SON2027171 - Provision of Engineering Services

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31 contracts, total value $3,671,310.13
Consultancies: 8 contracts, 25.81%
Confidentialities: 1 contracts, 3.23%( 1 on the contract, 0 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open via SON 30 contracts, 96.77%, limited 1 contracts, 3.23%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Fire protection 3 $531,135.00
Manufacture of electrical goods and precision instruments 1 $18,766.00
Temporary personnel services 1 $58,657.50
Project management 1 $577,907.94
Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services 2 $39,083.00
Management and provision of all facilities engineering modification and maintenance services for a site or platform 1 $49,894.90
Strategic planning consultation services 1 $10,560.00
Power generation 2 $72,424.00
Professional engineering services 19 $2,312,881.79


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Parliamentary Services 31 $3,671,310.13


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
WSP Buildings Pty Ltd 2 $193,567.00
Northrop Engineers Pty Ltd 6 $274,945.00
SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Umow Lai Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
SMEC Australia Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
BAE Systems Australia Limited 0 $0.00
Acoustic Studio Pty Ltd 1 $49,775.00
Rudds Consulting Engineers P/L 5 $685,411.94
Webb Australia Group (ACT) Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Savery & Associates Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Waterman AHW Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
AECOM Australia Pty Ltd 7 $825,313.39
Donnelley Simpson Cleary Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
LHO Group Pty Ltd ATF the LHO Trust 0 $0.00
Medland Metropolis Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
WT Sustainability Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
GHD 7 $1,391,321.80
Connor Pincus Group Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Steensen Varming (Australia) P/L 3 $250,976.00
WSP Australia 0 $0.00
John Raineri & Associates Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Fahrenheit Fire Pty Ltd 0 $0.00
Opus International Consultants (NSW) Pty Ltd 0 $0.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3366055-A1 Fire Engineering Services $726,136.40Department of Parliamentary Services 2016-05-13 GHD
3326776 Emergency Generator Upgrade Project $577,907.94Department of Parliamentary Services 2016-02-29 Rudds Consulting Engineers P/L
3405452 Fire Engineering Services $431,420.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-02-10 GHD
3302406-A2 Engineering Services $361,044.68Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-10-30 AECOM Australia Pty Ltd
3379111 Technical Advisor $173,052.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2016-09-19 WSP Buildings Pty Ltd
3310454-A1 Second On-Site Communications Centre Engineering Design $130,108.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-11-30 AECOM Australia Pty Ltd
3466157 Lake Water Design Services $110,514.21Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-10-16 AECOM Australia Pty Ltd
3360690-A1 Condenser Water System Upgrade Project Engineering Servcies $103,328.50Department of Parliamentary Services 2016-06-21 Steensen Varming (Australia) P/L
3283412 IDF Telephony Rooms $98,230.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-07-15 Northrop Engineers Pty Ltd
2374712 Engineering Services $95,601.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2014-06-04 AECOM Australia Pty Ltd
3431485 3D Scanning Services $84,337.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-05-22 Steensen Varming (Australia) P/L
3302405-A2 Great Hall Truss Structural Engineer $81,636.50Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-10-27 GHD
3294867 CWP Fire System Theme $79,200.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-08-31 Northrop Engineers Pty Ltd
3347418 Boiler System Upgrade Head Consultant $65,560.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2016-05-30 GHD
3466165 3D Scanning Services $63,310.50Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-09-18 Steensen Varming (Australia) P/L
3360684 Electrical Switchboards Replacement $58,828.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2016-07-08 AECOM Australia Pty Ltd
3310450-A1 To Engage Technical Advisor for Electrical Program $58,657.50Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-11-23 AECOM Australia Pty Ltd
2292551 Provision of Engineering Services $49,894.90Department of Parliamentary Services 2014-05-08 GHD
2777182 Engineering Services Sound Reinforcement $49,775.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2014-11-20 Acoustic Studio Pty Ltd
3040872 Engineering Services $47,674.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-04-20 Rudds Consulting Engineers P/L
3448437 Engineering Technical Advice $31,900.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-07-19 Northrop Engineers Pty Ltd
2131791 Provision of engineering services $25,080.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2014-03-24 Rudds Consulting Engineers P/L
2684461 Generator Upgrade Concept Report $24,750.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2014-10-24 Rudds Consulting Engineers P/L
3299631 Mechanical Engineering Services - Technical Adviso $22,990.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-09-21 Northrop Engineers Pty Ltd
3299630 Hydraulic Engineering Services - Technical Advisor $21,450.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-10-12 Northrop Engineers Pty Ltd
3410229 Engineering services $21,175.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-02-09 Northrop Engineers Pty Ltd
2948412 Fire Protection Services Maintenance Specification $20,515.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-02-24 WSP Buildings Pty Ltd
3297269 APH Data Centre Electrical Upgrade $18,766.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-09-14 GHD
3297272-A1 APH Members' Hall Main Skylight Investigation $17,908.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-09-08 GHD
2948322 Consultancy Services $10,560.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2015-02-11 AECOM Australia Pty Ltd
3402208 Technical Consultancy $10,000.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-01-17 Rudds Consulting Engineers P/L