SONID Main category Total Contracts Value Number of Contracts
IBM Whole of Government ArrangementComputer services$939,350,427.386
ICT Contractor Services PanelComputer services$565,371,736.721988
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services Commercial Off...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$362,622,935.31748
Property Services Coordinated Procurement to the Commonwealth of AustraliaProperty management services$344,936,475.11152
Recruitment and Related Services PanelTemporary personnel services$242,458,465.472167
Defence Support Services (DSS) PanelManagement advisory services$227,891,061.36399
Outsource Labour for Service Delivery PanelTemporary personnel services$215,886,906.403
Information and Communication Technology Services PanelComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$192,537,084.21222
127074 Consultancy and Business Services under a Standing Offer Panel...Management advisory services$160,381,594.31560
Digital Marketplace Panel ( services$157,739,348.94522
IT Services PanelComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$151,059,715.18569
ICT Professional Services – Treasury PortfolioInformation technology consultation services$149,856,509.77189
ICT Hardware and Associated Services Panel (ICT Hardware Panel)Computer Equipment and Accessories$148,320,788.94494
Head Deed for the supply of Essential Vaccine for the National ImmunisationDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$121,140,000.002
Major Service Provider to CASG - Enterprise Support Services AgreementProfessional engineering services$117,812,429.5729
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesFuels$117,397,183.53204
Head Deed for the supply of Essential Vaccine for the National ImmunisationDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$113,835,000.002
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesFuels$113,013,424.9534
Enterprise Data Warehousing Hardware, Software, Support, ConsultancyInformation technology consultation services$108,691,943.123
Head Deed for the supply of Essential Vaccine for the National ImmunisationDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$105,170,000.002
Whole of Australian Government Software Licensing and Services (SLS) PanelSoftware$82,259,535.3423
Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Support Services (CASSS) PanelProfessional engineering services$81,330,278.48251
Technical Support Services Standing Offer PanelInformation technology consultation services$76,823,497.69136
Standard Combat Uniforms and AccessoriesUniforms$68,857,753.5229
Master Media Agency Services for the Australian GovernmentAdvertising$67,518,956.5743
Provision of Vehicle Fleet Management and Leasing Services to the...Vehicle leasing$63,447,288.87203
SAP Whole Of Government ArrangementComputer services$61,726,551.7358
Provision of IT Contractor ServicesComputer programmers$61,267,141.13258
Major Office Machines (MOMs) PanelOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$50,154,392.8580
Provision of Labour Hire ServicesTemporary personnel services$49,935,437.23360
43200000 -Provision of Technology Components Relevant to Traveller...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$45,983,020.894
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$45,440,250.2147
Standing Offer Panel for Air Transport ServicesMail and cargo transport$42,275,703.056
Applications Managed Services Partner ArrangementApplication implementation services$41,204,600.1025
Supply of Seasonal Influenza Vaccines for the National Immunisation ProgramDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$40,877,000.002
Australian Humanitarian Partnership - Support UnitHumanitarian aid and relief$39,759,485.478
Defence Infrastructure PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$38,747,559.2662
Learning and Development PanelEducation and Training Services$37,854,930.66136
Environment and heritage related professional servicesEnvironmental management$37,038,559.3653
Business Advisory PanelManagement advisory services$36,779,018.1153
Standing Offer for Platform Designer ServicesProfessional engineering services$36,447,608.9413
Professional ServicesManagement advisory services$35,257,430.48122
Master Media Agency for Planning and Placement Services Department of...Advertising$33,911,708.7278
Comcover Legal Services Parcelling Arrangement (CLSPA)Legal services$33,560,738.5476
Scientific, Engineering and Other Technical ServicesMilitary science and research$31,566,197.79117
Agreement for the provision of ICT Hardware, Software, Documentation and SeCommunications Devices and Accessories$31,546,303.1915
Workstations Loose Furniture and Marketing ProductsOffice furniture$31,045,795.70113
Deed of Agreement for the provision of Software, Support, Consultancy andComputer services$29,694,657.7313
Capture and Digital Information ServicesData services$27,000,000.001
Fiji Program Support Facility (FPSF)Education and Training Services$25,514,305.303
National Sessional Interpreter ServiceInterpreters$25,500,000.001
Cloud Services PanelComputer services$24,517,096.6848
Strategic Partner ServicesStrategic planning consultation services$23,589,132.272
AIHW ServicesData services$23,082,301.006
14/331 A319 Air Transport ServicesPassenger air transportation$22,860,000.002
Strategic Industry Partnership ArrangementSoftware$22,122,395.9018
Entry Level ICT Contractors and ServicesComputer services$21,842,493.7524
Labour Hire & Recruitment Services Panel (Indigenous Businesses)Temporary personnel services$21,816,411.77243
Deed of Agreement for Software Licensing and Related Services and...Software$21,679,075.7623
Research, Evaluation and Data (READ) PanelResearch programs$21,557,695.5964
Legal Services parcelling arrangements under the Legal Services...Legal services$20,910,070.40207
Research Evaluation ServicesResearch programs$20,510,988.55127
Transitional Arrangement for Technical Support ServicesInformation technology consultation services$20,276,299.089
Computer SoftwareSoftware$19,051,635.466
