence 2013-08-14 ACROMAT PTY LTD
368368 Various Gymnastic Equipment $25,932.06Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-02-11 ACROMAT - CMO TRADING Pty Ltd
265541 ACROMATS $24,189.00Department of Defence 2010-02-23 ACROMAT PTY LTD
192717 Mat Gymnasium $21,099.21Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-04-22 Acromat
72952 MAT GYMNASIUM $19,516.00Department of Defence 2008-04-29 ACROMAT PTY LTD
3131802 Fitness Equipment $18,614.09Department of Defence 2015-05-26 ACROMAT PTY LTD
17663 EIGHT F/STRIP-CARPETED-ACROLITE MATTING SIX TOUCH TAPE BLUE (GAPS ID: 1676327) $17,924.80Department of Defence 2007-06-15 ACROMAT PTY LTD
186267 GYM EQUIPMENT $17,046.92Department of Defence 2009-05-14 ACROMAT PTY LTD
370686 Mats and Floor Strip $16,978.25Department of Defence 2011-02-25 ACROMAT PTY LTD
1217042 Gymnasium Equipment $16,713.46Department of Defence 2013-02-20 ACROMAT PTY LTD
2075731 Supply Tumbling Mats $16,035.14Department of Defence 2014-02-18 ACROMAT PTY LTD
431009 GYM EQPT $15,865.08Department of Defence 2011-09-19 ACROMAT PTY LTD
266887 FLOOR STRIP, CARPETED ACROLITE $15,728.41Department of Defence 2010-03-02 ACROMAT PTY LTD
1931082 Provide and Install Dividing Curtain $15,600.20Department of Defence 2013-11-29 ACROMAT PTY LTD
215018 Floor Strips, Touch Tape Blue, Mat Landing $15,151.79Department of Defence 2009-07-29 ACROMAT PTY LTD
3006232 30% Deposit for Floor Strips and Joining Tape $13,979.43Department of Defence 2015-04-01 ACROMAT
3503252 Supply of Acromat flooring for RAAF AMB RAAFSFS Gy m $13,443.47Department of Defence 2018-03-21 CMO TRADING PTY LTD
377264 Floor Strip Acrolite and Touch Tape Blue $12,000.00Department of Defence 2011-03-21 ACROMAT PTY LTD
89527 CARPET $11,991.76Department of Defence 2008-05-16 ACROMAT PTY LTD
248231 SUPPLY OF ACROMAT FLOOR MATS FOR RAAF BASE DARWIN $11,754.80Department of Defence 2009-11-30 ACROMAT PTY LTD
241715 Gymnasium mat $11,315.00Department of Defence 2009-09-25 ACROMAT PTY LTD
287697 FITNESS EQUIPMENT FOR HMAS ALBATROSS GYM $11,200.81Department of Defence 2010-05-07 ACROMAT PTY LTD
3394024 Gym Mats $10,918.16Department of Defence 2016-08-10 ACROMAT
197973 TRAINING EQUIPMENT FOR PTI $10,579.53Department of Defence 2009-06-17 ACROMAT PTY LTD
3432862 Floor Matting $10,539.76Department of Defence 2017-06-06 ACROMAT PTY LTD