Refining metal services (73121509)

Parent Category: 73120000 Metal and mineral industries
Grandparent Category: 73000000 Industrial Production and Manufacturing Services

6 contracts, total value $125,106.93
Procurement methods: limited 6 contracts, 100.00%,
Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
179895 Refining charges $34,284.27Royal Australian Mint 2009-04-14 AGR MATTHEY
221606 REFINING CHARGES $26,871.00Royal Australian Mint 2008-08-11 AGR MATTHEY
83748 refining recovery charges $17,844.29Royal Australian Mint 2008-04-08 AGR MATTHEY
50067 refining recovery charges $16,070.56Royal Australian Mint 2007-11-01 WESTERN AUSTRALIAN MINT
46009 Refining charges for precious metals. $16,070.56Royal Australian Mint 2007-11-01 Western Australian Mint (Wholesales)
26244 refining of scissel deposit 64758 $13,966.25Royal Australian Mint 2007-08-09 AGR MATTHEY