Head Deed for the supply of Essential Vaccine for the National ImmunisationDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$18,685,000.001
Organisational Change Management Partner ServicesOrganisational structure consultation$17,912,620.002
Telecommunications Services PanelTelecommunications media services$16,407,692.6837
Legal Services Parcelling ArrangementLegal services$16,009,567.7850
Defence Infrastructure Panel 2010Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$15,868,483.4411
20 Million Trees ProgrammeProfessional procurement services$15,487,730.243
The Mobile Panel has been established for the provision of Mobile...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$15,367,368.6466
Mercantile Agent Service for Debt RecoveryDebt management$15,012,650.004
Freight and Courier ServicesFreight forwarders services$14,285,699.3913
Enterprise Information and Communications Technology Panel ICT...Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment$13,482,406.2566
Defence ICT Infrastructure Site Integration and Project Management ServicesProject management$13,362,275.6634
Fresh Foodstuffs to Australian Defence ForceFood and Beverage Products$13,005,026.16119
Logistics and Letters panelMailing services$12,805,649.3921
Air Charter Helicopter ServicesCivilian and commercial rotary wing aircraft$12,768,477.003
Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS)Stationery$12,152,775.4911
Deed of Agreement for the provision of Hardware, Software,...Computer servers$11,893,932.3542
Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel (Panel 2)Professional engineering services$11,541,475.5614
Accounting, Audit and Related Professional Services (AARPS) panelAccounting services$11,526,802.2288
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesFuels$11,511,982.108
Internet Based Network Connection ServicesComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$11,340,661.6133
AWD Combat System Services and MaterialsProfessional engineering services$10,880,885.4010
Innovation Resource FacilityManagement advisory services$10,383,170.286
Soldier Combat Ensemble - Load Carriage EquipmentPersonal safety and protection$10,223,662.2010
ADF Combat BootsFootwear$10,136,964.2711
Internal Audit Service PanelAudit services$10,113,215.3465
Provision of IT Contractors Panel of Indigenous SuppliersTemporary personnel services$9,979,242.7533
Property and Project Management Services PanelBuilding support services$9,623,227.2257
Program Review and Evaluation PanelCorporate objectives or policy development$9,515,551.5325
Microsoft Master Services Agreement (SODS06/0397-A)Software$9,107,598.064
Vibroseis or Equivalent Seismic Data Acquisition and Related ServicesEarth science services$9,054,562.502
Infrastructure Advisory Services PanelManagement advisory services$8,836,754.3047
Creative and Digital Communication PanelGraphic design$8,833,730.22115
Debt Management ServicesDebt management$8,812,111.204
Standing Offer for the supply of HF, VHF and UHF radios and ancillariesCommunications Devices and Accessories$8,699,523.3222
Learning and Development ServicesEducation and Training Services$8,672,685.3691
PFC Environmental PanelEnvironmental management$8,293,534.898
Soldier Combat Ensemble - Tiered Combat HelmetsFace and head protection$8,180,977.702
Construction Related Services PanelGeneral building construction$8,066,940.188
Software, maintenance, support and servicesSoftware maintenance and support$7,757,589.2417
PACTAM 2Management advisory services$7,712,741.0214
Simulation Support PanelProfessional engineering services$7,376,626.8918
Valuation and estimation servicesBusiness administration services$7,263,571.232
ICT Research Services - Head AgreementStrategic planning consultation services$7,181,973.6316
Health Data Analytics Select PanelData services$6,904,104.2320
Furniture and equipment hireCommercial and industrial furniture$6,875,933.5511
Legal ServicesLegal services$6,807,967.4277
Legal Services - non-Tax Disputes and AdviceLegal services$6,695,434.5939
Non-combat Clothing Program and ServicesClothing$6,506,263.1934
Business Improvement Consultancy Service.Corporate objectives or policy development$6,237,875.6242
Computer Network EquipmentComputer Equipment and Accessories$6,131,871.898
Supply of Meningococcal & Pertussis Vaccines for the NIPDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$5,974,465.504
Panel of providers for the provision of Learning and Change Services...Education and Training Services$5,879,803.2649
Contact Centre ServicesBusiness administration services$5,714,653.458
Health Technology Assessment PanelMedical science research and experimentation$5,678,523.8047
The provision of case management software and related servicesSoftware$5,650,000.001
Medical services for pre and post deployment travelIndividual health screening and assessment services$5,612,580.808
CBRNE Safety Products and ServicesPersonal safety and protection$5,545,389.5027
Radio communications equipment and related servicesCommunications Devices and Accessories$5,428,937.7310
Provision of Language Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$5,238,878.6693
Provision of Functional Fitness Assessment ServicesIndividual health screening and assessment services$5,170,000.002
Media Monitoring ServicesNews and publicity services$5,062,190.667
EXPERT CONSULTANCY PANELManagement advisory services$5,051,320.4543
Combat UndergarmentsClothing$5,012,855.618
16/586 Petroleum ProductsFuels$5,002,448.005
Environmental Research and Analysis Panel Environmental Themes...Environmental management$4,890,475.8122
Exercise and Advanced Training Services Standing Offer PanelEducation and Training Services$4,870,364.5724
Support to Implementation of First Principles ReviewCorporate objectives or policy development$4,863,343.562
Office Fitout Design and construction ServicesBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$4,829,106.264
Software Licensing and related DeliverablesSoftware$4,812,814.842
Small Generation Unit Inspection Services PanelProfessional engineering services$4,787,873.9414
Software and Support Services for Data Modeling SoftwareSoftware$4,759,582.529
ICT Services PanelTemporary personnel services$4,714,681.0010
ICT Software Licensing, support, services and maintenanceComputer services$4,675,847.564
091179 - The Manufacture and Supply of UniformsClothing$4,510,000.003
Labour Hire and Related Services PanelTemporary personnel services$4,431,500.008
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 12 - Infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS - Cloud)$4,397,549.201
General Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Related SparesElectrical equipment and components and supplies$4,384,539.9238
Workstation and Furniture PanelOffice furniture$4,365,584.7052
Technical, Project Management, Documentation and Training ServicesFeasibility studies or screening of project ideas$4,348,308.215
Government and Administration ParcelLegal services$4,261,245.6587
Remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care Service PanelManagement advisory services$4,247,542.6026
Provision of Substance Detection and Identification TechnologySecurity surveillance and detection$4,191,816.051
Recruitment Services of Scientifically Skilled PersonnelTemporary personnel services$4,168,859.7449
Civilian Armoured VehiclesMotor vehicles$4,048,545.181
Deed of Standing Offer for Legal ServicesLegal services$4,024,451.3260
General Purpose JacketsClothing$4,016,669.136
Provision of Infrastructure Advisory Services PanelEconomics$3,892,092.004
Panel for Psychological Assessment ServicesPsychologists services$3,849,301.6549
Video Surveillance Equipment and ServicesSecurity surveillance and detection$3,833,822.9513
Office Furniture, LIA Furniture, Whitegoods & Household Furniture HireFurniture$3,821,640.61119
Wet and Foul Weather EnsembleClothing$3,789,881.815
ICT Equipment and ServicesComputer servers$3,775,605.0811
Employee Assistance ProgramIndividual health screening and assessment services$3,630,419.004
Polling equipment servicesCardboard$3,543,000.003
16/588 Marine BunkersFuels$3,502,000.003
Unique Identification (UID) Labels/Marks and Associated ServicesProfessional engineering services$3,457,539.774
Corporate and Commercial Parcel – GeneralLegal services$3,413,997.9237
Network Task Chairs and Front of House SeatingOffice furniture$3,412,642.2951
Specialists Recruitment PanelTemporary personnel services$3,372,136.1528
Medical and Dental ConsumablesMedical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$3,333,255.1835
Communication Products Management panelPrinting$3,264,140.002
Amenities Internet Access (AIA) ServicesSoftware maintenance and support$3,137,964.205
Commonwealth On-Farm Further Irrigation Efficiency (COFFIE) ProgramWater resources development and oversight$3,136,108.4124
Media Services PanelInformation services$3,122,366.159
Explosive OrdnanceLight weapons and ammunition$3,113,031.601
Provision of a Workstation Furniture SystemBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$3,088,130.003
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 9 - Governance...Economics$3,035,828.294
Contracted Decision Maker Change of Assessment and Objections ServicesBusiness administration services$3,020,226.0026
A panel for the provision of data centre facilities to GovernmentHardware$2,993,798.495
Scientific Equipment PanelLaboratory and scientific equipment$2,970,805.404
Whole of Government Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR)...Software$2,924,061.4215
Specialist Health ServiceDisease prevention and control$2,900,570.7820
PC9/A Engine and Propeller Support ServicesMilitary fixed wing aircraft$2,849,244.5419
Health Economic Services PanelEconomic analysis$2,775,232.196
Supply of Red Cell Diagnostic ProductsComprehensive health services$2,764,324.6326
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 2 -...Management advisory services$2,593,262.2516
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SaaS Services PanelComputer accessories$2,357,369.605
Tier 2 Contracted Decision Maker Change of Assessment and ObjectionsBusiness administration services$2,331,807.5013
VMWare Software Enterprise Agreement and Deed of Standing OfferSoftware$2,324,286.933
Security Services and Maintenance PanelSecurity and control equipment$2,290,177.607
Greenhouse and Energy Audit Services PanelAudit services$2,275,477.3954
Acquisition, processing and supply of airborne geophysical data panelEarth science services$2,264,372.232
Ballistic and Laser Ocular Protection SystemSafety apparel$2,255,747.615
Identity Verification, Financial, Asset and Income Search ServicesMarket research$2,225,295.864
Occupational Rehabilitation and Associated Medical Services (ORAMS)Comprehensive health services$2,223,444.0450
Provision of Demolition Services for Vacant Properties at Badgerys CreekBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$2,201,267.803
Land Transport ServicesTransport operations$2,048,270.3129
Supply of police equipmentSafety apparel$2,046,701.739
Project Management and Construction Management ServicesBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$2,015,709.304
Network, Server and Storage Equipment Computer Equipment and Accessories$2,005,562.885
Fibre Optic Infrastructure Works and Services PanelData Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories$1,971,058.8936
HUMANITARIAN LOGISTICS PERIOD OFFERHumanitarian aid and relief$1,920,126.916
091231 - Personal Protective EquipmentPersonal safety and protection$1,914,000.002
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 1 Design (Global)Management advisory services$1,901,495.4312
Construction Management ServicesBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$1,843,378.642
Concur Whole of Government ArrangementComputer services$1,838,458.7611
Research Services PanelMarket research$1,834,916.6418
Optical, Geospatial, Radar and Elevation Supplies and Services (OGRE)...Data processing or preparation services$1,793,119.743
govCMS Drupal Services PanelInternet services$1,752,620.1521
Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) training, coaching and associated servicesEducation and Training Services$1,722,760.001
Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist Equipment Clothing and ServicesPersonal safety and protection$1,682,857.517
Legal Services - Dispute Resolution and Litigation ParcelLegal services$1,662,002.757
Provision of training services to Department of DefenceEducation and Training Services$1,659,500.5912
Collaborative Evaluation, Research and Planning Panel (CERP Panel)Management advisory services$1,651,994.509
Legal Services parcelling arrangement - General Advising ParcelLegal services$1,638,700.006
Financial Statement and Performance Statement contractorsAudit services$1,617,435.0026
Workstations including Related Office Furniture and Marketing Products andOffice and desk accessories$1,573,595.383
ICT Hardware, related software and servicesSoftware maintenance and support$1,530,444.1115
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 16 - Procurement & GrBusiness administration services$1,522,182.872
Security Services PanelSecurity and personal safety$1,508,118.1015
AMSA Painting Contractor Panel ArrangementBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$1,506,446.893
Executive Recruitment and Development ServicesPersonnel recruitment$1,501,970.0027
Sea Lift transport ServicesMarine transport$1,480,278.854
Supply of 5" Projectiles and FuzesLight weapons and ammunition$1,470,137.992
Negotiation Services Standing Offer PanelProfessional procurement services$1,469,013.357
Provision of Valuation & Valuation Related ServicesManagement advisory services$1,465,829.0018
Provison of Recruitment ServicesTemporary personnel services$1,440,198.4424
Combat Boot SuiteFootwear$1,438,307.014
Market and Social Research Panel (MSRP)Market research$1,424,500.5015
Emergency Medical Evacuation Services to the Indian Ocean TerritoriesPassenger air transportation$1,414,847.0622
Carbon Creative Services for Childhood Education Immunisation CampaignPublic relation services$1,394,228.003
Exhibition ServicesAudio and visual presentation and composing equipment$1,334,540.345
Indian Ocean Territories Nursing ServicesComprehensive health services$1,327,400.0041
Disposal, Repair and Maintenance of Portable Fire ExtinguishersFire fighting equipment$1,327,200.631
SAP Deed of Standing OfferSoftware$1,310,893.793
Trades and Services PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$1,307,551.9516
Deed of Standing Offer for Whole-of-Government Content Management...Platform as a Service (PaaS - Cloud)$1,265,482.4414
Standing Offer for Maintenance and Professional ServicesMaintenance or support fees$1,262,272.421
Online Legal Research and Reference MaterialsElectronic reference material$1,260,490.968
Provision of Business Administration Services (Construction and Trades)...Business administration services$1,235,563.7612
Digital Services Professionals ( services$1,233,511.976
Rapid Prototyping Development Program Standing Offer - RA/001Professional engineering services$1,232,418.004
ADF Parade BootsFootwear$1,210,000.001
Soldier Combat Ensemble - Protection ElementsPersonal safety and protection$1,208,672.429
Panel of Providers for the Provision of Document Examination EquipmentLaboratory and scientific equipment$1,201,330.242
Provision of Software, Support and Related ServicesSoftware$1,195,167.575
ASC Maritime Standing Offer for ServicesProfessional engineering services$1,193,816.802
Provision of Engineering ServicesProfessional engineering services$1,160,196.847
Anti-Virus Software and related servicesSoftware$1,153,888.531
Establishment of Language Services Standing Offer PanelEducation and Training Services$1,142,019.8628
Software Licencing and related deliverablesProfessional procurement services$1,087,900.003
Security Equipment and Maintenance ServicesSecurity and control equipment$1,060,630.404
Software licenceSoftware$1,060,352.643
Provision of File Storage and Retrieval ServicesDocument storage services$1,058,185.071
Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council panelManagement advisory services$1,057,137.639
Automatic Number Plate Recognition and In-Car VideoComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$1,045,724.021
Provision of IT Audit Advisory PanelAudit services$1,032,857.009
Actuarial Services PanelDevelopment finance$1,002,154.0014
Contact Centre Workforce Management Training.Education and Training Services$965,365.004
Electronic Technical Hardware, Software and ComponentsElectronic hardware and component parts and accessories$964,685.369
Outsourced record management servicesFile archive storage$937,695.902
Maritime Certification Services PanelMilitary watercraft$921,977.661
Defence Force Recruiting Media Support Services PanelPublic relation services$915,539.594
Energy Technical and Business Services PanelManagement advisory services$907,614.6014
Creative Services for the National Tobacco CampaignPublic relation services$902,000.003
Expert Infrastructure AdviceManagement advisory services$889,311.905
Secure Internet Gateway ServicesInternet services$887,669.342
Long Form Services Agreement for Provision of Foodstuffs, Household and...Food and Beverage Products$871,739.017
Head Agreement of Microsoft Software of the Whole of Government (Volume...Software$871,416.411
Actuaries and Valuers services PanelAudit services$852,117.5012
Oil Spill Control AgentsPlastic and chemical industries$850,567.301
Standard Combat Uniforms and AccessoriesUniforms$835,232.203
Work Health and Safety related ServicesManagement advisory services$834,725.0910
Events ManagementTrade policy and services$827,436.425
Defence Fuel Supply Chain Technical Expertise Panel (DFSCTEP)Professional engineering services$812,119.993
Public Key Infrastructure ServicesSoftware$786,526.402
International Printer Solutions Head AgreementOffice machines and their supplies and accessories$767,141.971
Indigenous Property Project Management (IPPM) Services PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$762,356.106
Video Conferencing Systems - Pro AVPhone and video conference equipment and hardware and controllers$749,175.717
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 12 Infrastructure...General building construction$719,993.297
Aged Care Policy Development PanelAdministrative agencies services$709,592.2710
Software Licensing and related DeliverablesSoftware$683,338.393
Organisational Psychology ServicesPsychologists services$679,890.993
16/491 Specialised Technical Subject Matter ExpertiseProfessional engineering services$677,600.001
Accommodation Program Management Services for the Australian GovernmentHotel rooms$674,940.871
Brigade Labour Hire ServicesHuman resources services$669,295.006
Research, Evaluation and Analysis PanelResearch programs$658,110.441
Supply, Support & Implementation Assistance of a Data Loss...Software$652,764.195
Digital Media Support ServicesTelecommunications media services$652,394.009
Supply of Shipping Container (ISO) and Container, TriconContainers and storage$650,352.212
Community Engagement PanelNews and publicity services$650,000.001
Education PanelPublishing$629,100.001
17/257 Pharmaceutical and MedicalDrugs and Pharmaceutical Products$626,725.339
Systems integrators for the provision of services related to WPITSoftware or hardware engineering$622,886.002
Internal Audit ServicesManagement advisory services$622,548.001
Travel Management Services for the Australian GovernmentTravel facilitation$615,284.187
ADF SocksClothing$615,238.802
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 2 Monitoring and...Management advisory services$602,048.857
Port Agency Services for Royal Australian Navy vesselsMilitary watercraft$592,671.4714
Financial Advisory ServicesManagement advisory services$584,000.003
Production, printing, storage and packaging of Ballot MaterialsPrinting$580,000.002
Panel of Program Reviewers and EvaluatorsManagement advisory services$573,942.803
GovCMS Services PanelInternet services$573,229.673
Ship Agency ServicesMarine transport$569,791.217
ADF Cadet BootsFootwear$561,283.572
Concept Testing Research for National Immunisation ProgramMarket research$561,000.002
Medical GasesMedical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies$558,500.001
Secure Deployable Communications Products and ServicesComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$557,087.672
Office Furniture and Storage PanelOffice furniture$556,246.904
Supply of Radiosondes and OzonesondesMeasuring and observing and testing instruments$553,460.675
Software & services to rollout and sustain the Warehouse Management SystemSoftware maintenance and support$550,000.001
Creative and Digital Communication PanelAudio visual services$535,702.527
Serial publications and related servicesElectronic reference material$530,655.2611
Carpet Manufacture and SupplyFloor coverings$529,415.703
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$527,851.8432
Waste Management ServicesRefuse collection and disposal$525,707.296
Satellite Equipment and ServicesData Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories$518,501.495
Furniture Conservation Services at Australian Parliament HouseFabrics and leather materials$517,729.858
Venue Design, Supply and Installation ServicesEvents management$515,487.233
Mail Room and Scanning Operation ServicesMailing services$505,137.223
Tri Services Knitwear, Male and FemaleClothing$504,218.141
Provision of Stevedoring ServicesMaterial handling services$503,612.544
Provision of Shipping ContainersContainers and storage$499,748.7011
For the provision of Hardware, Software, Support, Consultancy andSoftware or hardware engineering$498,075.002
CSIRO SON 2014-0903Computer Equipment and Accessories$495,000.001
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesFuels$490,347.841
The Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Services PanelManagement advisory services$487,640.456
Panel for digitisation servicesBusiness administration services$478,402.407
Investigations PanelHuman resources services$473,130.5020
Property Maintenance and Construction Services PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$469,171.6712
Customer Experience Program PanelCorporate objectives or policy development$466,025.002
AMEP/SEE 2017–20Education and Training Services$463,423.008
Site Civil Works at HFDF Sites Located in Western Australia, Northern...Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services$456,605.601
Parts for Mack Through Life SupportMotor vehicles$447,660.584
Campaign evaluation market research servicesMarket research$440,000.001
Provision of Public Relations Consultancy ServicesPublic relation services$437,000.006
Panel for the provision of Activity Based Funding AdviceStrategic planning consultation services$435,708.001
Panel for the Provision of Consultancy ServicesArchitectural engineering$431,903.007
Secure Internet Gateway ServicesInternet services$421,300.002
Ceremonial Colours, Guidon's and BannersFibres and textiles and fabric industries$418,495.009
Capacity Design and Evaluation ServicesTemporary personnel services$416,566.054
Transcription and Recording ServicesTranscribing services$408,000.006
Optical Surveillance ServicesSecurity surveillance and detection$407,000.0010
Flyer's ClothingUniforms$403,079.814
Exhibitions Temporary Personnel PanelTemporary personnel services$401,570.003
Provision of gas products and services to the Australian Antarctic...Elements and gases$400,000.001
Provision Of Global Navigation Satellite Systems EquipmentEarth science services$390,950.341
Visual Illumination DeviceArms and ammunition accessories$386,031.002
Deed of Standing Offer for Software, Hardware and ServicesSoftware$385,290.622
Solomon Island Resource FacilityInternational relations$385,000.001
16/73 Cold Climate Polar ClothingClothing$381,782.587
ADF Parade ShoesFootwear$378,694.363
Task and Meeting Room ChairsOffice furniture$378,055.703
Charter Vessel Operation and provision of technologies to gather baseline dCommercial marine craft$375,323.181
Standing Offer Panel for WHS Auditing ServicesAudit services$370,443.4931
Mandatory Whole of Government Campaign Evaluation Market Research ServicesMarket research$366,307.603
Heritage, Environment and Sustainability Services PanelEnvironmental management$360,488.703
Building Maintenance and ImprovementGrounds maintenance services$358,374.044
Embroidered InsigniaUniforms$356,085.9510
Supply of MedalsMedals$353,265.001
Media monitoring servicesTelecommunications media services$350,000.002
Aerodrome Advisory ServicesTransport operations$340,194.903
Provision of Electrical, Technical and Engineering Services and SuppliesElectrical equipment and components and supplies$338,500.009
IT Services Panel – ICT Technical and Advisory Panel for ICT...Information technology consultation services$337,849.903
Commercial Information Reports PanelManagement advisory services$337,300.004
ICT Equipment and ServicesCommunications Devices and Accessories$332,793.844
Software Maintenance and Support ServicesSoftware maintenance and support$332,200.002
Software Licencing and Support ServicesSoftware$328,628.802
Defence Force Recruiting Market Research Services PanelMarket research$327,826.433
Provision of Printing and Mailhouse Services to facilitate Postal...Printing$316,446.755
Infrastructure Project Cost Estimation ServicesEconomic or financial evaluation of projects$310,500.007
Custom Exhibition Stands for Domestic tradeshowsExhibitions$300,000.001
Air Charter ServicesPassenger air transportation$297,000.001
Corporate, Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution ParcelLegal services$293,103.908
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 10 - Social DevelopmLegal services$291,792.601
Relocation Management and Removalists Services PanelRelocation services$289,961.204
The provision of services relating to the development and presentation...Research programs$286,761.405
Simulation support services panelBusiness administration services$286,655.662
Locally Engaged Staff (LES) Remuneration Review PanelHuman resources services$280,650.004
Supply of Gymnasium (Physical Fitness) EquipmentFitness equipment$279,521.285
Building Services PanelCultural heritage preservation or promotion services$277,129.556
Supply physical fitness and recreational equipmentFitness equipment$274,554.507
Establishment of a Panel for Parametric Costing Tools and Associated ServicSoftware$269,767.303
Tailoring and Medal Mounting Services RAAF Base TindalPersonal appearance$268,026.902
Court Recording and Transcription ServicesTranscribing services$259,000.013
Information Technology Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$253,427.492
Primary Dispute Resolution ServicesPsychologists services$250,000.001
Provision of Domestic and International Removals and Storage ServicesMail and cargo transport$250,000.001
Expeditioner Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$246,154.838
Software Support and Consultancy ServicesSoftware$245,259.072
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 1 - Design...Management advisory services$244,854.393
Collaboration AgreementBusiness administration services$239,675.002
Learning and Development - Specialist Technical Skills PanelEducation and Training Services$237,500.003
Internal Audit and Related Services including: Internal Audit and...Audit services$237,378.657
Employee Assistance Services (EAS) PanelPsychologists services$234,999.9910
InternaAudit and Fraud ServicesAudit services$231,355.003
Vacation Childcare ServicesEducation and Training Services$229,500.001
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 18 - EducationEducation and Training Services$224,835.605
Electronic Information Resources and Related ServicesElectronic reference material$224,570.884
Hire of Engineering VehiclesHeavy construction machinery and equipment$223,321.467
Simultaneous Interpretaion and Translation ServicesInterpreters$220,376.252
Digital Record of InterviewPhotographic and recording media$219,339.562
Provision of Communication ServicesAdvertising$219,200.003
specialist communications advice and servicesPublic relation services$215,000.003
Standing Offer for the supply of Laboratory GasElements and gases$213,836.003
Security Equipment and Maintenance PanelSecurity and control equipment$209,926.166
Architecture, Cost Planning and Building Services PanelArchitectural services$209,026.051
Supply of munitionsLight weapons and ammunition$208,560.002
Supply of Electrical and Electrical Components, Communication and DetectionElectronic hardware and component parts and accessories$204,865.801
Soldier Combat Ensemble - Combat Hearing ProtectionPersonal safety and protection$204,700.202
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 3 - Capacity...Management advisory services$203,158.601
Security Patrols and Concierge DutiesSecurity guard services$203,139.291
Provision of Services Oriented Architecture Products and ServicesSoftware$200,597.241
Accommodation Program Management Services to the Australian Government...Hotels and motels and inns$200,000.001
Papua New Guinea Governance FacilityBusiness administration services$196,933.001
Mail, Freight and Courier servicesFreight forwarders services$196,480.002
Health Management Advisory Services and/or Organisational Review...Management advisory services$194,438.763
ADF Safety BootsFootwear$194,175.961
Organisational Psychology Services PanelManagement advisory services$193,732.002
Provision of ADF Fuel, POL Supplies and Card ServicesLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$191,040.8110
Occupational Medicine Services to the AFPIndividual health screening and assessment services$186,665.601
Rate of Return Consultants PanelManagement advisory services$183,900.005
Training for Health and Safety Representatives in theEducation and Training Services$182,952.002
ADF SocksClothing$178,450.801
Contractor Services for ORICManagement advisory services$178,135.004
Provision of Laboratory Support Services to the PFAS InvestigationsMeasuring and observing and testing instruments$172,804.501
Arts for Recovery, Resilience, Teamwork & Skills (ARRTS) ProgramEducation and Training Services$171,978.281
Provision of technical and related services domestically and overseas.Computer services$171,648.166
Employment Agency Services PanelHuman resources services$171,238.003
Legal Services parcelling arrangement - Legal Labour Hire ParcelLegal services$170,940.001
Interpreting and translation servicesInterpreters$170,000.001
Provision of training venues and facilitiesMeeting facilities$168,120.926
Environmental Quality PanelEnvironmental management$166,535.024
Supply of National Police Certificate PaperPrinting and writing paper$165,000.001
Floor Covering Laying ServicesFloor coverings$162,630.003
Provision of helicopter charter services for aerial sampling of feral...Civilian and commercial rotary wing aircraft$155,226.384
Provision of Cartage ServicesMail and cargo transport$154,000.001
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 11 Humanitarian,...Humanitarian aid and relief$152,845.883
Fabric Cleaning ClothsFabrics and leather materials$150,480.001
Domestic Removal ServicesPersonnel relocation$148,446.179
Deed of Standing Offer in relation to Parcel Freight ServicesFreight forwarders services$142,035.712
Field Training Medical Support (Standing Offer)Healthcare provider support persons$141,900.003
Professional Design Advice in Relation to APHArchitectural services$140,000.012
Asset Disposal and ValuationRefuse collection and disposal$138,538.501
Data Capture ServicesData services$138,000.003
Swords, Accessories and RefurbishmentUniforms$136,314.542
Papua New Guinea Audit PanelManagement advisory services$136,091.062
Provision of Internet Gateway ServicesInternet services$136,000.001
Labware and ChemicalsLaboratory and scientific equipment$132,000.001
Nauru Support ServicesManagement advisory services$131,793.751
Freight Forwarding and Shipping ServicesFreight forwarders services$129,008.881
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 16 Procurement and...Management advisory services$128,046.796
Mass Digitisation of Magnetic Media ServicesReproduction services$125,495.481
Technical advisory panel for solar and air source heat pump water heatersProfessional engineering services$122,545.004
Berrimah Veterinary LaboratoryLivestock services$120,000.001
17/415 Maximo Support ServicesSoftware$119,360.522
Facilities Management ServicesManagement and provision of all facilities engineering modification and maintenance services for a site or platform$115,999.536
Supply of conductive energy weapons (tasers) and related productsLight weapons and ammunition$115,396.601
Outreach Tour Transport and Support ServicesVehicle transport services$113,433.234
Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer - Category 13 - Public Finance MManagement advisory services$112,300.101
16/563 Customs Brokerage ServicesPassenger motor vehicles$111,812.032
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 9 Governance (Global)Business administration services$110,725.621
Creative Services for the Palliative Care Awareness campaignPublic relation services$110,000.001
Supply of official security sealsLocks and security hardware and accessories$109,422.502
Negotiation and Stakeholder Engagement Training PanelEducation and Training Services$104,850.002
Tea tree mulch and fertiliserHorticulture$103,000.001
Design Advice and AssistanceArchitectural services$100,000.022
Australian Weather Calendar E-Commerce PlatformPrinting$99,000.002
Research and Testing Services for the 2016 Census CycleMarket research$98,412.001
Audit, Accredited Course Evaluation, Investigation and Related ServicesAudit services$96,596.505
Services for Health InfrastructureProject administration or planning$95,453.281
Disposal Scrapping Services Standing Offer PanelMilitary services and national defence$95,153.301
Grave Construction Services VICBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$93,500.001
Panel for Human Risk Assessment Advice and ServicesSafety or risk analysis$90,435.002
Employee Assistance and Psycological ServicesHuman resources services$90,233.551
IBM Head AgreementSoftware maintenance and support$90,182.401
Removal and Disposal of Batteries from Defence SitesRefuse collection and disposal$89,199.002
Legal and Enforcement Learning PanelHuman resources services$87,216.002
Provision of Turf Maintenance services to various war cemeteries in...Cemetery upkeep services$87,000.001
Provision of Web ServicesInternet services$86,625.001
Evaluation Research ServicesMarket research$86,124.501
National Catering PanelRestaurants and catering$85,000.001
Field Intelligence OfficersTemporary personnel services$84,437.492
Supply of Small Operating Equipment to Australian Parliament HouseIndustrial food and beverage equipment$82,600.001
Standing Offer for Designer ServicesProfessional engineering services$80,077.891
Dry Cleaning Services to Australian Parliament HouseUniforms$78,800.002
EAP services - Employee Assistance and Related Professional Services PanelEducation and Training Services$77,739.502
Property and Business Advisory Services for the Overseas Property...Property management services$77,500.002
Re-Inventing the ATO - Change, Media, Reputation and Issues ManagementManagement advisory services$75,075.001
Specialist Services PanelEarth science services$74,525.001
Security Vetting ServicesSecurity and personal safety$74,143.971
Supplier Assurance and WHS ServicesRisk management consultation services$73,700.001
Information Services Personnel Panel.Human resources services$71,788.861
Employee Wellbeing and Assistance ProgramOccupational health or safety services$70,834.501
Advice and Assistance on APH Design DocumentationArchitectural services$70,000.001
Hardware, Software Licence and SupportSoftware maintenance and support$66,209.903
Canberra Building Services (Indigenous Enterprises) PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$65,000.002
Workstations and Associated Furniture at Australian Parliament HouseOffice furniture$64,765.801
Supply of medals, awards, ribbons and related servicesMedals$63,032.501
Supply of scientific gases and liquid nitrogenMining and oil and gas integrated services$63,030.001
AFSA Legal Services ArrangementLegal services$60,000.003
Provision of Voice Telecommunications ServicesLocal and long distance telephone communications$57,750.001
Supply of Evaluation Services for Australian Training AwardsEducation and Training Services$57,695.004
Meteorological BalloonsMeasuring and observing and testing instruments$56,500.001
Panel for Professional Services relating to construction projects -...Building support services$55,500.011
Aircraft Fuel Cell Maintenance and Support ServicesAerospace systems and components and equipment$55,000.001
Cleaning ServicesCleaning and janitorial supplies$54,513.322
Repair and Maintenance Services Deed of Standing OfferAircraft maintenance and repair services$53,796.541
Corporate and Commercial Parcel – Water ConveyancingLegal services$52,950.002
Develop & deliver software design acceptance training servicesEducation and Training Services$52,728.211
Provision of Emergency and field medical services productsEmergency and field medical services products$50,000.002
18/495 Subject Matter ExpertiseProfessional engineering services$49,500.001
Provision of Toll Free Services NumbersComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$49,500.001
Software certificationSoftware$48,884.001
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 6 Economics (Global)Management advisory services$47,287.901
Maintenance of Advanced Harpoon Weapon SystemLaunchers$45,994.242
Design, Construction, Project Management for minor works overseasGeneral building construction$45,000.001
ICT Managed ServicesNetwork security equipment$44,312.132
ADF Safety BootsFootwear$43,543.501
Security Equipment and Construction Committee (SCEC) endorsed shreddersSecurity and control equipment$42,871.001
Health Evidence, Advice and Methods PanelResearch programs$41,453.001
Office Locator ServiceMapping$40,500.002
Provision of Advisory Services under the Medical and Health Advisory ServicComprehensive health services$40,000.001
Canine SuppliesAnimal feed$40,000.001
ADF Job Search Support Standing Offer PanelEducation and Training Services$39,750.002
TeraText Systems Licence and Support ServicesSoftware$39,223.332
Supply of Broadcasting Distribution and Interfacing ProductsComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$39,189.373
Public Financial Management Training (Global)Education and Training Services$37,735.001
Event Management Services SolutionEvents management$37,353.101
Government, Administrative Law and Dispute Resolution ParcelLegal services$34,580.002
Capture and Captivity Awareness TrainingEducation and Training Services$33,261.002
16/782 Pest Control ServicesPest control$33,000.001
Provision of Courier ServicesPostal and small parcel and courier services$33,000.001
Provision of Foodstuffs to the Australian Defence ForceFood and Beverage Products$32,722.001
Translator and Interpreter Services PanelInterpreters$32,357.602
Epidemiology Services PanelProject administration or planning$31,687.701
Simulation Support Services Standing Offer (SSSSO)Education and Training Services$31,500.001
Electrical and Electronic Installation Maintenance and Cabling Services...Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$30,505.041
Supply of Mineral and Synthetic OilsLubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosives$30,456.951
Employee Assistance ProgramSecurity and personal safety$30,000.001
Workplace Storage UnitsSecurity and control equipment$29,638.401
Service Dress Caps and Other HeadwearClothing$29,386.671
Bronze commemorative plaque refurbishment at Cemeteries and Gardens of...Refurbishing services$28,253.501
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer - Category 15 Due...Business administration services$28,055.282
Provision of Laundry and Drycleaning Services to the Australian...Cleaning and janitorial services$27,500.001
The Project Adivory and Management Services PanelEconomic or financial evaluation of projects$27,500.001
Provision of Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Advice ServicesManagement advisory services$27,500.001
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 14 Food Security and...Management advisory services$27,000.001
Oceanic Sea Water Cartage for AAD AquariaTransport operations$26,400.001
4WD Training ServicesEducation and Training Services$25,740.002
Record storage, retrieval, sentencing, destruction and related...File archive storage$24,368.321
Domestic and international removal and storageSpecialised warehousing and storage$21,557.001
Provision of All-Terrain Vehicles, Snowmobiles and Utility VehiclesSpecialised and recreational vehicles$20,963.701
Minor Works PanelBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$20,647.551
Provision of Hosting, Maintenance and Support of External WebsitesData processing or preparation services$20,357.001
Aircraft services & crew for aerial survey & control of locust infestationsAircraft$20,270.801
Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer-Category 8 Gender (Global)Civic organisations and associations and movements$19,994.701
Head Agreement for the Provision of Certain Desktop Hardware and...Computer hardware maintenance or support$19,250.001
Supply of MedalsMedals$18,818.251
Provision of Transfer Pricing & Profit Shifting ExpertiseBusiness intelligence consulting services$17,500.001
Services for electors who are blind or have low visionPrinting$16,000.001
14/713 Inmarsat and IridiumComponents for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications$15,062.031
Manufacture and Repair of Australian FlagsBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$14,300.001
Provision of ICT Services Panel ArrangementComputer Equipment and Accessories$13,585.001
Trailer spares for Land 121 Light Lightweight and Medium Heavy Trailers...Motor vehicles$13,405.791
Master Media Agency for Planning and Placement of Campaign Advertising...Advertising$12,518.641
16/842 Ground Maintenance ServicesGrounds maintenance services$11,061.051
Inspection of Pressure Vessels, Plant and Manual Handling Eqpt InspectBuilding construction and support and maintenance and repair services$11,000.001
Non-ongoing and Temporary Recruitment and Related Recruitment Services....Temporary personnel services$10,675.151
Provision of Printing, Packaging and Freighting Services to support...Specialised warehousing and storage$10,000.001
Panel of Process ServersPolice services$10,000.001